Pinterest Statistics

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Pinterest Innovations

Several additional innovations by Pinterest in the last two years are PinSage, augmented controls to reduce self-harm and the latest Try on feature.


  • In 2018, Pinterest and Stamford University collaborated in launching the social media channel's PinSage framework, a deep learning-based tool that provided "advanced recommendation" capabilities for Pinterest's ad and shopping functions.
  • This artificial intelligence and machine learning tool leverages a graph convolutional network (GCN) to "learn" new information about pins using web-scale graphs.
  • Specifically, the developers at Pinterest and Stamford leveraged NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and the cuDNN-accelerated TensorFlow deep learning framework to train their GCN on over 18 terabytes of data with 3 billion nodes for Pinterest's pins and boards.
  • According to Nvidia, this new artificial intelligence tool has the potential to "supercharge" product discovery and future shopping at Pinterest.
  • Additionally, The Wall Street Journal touts this innovation as helping to encourage more users to purchase products through the site, as well potentially supporting the expansion of Pinterest's user base.

Augmented Controls to Reduce Self-Harm

  • Overall, these efforts enabled Pinterest to reduce self-harm posts on the site by 88% since 2018, meaningfully improving the health and well-being of the Pinterest community.
  • Additionally, according to Fortune, this innovation enabled Pinterest to show significant progress in a space where other social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have stumbled in the past, potentially giving the social media channel a new competitive advantage.

Try On Feature

  • Most recently, Pinterest also introduced its latest innovation of a new Try on feature.
  • According to the social media company, Try on uses augmented reality to enable its users to virtually "try on" products that they find on Pinterest.
  • Specifically, this feature expands on the slightly older Pinterest Lens tool by integrating a user's mobile phone camera to create an immersive shopping experience for Pinterest customers.
  • Currently, the feature is available for US users only, and enables those with the Pinterest mobile app to sample different lipsticks visually from brands including Sephora, Estee Lauder and Urban Decay.
  • Going forward, the company is also planning on expanding the feature to users worldwide as well as to a greater array of products.
  • Meanwhile, this new feature not only adds new interest for Pinterest users, but it may enhance sales through the social media channel after Pinterest customers engage with the augmented reality experience.

Research Strategy

Several slightly older but still noteworthy innovations from Pinterest are the company's introduction of Pin2Vec in 2017 and Pinterest Lens in 2017.
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Pinterest Product Purchases

In the recent years, product-related pins which enable users to directly purchase items from Pinterest have increased by 115%. 66% of Pinterest users buy products after seeing them being pinned by brands. These and additional insights on purchasing products directly from Pinterest are discussed below.

Brands Offering Purchases

  • In the past few years, there has been a 115% increase in product-related pins, where users can directly buy items.
  • Just under a third of US marketers use Pinterest to market their product. Moreover, 28% of marketers globally use Pinterest for promotion, and this number is expected to increase as more brands realize the opportunities offered by the platform.

Pinterest User Insights

  • 78% of Pinterest users find it useful for brands to post their content on the platform. In fact, after seeing pins from a brand, 66% of users buy the products.
  • In the U.S., 58% of Pinterest users use the platform to shop for products.
  • Pinterest users pay more per order than most social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, with Instagram being the only social network with a higher order value. The average order value for Pinterest users is $58.95.

Products Purchased on Pinterest

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Country Music on Pinterest

Apple Country Radio 98.1 FM, iHeart Country Radio, Country 95-5 Radio, and Rockin' Country Radio are some country music stations that market on Pinterest. Meanwhile, some country music events that have been marketed or shared on the platform in the last two to three years include ND Country Fest and the Country Music Radio Broadcasters Seminar.


  • The Country Music Association performs research on country listeners and publishes results every year. As of February 2019, 53% of country listeners visit social networks multiple times a day.
  • Recent statistics regarding the number of country music-related pins that are specifically on Pinterest could not be found, but an older statistic found that was published in 2015 by CMA indicates that 24% of country listeners are active on Pinterest on a weekly basis. The CMA describes the rise of country music listenership by non-traditional markets.
  • Otherwise, it seems that country musicians are active on Pinterest. Miranda Lambert, a well-known country musician, is extremely popular on Pinterest, with a follower count of 81.6k as of 2016. She pins her favorite cocktails, antique and flea market finds, and backyard decorating ideas.

Country Music Stations on Pinterest

  • Some country music stations that market on Pinterest include the following:
  • iHeart Country Radio
  • A few radio stations do have accounts on the platform, but their Pinterests are largely inactive. A look at the radio websites indicate that they all still exist and function. Therefore, it can be assumed that the social media presence of country music stations on Pinterest is not widespread.

Country Music Events on Pinterest

ND Country Fest

  • The release of tickets and camping passes for the ND Country Fest was uploaded on Pinterest by ND Country Fest themselves.

Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) Seminar

  • The annual Country Radio Seminar 2020, hosted by the Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB), was announced on November 7, 2019.
  • The event was shared on Pinterest via New Music Weekly, which has 35.6k monthly viewers.

Live in the Vineyard Goes Country

  • The Cumulus Radio Station Groups allowed people to win a trip to Live in the Vineyard Goes Country in 2019.

Country Music Association

  • The CMA has an official pinterest with 11k monthly viewers.
  • The organization advertises the CMA Music Festival, events to win prizes, the CMA Awards, and competitions on its Pinterest.

Carolina Country Music Fest 2020

  • Myrtle Beach, the area that hosts the Carolina Country Music Fest, uploaded the advertisement of the festival onto Pinterest.
  • The venue has 222.7k monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Research Strategy

During our research, we were unable to provide specific statistics on the number of country music-related pins on Pinterest. Most statistics on Pinterest users focused on demographics and vague categories regarding user preferences. An outline of the research strategy we employed for the missing information is available below.

Our research began by searching for reports crafted by Pinterest around various statistics involving the platform. We believed that such a report would detail the different pins posted on the platform, including the number of those that are music-related, specifically country music. However, we were unable to find a report that included the number of country music-related pins on Pinterest. We also utilized the search tool provided directly on the Pinterest website, hoping that it would present the number of country music-related results. Nevertheless, this effort was frutiless as the search feature did not display the volume of results for any subject, though it was evident that there are thousands of country music-related pins.

We also searched extensively through country music associations that perform research in an attempt to find statistics regarding social media use. These included the Country Music Association, the Academy of Country Music, etc., as well as their respective social media handles. We had hoped that the associations reported on the volume of country music-related content posted on social media platforms, including the number of pins on Pinterest. This research strategy did not provide the results we were seeking as none of the associations addressed Pinterest use specifically.

Finally, we searched through statistical websites such as Statista for the missing information. Such sites tend to compile statistics on a range of different topics, including music, and we believed that we would find some relevant information to help us determine the number of country music-related pins on Pinterest, such as the volume of genre-related content. However, this research strategy failed to provide useful results. Instead, most of the results covered TV viewers that observed Country Music Television (CMT) and the Academy of Country Music Awards, demographics, preferred music genres amongst Americans, Americans that listed to New Country in 2018, and other unrelated topics.