Parenting Influencers: Religion

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Influencers: Parenting and Religion

Brooke (raising.tiny.disciples), Bo Hartley Warren (bohartley), Ashley Woods (thewoodsysort), and Lisa-Jo Baker (lisajobaker) are examples of American Influencers who focus on the parenting and Christianity/religion space. Information on these influencers, including their bio, number of followers, and brands that they have worked with have been summarized below.


  • Brooke, who goes by the username raising.tiny.disciples is a lifestyle and motherhood photographer and content creator who "enjoys creating and curating beautiful images for brands, and sharing her passion for parenting, travel and wellness." Her focus as an influencer is on home decorating, lifestyle religion, travel, and parenting.
  • She has 36,525 followers on Instagram and has a 4.1% engagement rate. She also has a blog.
  • According to, Raising Tiny Disciples has worked with Minimalist Apparel, Savor, Kid Kraft, and Bannor Toys.

Bo Hartley Warren

  • Bo Hartley Warren (bohartley) "wants people to know it’s ok to be real, to be themselves" She states that as a blogger she attracts a wide age range and loves people and collaborating. In addition to religion and parenting, she focuses on fitness, soccer, and fashion and beauty.
  • Bohartley has 6,117 followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 4.3%. She also has a website.
  • She has worked with Groundwork.

Ashley Woods

  • Ashley Woods (thewoodsysort) identifies herself as a disciple, wife, and homeschooler who is building a firm foundation and is recklessly pursuing the gospel. As an influencer, her focus is on Christianity, education, nature, outdoors, and parenting.
  • She has 9,659 followers on Instagram and a 1.9% engagement rate. (Please note that this Instagram link gets rerouted to the main page:
  • According to, the brands she has worked with include Flatiron Books, Simple and Blush, Kids Adventure Box, and STEM Reads Book Club.

Simple Wife

  • Simple Wife (simplewifehappylife) is a stay-at-home mother of 5 children aged 2-11 who shares how to live an abundant life on less. Her profile states that she blogs a lot about her faith in Christ Jesus and likes to encourage embracing the Biblical roles of wife and mother. Her posts focus on faith, food and drink, lifestyle, and parenting.
  • She has 31.1k monthly viewers on Pinterest and 2,721 followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 3.4%. She also has a website. (Please note that this Instagram link gets rerouted to the main page:
  • She has worked with Highlights, Hand2mind, and Sips By.

Lisa-Jo Baker

  • According to, Lisa-Jo Baker (lisajobaker) is "the author of Never Unfriended (a Publishers Weekly and ECPA bestseller) and Surprised by Motherhood, as well as the Bible Study, We Saved You a Seat and its companion study for Teen Girls. She is the creator of The Temper Toolkit and her writings have been syndicated from New Zealand to New York." Her focus is on faith, writing, parenting, family lifestyle, and community outreach.
  • She has 26,961 followers on Instagram, 19,682 followers on Twitter, and 28,941 followers on Facebook. She has a 2.2% engagement rate.
  • Lisa-Jo Baker has worked with Chatbooks, FTD Flowers, and Day Spring.