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Podcasts: Parenting and Religion

Five podcasts that discuss both religion and parenting while being sponsored by brands include Don't Mom Alone, Risen Motherhood, Dad Tired, The Real Life, and Mom Struggling Well. Below are details about each podcast's description, number of subscribers, and examples of brand/advertiser they work with.

Don't Mom Alone

  • Description: Don't Mom Alone is a podcast made by Heather MacFadyen, a mother of four children. She started the podcast to help mothers to connect and help them know that they're not alone.
  • Risen Motherhood

    • Description: Risen Motherhood is a podcast by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler for mothers that are still learning, growing, and go every day to "the base of the cross."
    • Metrics: 20,000 subscribers
    • Example: Their latest episode features an ad from the brand Crossway, a non-profit that publishes ESV Bible and gospel-centered books.

    Dad Tired

    The Real Life

    Mom Struggling Well

    Research Strategy:

    For metrics, Castbox was used. Castbox is one of the most popular podcasting platforms on Android. Podcasts with over 5,000 subscribers were prioritized but the number of plays was also taken into consideration to better determine whether a podcast was popular or not. We included Mom Struggling Well as it has nearly 5,000 subscribers as of March 2020, while its number of plays, which is 63,854, is an indication that this podcast is popular.