Personal Care Product Brands (4)

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Personal Care Product Brands, Part 4

The six personal care product companies chosen are detailed below. All of them were selected to fit the revenue bracket of $10 million to $700 million annually as well as the product-specific sizing and marketing criteria. Most of them sell a mixture of personal care products; those that focus on a more specific subset of care products sell primarily items that fit the correct viscosity. The details of potential products and other brand features are recorded in this spreadsheet.

Farouk Systems Inc.

  • Farouk is a large company based in Houston that encompasses several brands including Biosilk and CHI. The best option for AFX would be Biosilk products.
  • Since these are primarily hair care products designed for hairdressers or other professionals, they may be a bit more expensive than the average but did not seem exorbitantly so.

The Honest Company

  • The Honest Company is owned in part by Jessica Alba. It trades on using all-natural ingredients and emphasizing social responsibility.
  • Many of The Honest Company's personal care products fit the sizing guidelines and texture criteria for this assignment.


  • ArtNaturals is an essential oils company that manufactures hair care products, oil diffusers, and essential oils.
  • Other than the shampoo bars and a few miscellaneous hair care products, ArtNaturals' hair care line typically fulfill all the criteria.

EO Products

  • EO Products, formerly known as Small World Trading Company, is based out of California. The company encompasses two brands, EO and Everyone.
  • Everyone has a wider range of products that fit the ideal sizing and other criteria; EO's products, except for shower gels, tend to be in the 8-ounce range.

milk + honey

  • milk + honey was initially founded as a spa company but now manufactures personal care products as well.
  • milk + honey is a growing company that prides itself on providing natural products for conscientious consumers. Some of its products may be a bit outside of the preferred price range, but others are easily within average pricing.


  • BondiBoost is an Australian company that focuses on hair care products. Many of these shampoos and conditioners are geared towards specialty markets (i.e. dandruff reduction, hair regrowth, etc.).
  • Nearly all BondiBoost hair care products fit the criteria, although a few hair sprays may not be viscous enough.