How much do people talk online about trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles? How much of this conversation is from "professionals" such as truck/bus drivers, farmers, etc., and on specific places of conversation, such as dedicated forums, Facebook g...

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How much do people talk online about trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles? How much of this conversation is from "professionals" such as truck/bus drivers, farmers, etc., and on specific places of conversation, such as dedicated forums, Facebook groups or similar? How much of this conversation is merely functional about vehicles and tech specs, and how much is recreational or entertainment-related?

Hello! Thanks for your question about internet mentions around trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles. The short version is that "agricultural vehicles" get the least mention in social media. “Trucks" seems to be getting the most, and apparently receives the most "playful" related attention. "Buses" doesn't seem to support any enthusiasm and might even be accompanied by some negative connotations. Most people interested in these subjects live in rural areas and work in a related profession. Below you will find a deep dive of my findings and in the attached spreadsheet.


To answer your question I went in search of tools which provide social media analysis as well as audience insights. For each of these sources, I looked for each one of the words you provided. I couldn’t find exactly the string "agricultural vehicles," so I tried “agricultural” or “agricultural machinery” instead.



In the last 90 days, 30db social media mentions about "trucks" shows that 39% of opinions (129.9K) are positive, and 61% (199.1K) are negative. When looking into the words that drive the vibe you see a lot of functional or professional words like "stops", "controversy", "satisfaction", "damaged", "recalls" and "powerful". But there also seems to be a slightly more playful side with words like "I love" and "really cool". This may signify more recreational engagement.

Looking at Hashtagify, we learn that the Twitter conversation surrounding "trucks" is very professional and centers around automotive topics. There is a large concentration of truck news articles. Another interesting correlation, which might also indicate a playful side, is the relation between "trucks" and "hotrods".

From Epicenter, I learned that articles posted on the subject in the last 3 days dealt with truck accidents and new product lines. Some trending topics include the newest Ford trucks and their plans to create self-driving trucks. The one that seems to have got the most online interest is a 3-minute YouTube video from EuroTruck of their new "motion-sim platform". This interest might also have something to do with this business' more playful side.


When looking into "buses", 30db shows us that 28% of opinions (37.8K) are positive whereas 72% (96.2K) are negative. Looking into related words we see that words like "the conflict", "difficulties", "delays" and "stops" are ruling the discussion. There aren't really any playful feeling words attached to buses.

The search in Hashtagify is interesting, showing:
- A rather significant correlation between "buses" and "travel", which might indicate that this is most commonly used for or targeting passengers;

- A correlation with "London" also seems rather prominent and interesting, but it might have something to do with the terrorist attack in London just a few days ago involving a bus;

- A correlation between "buses" and "baby". The reason for this correlation is unknown but it may be related to taking a babies on a buses.

In Epicenter, articles concerning to buses seem a little more bleak. It is mostly the grim future of buses with reduced train fares, terrorist attacks on buses, and concerns about the image of what riding a bus represents.

It is interesting to note that interests related to "buses", most social media chatter is not about professional buses, but more about passenger stories, problems, and queries.


At 30db, search for "agriculture vehicles" might be a little too generalized, since there only seems to be 26 positive opinions (58%) and 19 negative (42%). Related words are "efficiency", "they work", "stolen" and "risks". None are playful.

Search for "agricultural vehicle" and "agricultural vehicles" at Hashtagify yielded no results. So I tried "agricultural," and indeed you can see that its link to "farmers" is not very big and not very popular. ,Top tweets on agricultural vehicles focus around agricultural regions, the industry or innovative technology.

My search at Epicenter yielded only one result: an article about recycling wheat straw. It didn't generate any social movements. Looking at "agricultural vehicles" on Social Mention, we see that it has the lowest rate of social engagement (only 6% in strength and 27% in reach), with a mostly neutral sentiment.

Generally, we find that we are mostly talking about people from rural areas who do something related to driving for a living. Those who are interested in buses don't seem to derive fun from it and maybe even are a little depressed due to the negative socioeconomic associations made with buses. People interested in "trucks" and in "agricultural machinery" ("agricultural vehicles" wasn't available) have an affinity to cars and driving, as well as driving fast.


To wrap it up, It seems that in general most of the conversation around these keywords is neutral. "Agricultural vehicles" seem to get the least mention in social media, while "trucks" seem to be getting the most.

Already in the initial media analysis, it is apparent that the one that receives the most "playful" related attention is "trucks". This is corroborated using Facebook audience insight which shows the high popularity of an entertaining vehicle content page among them. Surprising to find that those who are into agricultural machinery have a keenness towards driving fast (as evident from their top content sites).

It looks "buses" doesn't seem to be supporting any enthusiasm in any of the research paths. It might even be accompanied by some more depressed feelings. In general, the people who are interested in these subjects are rural residents, and they mostly do work in a related profession.

Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help with anything else!