Persado: Industry Perception

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Persado: Industry Perception

Persado is perceived to be innovative and cool. It is also among the best places to work and is perceived to deliver high-performing content within its industry. Positive and negative perceptions of the company have been summarized below.



  • An article by Fast Company that was published on March 10, 2020, states that the company earned " the No. 2 spot in the AI category on Fast Company‘s Most Innovative Companies list."
  • According to the Fast Company article, Persado's work with Humana demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be used to improve wellness campaigns.


  • Persado was mentioned in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in AI for Marketing” report that was published on October 8, 2019.
  • The report had a profile of Persado under "Where Are They Now." Persado was also the only featured company to have the distinction of "not only transforming marketing but the entire Enterprise."

Delivers High-performing Content

  • Various articles published by reputable sources such as The Wall Street Journal, AdAge, The Drum, and Martech indicate that Persado delivers high-performing content.
  • An article by The Wall Street Journal that was published on July 30, 2019, states that JP Morgan Chase signed a 5-year deal with Persado after successful trials.
  • Another article by The Drum that was published on July 30, 2019, also indicates that JP Morgan Chase signed a 5-year deal with Persado after the trial that began in 2016, "saw an uplift in clickthrough rates as high as 450% when text redrafted by the AI was compared to that of a human marketer’s original copy."

The Best Place To Work

  • An article by Businesswire that was published on January 07, 2021, indicates that Persado has been recognized as one of the best places to work.
  • According to the article, Persado was recognized by Built In and has "earned a place on several Best Places To Work lists — including New York, where the company is headquartered, as well as Chicago and San Francisco, where it has a significant presence."


Social and Psychological Impact

  • An article by Fortune that was published on January 31, 2020, highlights the growing concern about the "social and psychological impacts" of data-driven targeting.
  • According to the article "A.I. copywriting could be seen as amping up targeted advertising, and its pitfalls, to a new level. Instead of just delivering ads to the right people, Persado makes it possible for its clients to tailor ads themselves in a highly individualized way."

Replaces Creative Work

  • The work done by Persado is perceived to be replacing creative work.
  • For instance, Forbes gives an example of the work done by Persado for JP Morgan "that generated two to five times the response (unique clicks) it got from traditional human copywriters" as an example of AI replacing creative work.

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