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Paris Saint Germain (PSG) - Sustainability Projects

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) is involved in numerous sustainability projects, including: working along with Nike and the WWF and setting up a Foundation and Endowment to help underprivileged children. The main focus of PSG is on caring for children and educating them and being socially responsible.

Initiatives from 2018 annual report

  • PSG has partnered with NGOs and other associations to educate and help children, especially those of migrant and refugee families. 16,000+ children have benefited from their programs through 2017/18. Their foundation and endowment organized 260+ events that benefit the disadvantaged and those with medical issues.
  • Paris Saint Germain also provides further education for children with their Red and Blue Schools. These schools focus on providing both education and sport. The schools are designed for children ages seven through eleven and focus on the “transmission of constructive values, and by raising health, nutrition, environmental and disability awareness.”
  • PSG has joined forces with SOS Racisme, Sportitude France, Licra, and Paris Footgay, to reduce and prevent anti-social behavior in their home stadium. This has led to only having five acts of discrimination in 2017/18 as opposed to 17 in 2009/10.

Red and Blue Foundation

  • The foundation has trained 220 educators to give training to young people in social, educational, and sporting care. They have implemented programs such as “Go Girls!”, “Children’s Day”, and “PSG Holidays” to help a diverse group of children. The foundation won the “Think Football 2017 — Corporate Social Responsibility” trophy.
  • One of the goals of these schools is to stimulate a child’s interest in learning, starting at an early age.

Paris Saint Germain Afternoons

  • These scheduled events are designed to “to encourage children to adopt a positive outlook, show respect for others and a sense of togetherness.” A total of eight were held in 2016/17 and 507 children were involved.

Supporting Refugees

  • The foundation works along with other charities and the UNHCR to provide emergency support to respond to the basic needs of refugees and improve living conditions. It also works to “encourage social inclusion through French language courses, tuition support, and cultural and sporting programmes.”

Fighting Food Waste

  • The football club and its foundation collected over 2,000 meals during 2016/17. They have set up an initiative to prevent food waste and collect unsold food products.

Social Responsibility in India

World Wildlife Fund

  • The French Professional Football League and the WWF have teamed up to raise awareness and improve sustainability in football. PSG is disseminating information on its social media channels in order increase this awareness.


Research Strategy

We utilized the Sustainability Development Goals made available by the United Nations to determine if the sustainability projects from PSG qualified. We also utilized a sustainability report published by Paris Saint Germain in 2018 for the 2016-17 year to provide most of the requested information.