PEOs And Home Healthcare Organizations

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PEOs And Home Healthcare Organizations: Geographical Breakdown

In the U.S., ADP has the most locations (45) in the eastern part of the country (New York, Maryland, etc.). Outside the U.S., ADP has the most locations (77) in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Below are our research findings about the geographies that the specified companies focus on, followed by an explanation of our research methodology.


adp's offices

  • In the southern region of the U.S., ADP has 32 offices (one in Alabama, 10 in Florida, five in Georgia, two in Louisiana, three in Tennessee, and seven in Texas).
  • In the eastern region of the U.S., ADP has 45 offices (three in Connecticut, one in Delaware, two in Maryland, two in Massachusetts, three in New Hampshire, seven in New Jersey, 10 in New York, four in North Carolina, two in Virginia, six in Pennsylvania, one in Rhode Island, and four in South Carolina).
  • In the western region of the U.S., ADP has 28 offices (three in Arizona, 16 in California, two in Colorado, one in Hawaii, one in Nevada, one in Oregon, two in Utah, and two in Washington).
  • In the Midwest region of the U.S., ADP has 19 offices (three in Illinois, three in Indiana, one in Iowa, one in Kansas, two in Michigan, one in Minnesota, one in Missouri, one in Nebraska, three in Ohio, two in Oklahoma, and one in Wisconsin).
  • Outside of the U.S., ADP has the most offices in the EMEA region with 77 offices.
  • The global region outside of the U.S. in which ADP has the second-most offices is the Americas (Latin America, South America, etc.) with 39 offices.
  • The global region outside of the U.S. in which ADP has the third-most offices is Asia Pacific with 26 offices.

offices for FrankCrum, adams keegan, lbmc family of companies, amihr, & resourcing edge

  • FrankCrum's only office is in Clearwater, Florida.
  • Adams Keegan has offices in Memphis, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee.
  • The LBMC Family of Companies' offices are in the following Tennessee cities/towns: Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville.
  • AmiHR's two offices are in the following California cities/towns: Lincoln and Sacramento.
  • Resourcing Edge has three offices in the following Texas cities/towns: Rockwall, Houston, and Beaumont.
  • Resourcing Edge also has offices in Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia, and Saint Louis, Missouri.


We found information about the different geographies both in the U.S. and globally primarily from the companies' websites. For AmiHR, we found the office locations from the company's Linkedin page and careers section on the website, which lists where jobs with the company are located. For ADP, we counted the number of office locations it has in each U.S. state provided on its website and then organized the states by geographic region of the U.S. (east, west, south, and Midwest). We did that in order to assess the company's offices are concentrated in the company, in terms of both state and region, as we provided both values. After grouping the states by region, we added the number of offices for all states in that region, which provided us with the number of offices for each geographic region. For ADP's global locations, we added the number of countries outside of the U.S. in which the company has an office within each region (Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific) and we included those totals above. These office locations provide insights as to where these companies concentrate their offerings. This research process provided us with all the information we sought about these companies' geographic locations/concentrations.