Pet Preventative Product Marketing Analyses

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Product Marketing Analysis - NexGard

NexGard is used to kill the infected black-legged ticks before the transmission of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. The main tagline of the product is "FDA-approved chew that also prevents infections that cause Lyme disease." More information on the topic has been presented below.


  • People tend to buy the product because they fear that their pets will get infected with the Lyme disease. NexGard targets the owners of puppies that are eight weeks old and weigh four pounds or more.
  • According to Boehringer Ingelheim, the company uses a sell-in strategy based on supplier diversity.
  • NexGard offers several coupons and free monthly reminders on its website.
  • The company guarantees that the product will kill the infected black-legged ticks before the bacteria can harm others and cause Lyme disease.
  • The active component of the product is called Afoxolaner. They have always made the use of this component transparent so that people can conduct research on it and feel safer.


  • NexGard's main tagline is "FDA-approved chew that also prevents infections that cause Lyme disease."
  • The company points out the effectiveness of the product using the tagline, "Powerful flea and tick control in one little chew." According to them, Lyme disease can be prevented with just one chew of the product per month.
  • According to NexGard, puppies enjoy the taste of their product.


  • The company claims that a single beef-flavored NexGard chew provides flea and tick protection that is approved by FDA for puppies that are as young as eight weeks and weigh four pounds or more.
  • The product is effective when served with or without food. These factors differentiate the product from its competitors.



  • According to Boehringer Ingelheim, the father company of Merial (the company in charge of NexGard), NexGard's sell-in strategy is based on supplier diversity.
  • Therefore, they distribute their product to all kinds of companies, including small, medium, and large companies. The product is placed throughout the market.


  • The sell-through of the product is not easy because NexGard requires an active prescription from a vet visit done within the last 12 months. Therefore, the people that need the product must visit a veterinarian first.
  • People can also contact the veterinarians directly from NexGard's website.


  • NexGard targets the owners of puppies that are eight weeks old and weigh four pounds or more.
  • It is important to note that the safe use of the product in pregnant, breeding, or lactating dogs has not been evaluated yet.
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Product Marketing Analysis - Heartgard

Heartgard's product messaging, discounts, and target customers who want to save money are some of the drivers of Heartgard success.

Product Messaging

  • Heartgard's messaging attempts to bring readers' attention to the dangers of mosquito bites in dogs and offers its product as a solution.
  • The product messaging also points out the advantages of the product as well as visibly placed safety information. Also, various discounts and refunds are exhibited as a part of the product description.
  • Heartgard's primary messaging tagline is "Protect your dog with the #1 Choice of Vets" alongside "One bite is all it takes".

Differentiation Messaging

  • The brand's differentiation messaging focuses on the product ability to prevent heartworm disease together with treating and control of preexisting hookworm and roundworm infections, as well as the "real-beef" flavor.
  • Also, the brand differentiates itself by claiming that the product needs to be administered once each month to protect the dog throughout the year. In addition, the company offers discounts when 12 doses of a product are bought.
  • Additional differentiation taglines include "#1 vet-recommended heartworm disease prevention for dogs", "Safe for puppies as young as 6 weeks" and "Offers convenient, monthly dosing that’s easy to coordinate with other monthly medications".

Product Pricing

  • The company offers a $12 discount when 12 doses of Heartgard Plus are bought, redeemable by downloading the coupon and taking it to the vet.
  • A pack of 6 Heartgard Chewable tablets for cats weighing up to 5 lbs are sold at $35.89.
  • A pack of 6 Heartgard Chewable tablets for cats weighing from 5 to 15 lbs are sold at $35.89.
  • A pack of 6 Heartgard Plus Chewable tablets for dogs weighing up to 25 lbs are sold at $31.49.
  • A pack of 6 Heartgard Plus Chewable tablets for dogs weighing from 26 to 50 lbs are sold at $40.49.
  • A pack of 6 Heartgard Plus Chewable Tablets for Dogs weighing from 51 to 100 lbs are sold at $49.49.

Targeted Pet Owners

  • Heartgard's target customers are owners of dogs older than 6 weeks.
  • The company also offers various discounts on larger purchases (yearly supplies) which indicates the target customers are those looking to save money.

Additional Information

  • Heartgard is one of Boehringer Ingelheim's three best-selling products in the animal health department, as stated in their 2018 financial report.


Despite a comprehensive search, we were unable to determine the company's sell-in and sell-through strategies and details on advertising spend.

We started the search by looking through the official Heartgard website, the official website of Boehringer Ingelheim as well as third-party press releases for reports concerning Heartgard in-store success and marketing strategies. The results proved that their products are sold in vet offices, major retail stores like Walmart, and online pet stores. Therefore, we tailored the search to look for marketing strategies and levels of success in these retail ends. However, no reports focused on the sales channels in particular or the general strategies. Alternatively, we also looked for information on the product sales success in general but determined there are no reports on this subject.

Since Heartgard is a product of pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, we searched for Boehringer Ingelheim annual and business reports to find statements regarding marketing strategies specifically for their Heartgard product. This strategy did not return any substantial data because search the company does not focus on marketing strategies for any of their products in their business reports. The reports focused primarily on the company's overall general strategic goals related to sustainability and the like. Some of the reports focused on the company's overall marketing strategies regarding the company's acquisitions and overall marketing risks for the company. However, no insights regarding marketing strategies for the company's products were found.

As our last resort, we searched websites that are known to provide industry and product-specific marketing analyses such as Adage, Adweek, and Hubspot. There, we looked for analyses and mentions of Heartgard marketing strategies. Again, nothing significant turned up. Only marketing analyses that focuses on pet products and animal heartworm medication products in general are available.
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Product Marketing Analysis - ProHeart 6

ProHeart 6 is targeted towards owners of dogs that are six-months or older. ProHeart 6 claims to offer the most effective heartworm disease protection and dog owners only need one shot of ProHeart 6, which provides the dog with six months of protection against heartworm.


  • Their main tagline is "The only 6-month heartworm disease protection".
  • ProHeart 6 claims to offer the most effective heartworm disease protection. One shot of ProHeart 6, provides the dog with 6 months of protection against heartworm.
  • Only two shots of ProHeart 6 is needed to provide year-round protection for the dog.
  • The brand also claims to provide 100% safe and effective solution against heartworms.


  • ProHheart 6 is targeted towards healthy dogs that are six months or older.
  • It is only for "healthy dogs" Dogs that are sick, underweight or have a history of weight loss cannot take ProHeart 6.


  • ProHeart 6 is injectable and lasts for six months. Dogs would only need injections twice a year of ProHeart to stay protected from heartworms.
  • It provides sustained concentrations for six months, enabling compliance, convenience and assured protection and helps the client to monitor its pet's health.
  • One dosage of ProHeart 6 is equivalent to six monthly dosages of chewable tablets.


  • According to ProHeart 6 FAQs and Petmed, the price of a ProHeart 6 is about the same as 6 months’ worth of a monthly heartworm disease preventative.
  • Six-, and twelve-packs for dogs weighing 6-12 pounds cost $32.96, $59.52, respectively.
  • Six-, and twelve-packs for dogs weighing 12-25 pounds cost $32.96, $59.52, respectively.
  • Six-, and twelve-packs for dogs weighing 25-50 pounds cost $41.33, $76.66, respectively.
  • Six-, and twelve-packs for dogs weighing 50-100 pounds cost $48.76, $91.56, respectively.


  • According to Zoetis, their sales representatives visit veterinarians to provide information and to promote and sell their products and services.
  • In markets where they do not have a direct commercial presence, they generally contract with distributors that provide logistics and sales and marketing support for their product.
  • Their sales and veterinary operations specialists usually partner with customers to provide training and support in areas of disease awareness and treatment protocols, including through the use of their products.
  • The website of Zoetis products contains promotional videos for ProHeart 6, which contains reviews and testimonials of clients and reasons why people should use the product.
  • Veterinarians like Carolina Value Pet Care make the product available to their customers in their clinics upon request.
  • Zoetis sell their pet products (including ProHeat 6) to veterinarians which in turn, sell the products to pet owners.


We were not able to directly provide the pricing information for ProHeart 6 and its marketing strategies. We searched for the pricing on the company's website, product listing sites, authorized retailers site such as PetMeds, Chewy, Zoetis, Low Cost Pet Vaccinations,, among others. There was no pricing information on the drug, but according to information presented in ProHeart 6 FAQs and Petmed, the price of ProHeart 6 is about the same as 6 months’ worth of a monthly heartworm disease preventative. With this new finding, since the price of the drug is equivalent to the price of similar heartworm disease preventative drug, we decided to provide the pricing details of a 6-month heartworm disease preventative drug for dogs.

Next, for the marketing efforts of ProHeart 6, we leveraged marketing analytics resources including Adage and AdWeek. We also searched through sites that provide information on marketing strategies including HubSpot and Contently and ones that provide industry-specific marketing information including Four Dots. Our search also leveraged sites that provide information on digital and social media marketing strategies such as Neil Patel and the Social Media Examiner. This strategy produced some information on the marketing/sell-in strategies for Zoetis but nothing specifically on ProHeart 6.

Then, we combed through the website of the Zoetis since ProHeart 6 is a product of the company. We attempted to locate the marketing spend and efforts of the company on ProHeart 6. Unfortunately, the company does not publish a breakdown of its marketing spend and efforts for each product instead, it provided the general marketing strategies of the company. Owning to the lack of information on marketing channels and strategies for ProHeart 6, we were not able to provide a broad overview of the sell-in and sell-through strategies of the drug. We have provided the marketing efforts of Zoetis, as we believe the company uses the same strategy in marketing it heartworm products to veterinarians.

From Part 01
  • "NexGard® (afoxolaner) is the only FDA-approved chew that also prevents infections that cause Lyme disease."
  • "With more than 50 years of service to pet parents, Petco is a leading pet specialty retailer that obsesses about delivering health and happy experiences for pets and the people who love them. We do this by providing the products, services, advice and experiences that keep pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy. "
  • "#1 vet-recommended flea & tick control"
  • "Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. Since its founding in 1885, the family-owned company has been committed to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing novel treatments for human and veterinary medicine."
  • "Boehringer Ingelheim views supplier diversity as a commitment to both the local communities it serves and to the U.S. economy. Through purchasing and contracting practices, the company embraces the principles of strengthening the national and local economy by aiding, counseling and protecting the interests of small businesses. Boehringer Ingelheim helps nourish creativity in the U.S. workforce by supporting entrepreneurs, particularly those who are socially and economically disadvantaged."
From Part 02
  • "Potentially deadly heartworm disease is a threat no matter where you live. Just one bite from an infected mosquito can transmit larvae to your dog that can eventually cause severe damage—and even death. Fight back with HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel). Our real-beef chewables help prevent heartworm disease in dogs and puppies 6 weeks of age or older. "
  • "In animal health, our focus is on innovative vaccines, antiparasitic medicines and further therapy solutions for livestock and pets. In 2018, the three antiparasitic medicines NEXGARD®, FRONTLINE® and HEARTGARD®, plus the vaccine INGELVAC CIRCOFLEX®, were the four best-selling products. Net sales of 4 billion euros represented 23 per cent of total net sales."