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Patient Health Data Companies - 1

Three startup companies that are helping customers gain access and ownership of their health data are MedChart, YouBase, and Patientory.

1. MedChart

  • Overview: MedChart is a technology and healthcare startup company founded in Toronto, Canada.
  • Value Proposition: MedChart's idea is giving access and shareability control of the health data to the patient, lawyer, and healthcare providers.
  • Funding Stage: MedChart is in the Seed funding stage, with six funding rounds that ended on April 3rd, 2018.
  • Mission and Execution

  • The company's mission is "to build the future of healthcare by improving the access and insights of health data."
  • To conduct this mission, they have created an application and platform where healthcare patients can create an account, request cloud access to their health information, and manage who has access to it. Lawyers and providers can also create accounts to help their clients.
  • Additionally, MedChart has made the application available in North America by guaranteeing their compliance with HIPPA, PHIA, PIPA, ARPPI, PHIPA, HIA, ECA, and PIPEDA, among others.
  • Partnerships

  • MedChart's partners include Southlake Regional Care Center, UHN, Toronto General Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, CarePath, and Bayshore HealthCare, among others.
  • CareChart Home: Through the partnership with CareChart Home, one of the largest hospital networks in Canada, a series of additional partnerships will be created between MedChart and Toronto's largest hospitals like Bayshore Healthcare, Southlake Regional Health Centre, the University Health Network, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, and Windsor Regional Hospital.
    • The agreement is that the hospitals in the CareChart Home network will send written and upload electronic notes of their patients' data to Medchart's cloud-based platform. MedChart will make sure this data is available and easily accessible to the network's patients and providers.
  • is a website that empowers people to make informed healthcare decisions by enabling access to educational videos, aids, platforms, and professionals to seek advice, resources, and tools.
    • Through its partnership with MedChart, Best Endings will allow its customers to share health data with their professionals to seek advice and guidance. At the same time, Best Endings will upload the patient's records and medical consultation information to MedChart's platform, to keep the patient's data centralized and accessible to the patient.
  • CAREpath is one of Canada's largest patient assistance programs, and through this partnership, over 900,000 Canadians will benefit in different areas of the country.
    • CAREpath's specialists, general practitioners, dentists, naturopaths and pharmacies will provide their patient's data including paper records, electronic records, test results, imaging, physician notes, records of visits, types of visits, type of procedures, date of visit, type of visit, and type of procedure, etc. through MedChart's cloud platform for providers.
    • MedChart will ensure the compilation, organization, availability, and shareability control of the data to the network's patients.

2. YouBase, Inc.

  • Overview: YouBase is a startup company founded in Denver, Colorado, by Leonard Kish, Dr. Eric Topol, and Josh Robinson.
  • Funding Stage: YouBase, Inc. is in the Seed funding stage and has had two funding rounds, raising over $1 million in June 2017.
  • Value Proposition: They make use of blockchain technology to ensure the security of the patients' information while making sure the data is fully available and accessible to them. They also want to make it easy for individuals to share their health data across different applications at their will.
  • Mission and Execution

  • The company's goal and mission are to give patients real power over their health data.
  • YouBase has created a cloud platform that allows companies and individuals to access and manage their health data. It collects information like InPatient encounters, clinic visits, lab documents, allergy information and status, medical documents, and genetic profile.
  • It empowers patients to give selected data access to custodians, providers, payers, and employers; manage and share their information about PMI, CRO, and pharma; and create health analytics based on the information collected. They can also access their information from different devices.
  • Partnerships

  • YouBase has a partnership with MedChart and Self Care Catalyst.
  • In November 2016, Self Care Catalysis announced a new partnership with the patient health data startup companies YouBase and MedChart.
  • This partnership was designed to improve the capture of health data, allow the creation of human health behavior maps, and give access to the patients to their health information.
  • Through this partnership, the three companies agreed to facilitate and combine their patients' medical records to obtain an integrated view of the patient's history.
  • Additionally, YouBase will provide the blockchain technology that will guarantee the security and follow up of the information, and MedChart will offer access to the database of their physician's portal. With the combined information, Self Care Catalyst will use its experience to create analytics from the health history of the patients.

3. Patientory, Inc.

  • Overview: Patientory, Inc. is a startup company that was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, by Chrissa McFarlane.
  • Funding Stage: Patientory is in the Venture funding stage, after six funding rounds that ended in August 2019, and a total raised of $7.2 million.
  • Value Proposition: The company offers a secure platform with real-time access to the patient's information for free.
  • Mission and Execution

  • Patientory's mission is to empower patients, doctors, and providers to access and exchange their medical information securely.
  • To do so, the company has developed a cloud platform where doctors, patients, and care providers can upload medical information of a patient, and this information is secure and available real-time through the use of blockchain technology.
  • The platform offers access, shareability control, management, and track of their healthcare data to the patient and doctor with encrypted security, access to a community network, a care team, and payment with cryptocurrencies option without a cost. The platform is also accessible through a mobile application.
  • Partnerships

  • Patientory has partnerships with Georgia State University, IrisGuard, Atlanta Tech Village, Boomtown Healthtech Accelerator, Startup Health, Dash, and BlockCypher.
  • The partnership between Patientory, Startup Health, Dash, and BlockCypher seeks to use Dash and BlockCypher's cryptocurrency technology to create a secure payment method between different health applications with the cryptocoin PTOY.
    • Startup Health and Patientory will combine the information of the patient's database and their blockchain technology to enable the transactions between the companies and a secure transfer of information.
  • IrisGuard's announced a partnership with Patientory in January 2019.
    • Through this partnership, Iris seeks to guarantee the security of American's health data by allowing Patientory to integrate their iris biometric authentication technology on their platform. Patientory will benefit by elevating the security level of their app, making it suitable for cryptocurrency implementation.
  • Georgia State University has an ongoing internship partnership with Atlanta Tech Village and Patientory.
    • Through this partnership, Patientory selects seven Georgia State University students for a six weeks internship program that takes place at Atlanta Tech Village, one of the largest startup co-worker hubs in the country.
    • Georgia State University students learn from the experience, while Atlanta Tech Village provides the facilities, and Patientory educates the students and benefits from their input.
  • In 2017, Boomtown granted a prize of $10,000 to Patientory and enabled them to pitch their work on their Healthcare Accelerator.
    • Through this process, Patientory had access to pitch their idea to 1,728 health and technology investors and raise the initial funds for the company.
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Patient Health Data Companies - 2, ChartSwap, and Verily are examples of companies in the patient health data landscape that are disrupting current health ecosystems when it comes to patient data. These companies offer digital solutions disrupting patient data in different ways, including how it is collected and shared. Uncovered in the next section are full details on each company, such as their mission, value proposition, partners, funding amount, and business execution strategy.



Research Methodology

Your research team leveraged reports on the future of health published by leading research companies such as Accenture. We also did a competitive analysis of Validic by checking its competitors on Owler and that are disrupting current health ecosystems when it comes to patient data. Extensive searches through several medical journals and databases along with medical news and business reports published by companies like TechCrunch, CNBC, and Crunchbase provided various details on the companies profiled above. Importantly, the company's websites provided most of the data requested on each, including details about their missions, value propositions, and partners. Overall, all the requested details for the companies in the patient health data landscape that have a mission in-line with disrupting current health ecosystems when it comes to patient data are provided above.
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Patient Health Data Companies - 3

Clue, Zephyr Health (acquired by Anju Software), and iCarbonX are examples of companies in the patient health data landscape that have a mission in-line with providing digital health services related to patient data ownership. Full details on each company are provided in the sections below.


Zephyr Health


Research Methodology

Your research team examined reports and lists of companies praised to be transforming the future of healthcare through data. On that note, we explored reports and lists with details of healthcare companies disrupting the health data ecosystem. However, we focused more on companies providing digital health services related to patient data ownership. We found out that several companies are offering these services and using the data for various other purposes. Through our analyses of a report by Accenture on the future of patient health data and a list of companies driving the future of healthcare published by Redox Engine, we uncovered the three companies profiled above, Clue, Zephyr Health (acquired by Anju Software), and iCarbonX. We then proceeded to examine each company on their websites and business intelligence platforms like Crunchbase and to uncover details about their funding amount, value proposition, company mission, and so on. In closing, all the requested features for the three additional companies providing digital health services related to patient data ownership are included in the analyses above, under the respective company subheading.

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