Parking Regulations (CA Counties)

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Parking Regulations (CA Counties 1)

Findings for Alameda, Alpine, Amador, Butte, and Calaveras counties are found in this spreadsheet. It appears the counties of Apache and Coconino are not California, and therefore not included. None of the counties addressed the topic of checking by registration status; this column is therefore indicated as No for all counties.

Alameda County

  • Alameda county requires a minimum of 2 spaces per single-family dwelling, which may be covered or enclosed.
  • Parking dimension requirements: The driveway apron width shall not exceed the garage door width by more than one foot in either direction. The parking structure may not exceed 50% or 60% of the facade of the dwelling. For small-lot single-family homes maximum garage width is 20 feet.
  • Parking surface requirements: Garage aprons leading to three-car garages shall be treated with decorative or permeable paving for a minimum of 35 percent of the driveway apron area. The decorative or permeable paving does not need to be all in one area, shall not include asphalt, and may include concrete cement scored and stained differently than the rest of the driveway.
  • Other parking requirements: 1 guest parking per unit, as follows: Space along the public street frontage of a building site can be counted towards guest parking requirements. However, guest spaces may be required to be on the building site if there is existing parking congestion, as deemed by the Planning Director, on the street. A parking study may be required to determine existing parking congestion. Driveway aprons are not counted towards the required guest parking of a private single-family subdivision development.

Alpine County

  • Alpine County requires a minimum of two uncovered parking spaces.
  • Parking Dimension requirements: A detached garage and/or other accessory building not exceeding one story in height and without living quarters may occupy not more than fifty percent of the area of a required rear yard, and a garage or accessory building that is not attached to and made a part of the main building shall not be closer than five feet clear distance from the main building. No accessory building on the East or West Slope shall exceed twenty-five feet in height.
  • Parking surface requirements were not found in the municipal code for single family residential dwellings.
  • Other parking requirements: Garages, carports and other accessory buildings may be attached to and have a common wall with the main building, or when otherwise located as required by this title, may be connected thereto by a breezeway. No parking spaces, as required by this title, shall be located within one-half the required yard area closest to the property line in any required front yard, or in any required side yard on the street side of any corner lot.

Amador County

  • Amador County requires a minimum of two uncovered parking spaces.
  • Parking dimension requirements: A parking space shall mean an area of not less than nine feet in width and the length determined by the parking lot dimensions table.
  • Parking surface requirements were not found in the municipal codes for Amador County.
  • Other parking requirements: Parking should be located off any public or private right-of-way so that it is usable and accessible at all times for the parking of standard size automobiles. Stacking is allowed. Maximum width of encroachments for residential uses shall be twenty-four feet. Encroachments on one property shall be separated by not less than twenty feet.

Butte County

  • Butte County indicates a minimum of two parking spaces, and does not address covering requirements.
  • Parking dimensions requirements: Standard parking spaces shall be 9 feet wide by 19 feet long. Driveways for single-family residences shall be at least 10 feet wide.
  • Parking surface requirements: All parking areas shall be surfaced with a dust-minimizing treatment or paved with asphalt, concrete or other all-weather surface. Permeable paving materials such as porous concrete/asphalt, open-jointed pavers, and turf/gravel grids are a permitted surface material. The use of light colored materials to help reduce surface temperatures is encouraged.
  • Other parking requirements: Road Access. All parking areas shall provide suitable maneuvering room so that all vehicles may enter and exit an abutting street in a forward direction. Driveways. A residential parcel with vehicular access from a major or secondary arterial shall provide, if space allows, a circular driveway or turnaround so that vehicles may enter and exit the street in a forward motion.

Calaveras County

  • Calaveras County indicates a minimum of two parking spaces, and does not address covering requirements.
  • Parking dimension requirements: Parking may be in tandem arrangement provided that there is an area for at least two vehicles within the property lines and outside of the right-of-way. A typical tandem parking area for two vehicles is nine feet wide and forty feet long.
  • Parking surface requirements were not available on the municipal code page for Calaveras County.
  • Other parking requirements: Single-family residential parking areas shall provide parking for vehicles off of the right-of-way.

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Parking Regulations (CA Counties 2)


The parking regulations for Colusa, Contra Costa, Dolores, El Dorado, El Paso, Fresno, and Garfield Counties have been listed in rows 188-194 of the "Parking" tab of the attached spreadsheet. This includes the required parking type (covered, uncovered, etc.), number of spaces and dimensions, and pavement type. A link to the municipal parking code has also been provided on the attached spreadsheet. The information to complete the attached spreadsheet was located only from municipal zoning codes for each county listed.

CA Counties Parking Regulations

  • Colusa Dolores, and Fresno County all require covered parking spaces for single dwelling residential locations.
  • Fresno County is the only county that requires only one parking spot for a single dwelling residential unit.
  • Contra Costa county requires one parking spot per bedroom.
  • The typical required parking spot dimensions are approximately 9'-10' by 20'.
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Parking Regulations (CA Counties 3)

We were able to find most of the requested information for the County of Glenn, County of Lake, Maricopa County, and County of Merced. All the information we were able to find about those counties specifically regarding single-family dwellings is included in the attached spreadsheet. We found that Kane County, La Plata County, and Mojave County are not counties in California.

County of Glenn

  • Two parking spaces are required for single-family dwellings.
  • This link is to the county's parking code.
  • The parking code section is 15.610 ("Off-Street Parking and Loading Facilities").
  • "The minimum width of a driveway for two-way traffic shall be eighteen feet."
  • "The minimum width of any driveway shall be ten feet."
  • "Each lot or parcel of land shall have on the same lot or parcel, space suitable for providing off-street parking for at least two automobiles for each dwelling unit."
  • The parking surface requirement is "asphaltic concrete or its equivalent, except that low intensive uses may be surfaced with gravel or its equivalent."

County of Lake

  • Two parking spaces are required for single-family dwellings.
  • Covered parking is required.
  • This link is to the county's parking code.
  • The parking code section is 21-27 ("Uses Generally Permitted").
  • Parking surface requirements are concrete or asphaltic concrete
  • "For driveways over one hundred (100) feet in length the Planning Director may approve a chip seal surfacing."
  • "A minimum of one (1) covered parking space shall be provided for residences other than the principal residence."
  • "Covered parking shall be a garage with two (2) or more spaces."
  • "For single-family residential uses in all 'APZ', 'A', 'TPZ', 'RL', 'RR' and 'SR' zoning districts, the first fifty (50) feet of a driveway beginning at the edge of the existing improved surface shall be constructed and maintained with an all weather surface. An all weather surface includes: Six (6) inches of gravel or crushed rock, an oil and rock surface, asphaltic concrete, or concrete."

Maricopa County

  • Two parking spaces are required for single-family dwellings.
  • This link is to the county's parking code.
  • The parking code section is Chapter 11, Section 1102.
  • The parking dimension requirement for width ranges from 12-24 feet ("except when the garage faces the street and is located within 25 feet of the right-of-way, the driveway width may be increased to equal the width of the garage openings").
  • The only parking surface requirement we found stated "any parking area must be paved or in the alternative surfaced with ABC material."
  • "Either a wall or a minimum six inches high curb or bumper guard shall be installed to ensure that no part of a parked vehicle shall extend past any property line."
  • "The edge of all driveways shall be at least 50' [feet] from the near edge of pavement or the near curb line of an intersecting street."
  • "Driveways connecting to arterial or major collector streets are to have adequate turnaround space on the private property or a circular driveway to eliminate backing onto the roadway."
  • "Circular driveways for single family residential units shall have in the right of way a minimum width of 12 feet and a maximum width of 16 feet with appropriate flared connections or for vertical curbed roadways a 16 foot driveway entrance."

County of Merced

Kane, La Plata, & Mojave Counties

  • There is no Kane County in California.
  • There is no La Plata County in California. There is a La Plata County in Colorado, but we didn't research it because this project is focused on California.
  • There is no Mojave County in California. Rather, "Mojave is a town located in the western Mojave Desert in the High Desert sub-region of Kern County. "

Research Strategy

We were not able to find whether any of the counties check the registration status of parked vehicles, which is why we left those cells blank in the spreadsheet. We looked for that information in each county's official municipal code. With regard to the other information that we couldn't find for any of the counties (entered as "N/A" in the spreadsheet), we looked for that information as well in each county's official municipal code.
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Parking Regulations (CA Counties 4)

Parking regulations sourced from the municipal and planning codes for San Diego, Sacramento, San Benito, San Francisco, San Joaquin, and San Juan counties in California provide the requested information in the attached spreadsheet. Since a search of the state government website for California did not reveal a Montezuma or Navajo county, but rather towns with those names, the information is provided for the counties where the towns are located instead. Information for the town of Montezuma will be provided in another request detailing the regulations for Solano county. Since the town of Navajo is located in San Diego county, the requested information is provided in this brief is for San Diego county,

Montezuma County

  • A search of the official website for the California state government revealed that there is no county named Montezuma in the State. There is a town by that name in Solano County. In the cell for row 202 which is assigned to Montezuma County, the user redirected to the entry for Solano County in row 213.

San Diego County (Navajo County)

  • There is no Navajo County listed for California on the official state government website. There is a community named Navajo in San Diego County. There is also no entry for San Diego County in the attached spreadsheet. As such the research team has provided the requested information for San Diego county in row 203 of the attached spreadsheet, which was initially assigned to Navajo County.
  • A maximum of two parking spaces are provided for in the San Diego County Regulation 6758. The parking space should be nine feet wide and 18 feet long. No reference was made to the parking type required.

Sacramento County

  • The zoning code for Sacramento County provides for two spaces measuring a minimum of nine feet wide by 19 feet long for single family dwelling parking spaces. A review of the code did not reveal any information regarding the parking type required.

San Benito County

  • In San Benito County, two parking spaces for single family dwellings are provided. One of the parking spaces has to be a covered carport or a garage, and the regulated dimensions of each parking space is nine feet wide and 20 feet long.

San Francisco County

  • No information is provided on the type of parking spaces to be provided for single dwelling families in San Francisco County. However, those dwellings can have parking spaces with a maximum of 1.5 spaces measuring a minimum of 7.5 feet wide by 15 feet long, and a maximum of 8 feet wide by 18 feet long.

San Joaquin County

  • The municipal code provides for 2 parking spaces for single family dwellings. The parking spaces are required to be paved with asphalt or Portland Cement concrete, and to measure nine feet wide by 20 feet long. A review of the off-street parking requirements in the municipal code did not reveal any other parking requirements specifically pertinent to single family dwellings.

San Juan County

  • A maximum of 1.5 parking spaces per unit is provided for single dwelling families on properties in excess of 550 feet, and one space per unit is provided for dwellings less than 550 feet in the San Juan County Zoning Code. The minimum dimension for the parking space is measured at nine feet wide and 18 feet six inches long. A review of the zoning code for San Juan County did not reveal any references to specific requirements for parking surface requirements or to the parking type required.

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Parking Regulations (CA Counties 5)

The requested details for each California county can be found in rows 209-215 in the Parking tab of the attached spreadsheet. A brief overview of the findings can be found below.

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Parking Regulations (CA Counties 6)

The requested details related to the parking regulations in the listed counties in California have been entered in rows 216-221 of the attached spreadsheet and a brief overview of the findings is presented below.

County of Tehama

  • The Tehama County chapter 17.16.070 lists one parking space as the requirement for single-family dwellings. The municipal code for Tehama County contains no other information related to the parking requirements.

County of Tuolumne

  • The zoning code for Tuolumne County states that single-family dwellings require two parking spaces. There are no surface requirements listed in Tuolumne County parking regulations.

Washington County

  • There is no Washington County listed on the official California government website. However, there is a town of Washington in Nevada County. Therefore, the information provided is for Nevada County.
  • The Nevada County parking regulations indicate that single-family dwellings require 2 spaces per unit.

Yavapai County

  • The minimal dimension of the parking space in Yavapai County should be 9 feet wide and 20 feet long.

Yolo County

Yuba County

  • The Yuba County municipal code states that the surface of the parking space should be concrete or asphalt.