Photography Education Market Analysis

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Photography Education Market Analysis

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  • This report provides the top education marketing industry with online tutorial content. Since revenue data was limited, the research team defined top as companies with multiple recommendations, from different expert sites. Below is an overview of the findings, as well as an explanation of the methodology used.

Harvard University

  • Harvard University offers an instructor-led online course named Fundamentals of Digital Photography aimed at students and professionals who want to master digital photography's fundamentals. The course is led by a documentary photographer named Leonie Marinovich, and he seems to be the sole instructor. Pricing starts at about $1,880.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Photography is a prerequisite for Harvard's Advanced Digital Photography course, both of which are under the Art & Design department. It lets learners explore story-telling via genres of documentary, photojournalism, and art photography. This course is led by Gregory S. Marinovich, and pricing starts at $1,920.
  • Harvard University also offers another online photography-based course named 'Photography and Ecology.' It is under the Humanities department, and Makeda Best seems to be the lead instructor. Priced at over $1,920, the course integrates "art history, research-based artistic production, theory, science, and environmental studies.
  • Among Harvard University's competitive advantage is the provision of multiple courses to cater for photographers with varying interests and skill levels. The courses are instructor-led, and the modules are available in more than one language. The courses are extensive, including Lightroom skills and classical arts, among others.
  • Harvard University registered an annual revenue of $283 million in fiscal 2021. However, Harvard's overall revenue would not be relevant or feasible in valuing its photography department since there are no data points for calculating breakdowns.

New York Institute of Photography

  • The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) claims to offer affordable and accredited online photography courses that allow learners to study at their own pace and time. There are 10 courses available, offering courses for people with different skill sets and interests. All courses are prepared and taught by professional photographers.
  • The courses offered include Professional Photography, Fundamentals of Digital Photography, Portrait Photography, Photoshop for Photographers, Photojournalism. All courses are priced at $649 if paid upfront, and $809 when payments are made in monthly installments of $59.
  • Among NYIP's competitive advantages is the low pricing compared to its competitors. The school also offers limited-time offers of up to $50. It also offers flexibility, as well as one-on-one interactions with professional photographers. Students also get a 25% discount when they enroll in multiple courses.
  • ZoomInfo estimates place the size of NYIP's workforce at about 35. RocketReach provides a higher estimate at 65 employees. The research team could not find any estimate for its revenue, despite searching its websites and communications, as well as relevant third-party sites.

Research Strategy

To provide the top photography education marketing industry with online tutorial content, the research team leveraged rankings from credible industry-focused and news articles. Since revenue data was limited, the research team defined top as companies with multiple recommendations, from different expert sites. NYIP was identified as top because of three recognitions by Format, All About Photo, and Pixpa. Harvard University was recognized by Photolemur and The Balance Careers.

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