Philanthropy Conferences and Events

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Philanthropy Conferences and Events

Key Takeaways


We have provided a list of ten philanthropy conferences and events for empowering women in Austin, New York, and Los Angeles in the attached custom Google Spreadsheet. In addition, we have provided a summary of our findings below.

Summary of Findings

  • Texas Conference For Women: The Texas Conference For Women is designed to help local women with "business networking, professional development and personal growth." The event features a variety of options, including a keynote speaker, workshops, and other networking opportunities.
  • emPOWERing Women Conference: The emPOWERing Women Conference is held by the Gulf Coast Power Association (GCPA). The goal of the event is to "promote an improved understanding of issues and opportunities impacting contemporary power markets" through educational and networking resources.
  • Women in Business Leadership Symposium (WBLS): The WBLS is designed for women pursuing an MBA. The event will help these women create connections and prepare to handle challenges they might face as they navigate the professional world.
  • AboutFace Conference: The AboutFace Conference is designed to help women excel professionally and personally through improving self-care and using support networks. The organization stated that the event is "for women who are frustrated, weary, or running on E."
  • Women's Empowerment Brunch: The first Women's Empowerment Brunch will be held this year by Judah's Jewels Ministry. The event is focused on helping women gain empowerment in all aspects of their daily lives, including personal and professional motivations.
  • UWIB NYC: Career Strategies for High-Achieving Women: The event is intended to help women better present themselves in the workplace with a sense of self-awareness that will prevent them from getting burned out. It will include a motivational session, swag, and refreshments.
  • 2022 Women Future Conference: The Women Future Conference helps professional women facilitate connections and gain an education. Topics covered include "entrepreneurship, marketing, personal development, the future of work, technology, workplace diversity, and more."
  • 11th Annual Black Business Women Rock! Conference & Expo: The BWWR Conference is led by women; however, it is open to any individual, man or woman, that has an interest in the business. The event features a variety of resources that focus on "business, entrepreneurship, growth, and empowerment."
  • Women's Empowerment Expo: The Women's Empowerment Expo is an annual event hosted by the Women's Empowerment Network. The expo has a variety of resources, including "75+ female-owned businesses, food trucks, panels, personal/business development workshops, performances, motivational speakers, red carpet photo-ops, networking, and an opportunity to take advantage of connecting with women's groups, organizations, and free resources offered in the community."
  • The HER Experience 2022: The event is intended to help women reconnect with their dreams and shed their insecurities so they can become more successful. It features professional lifestyle coaches, keynote speakers, and workshops throughout the day.

Research Strategy

For this research on philanthropy conferences and events, we leveraged the most reputable sources of information that were available in the public domain, including Eventbrite, All Events, Startups Avant, and others.

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