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Rashad Burroughs Profile

Rashad Burroughs is an Account Executive with Bluescape living in San Francisco. Using a combination of social media and Google search, I was able to compile a detailed profile of Rashad's life and career.

Place And Year of Birth

Rashad Burroughs was born in Hanau, Germany, in December 1987 (31 years old).

Residence History

According to his Facebook, Rashad moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia, in June 1998. Since he would have been 11, we can assume this was a result of his family emigrating to the U.S.

He refers to Atlanta as his hometown. It is unclear whether they moved to Atlanta at some point, or whether he is simply using the larger city as an easier point of reference (Stone Mountain is a half an hour away from Atlanta).

Rashad went to the University of South Carolina, meaning he probably moved to Columbia (where the university is based) in 2004. This is confirmed by the fact he worked in Columbia in 2007-2008, in what would have been the last year of his degree.

His LinkedIn profile shows he went from a job in the Greater Atlanta area to one in San Francisco in September 2009. This is probably when he moved to California as a graduate.

Educational Background

As aforementioned, Rashad attended the University of South Carolina. He completed two Bachelor of Arts degrees, in Political Science and History, between 2004 and 2008.

It is unclear how he achieved this, although the university does offer Dual Degree programs (as of now, these do not include those two subjects, but they could have at the time).


Rashad has held many jobs in his career (14 in total). The full extent of it can be seen on his LinkedIn, but I have summarized his career progression below.

Before moving to San Francisco, Rashad held a variety of assistant positions in the Greater Atlanta area as well as Columbia. His first few jobs in San Francisco were at the CCCS (Consumer Credit Counseling Service) before working at a call center for BALANCE Financial Fitness.

In May 2014, he started working for Yelp as an Account Executive, before resigning in 2017 to start a job at Bluescape in San Carlos. He has since progressed to his current role.


Rashad holds 5 professional certifications: NCHEC Certification in Pre-Purchase Homeownership Education, NCHEC Certification in Homeownership Counseling, Certified Housing Counselor, Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, and Preventing Workplace Harassment. These appear to mostly date from his time working in credit counseling.

He speaks Spanish, although it is unclear to what level.

Social Media Footprint

Rashad has a Facebook account (mostly private), a detailed profile on LinkedIn, and multiple Twitter accounts.

The most up-to-date seems to be his main Twitter account, although it is not very active — 13 tweets total, from April to December 2017. I have assumed this account to be his based on the name, picture, and the high volume of football-related content.

Another Twitter account under his name seems to have only been used for his Yelp account (probably during his time working there). The other shows some sexually explicit material. Taking into account the poor grammar of the problematic tweets, it is possible that this account might be hacked.

These last two Twitter accounts use profile pictures that are also seen on his Facebook account, indicating that they definitely belong to the same person.


Across his social media (Facebook and Twitter), Rashad shows an interest in sports, particularly football and basketball. A Bluescape blog post also says that Rashad used to play basketball in high school, and it is implied that he started "Basketball Fridays" at their office.

One could assume an interest in food from this Twitter account, but mentioned before, I suspect this to be linked with his work at Yelp rather than being an active interest of his.

The same account does mention celebrating Women's Day. This, combined with a few posts from his Facebook in which he shares petitions to the government, indicates an interest in activism as well as left-leaning political tendencies.

Legal Case

It is worth noting that there is evidence of a legal case against Rashad. This is quite recent (December 2017), and seems to be a debt collection issue filed by his bank (Capital One Bank).

Family & Relatives

Rashad does not explicitly mention any relatives on social media. His friends list is private on Facebook, so I was also not able to search for people with the last name 'Burroughs' within it.

None of his social media profiles include 'couple' photos, or photos of children, meaning it could be assumed he is single and does not have a family of his own. Alternatively, he could simply be very private about his relationships and family.

Instant Checkmate, an online background search tool, offers a list of possible relatives, although it is impossible to say how reliable this information is or what their connection to Rashad may be.

The possible relatives listed are Michelle Bays, Taylor Bennett, Caleb Burroughs, Gwendolyn Burroughs, Haakim Burroughs, Leon Burroughs, Naja Burroughs, and Cornelia Kenny.


Whilst I was able to build a relatively detailed profile of Rashad's life and career, it is worth noting that he remains relatively private on social media: his Facebook is mostly private, and he is not a particularly regular Tweeter (his last tweets are from 2017).

The only potential red flags are the legal case against him, in which he has been taken to court by his bank for failing to pay a debt (the amount is unspecified), and the Twitter account showing explicit sexual material (which could be the result of a hack).