Parental Digital Behavior

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Parental Digital Behavior

Parents may spend hours looking for further information on parenting needs for their individual child. These needs encompass developmental and educational needs for the child, as well as simplifying procedures surrounding supplying a child with basic needs. Luckily, new tech tools such as apps can help parents navigate difficult situations.

Digital Tools for Parents of Young Children

  • The Bright Parenting App offers personalized lessons for parents searching for easily accessible answers to their child's behavior problems. The app specializes in lessons targeted at children aged 2-10.
  • Jenzy is a digital shoe sizing tool that helps parents of children aged 0-6 find the correct shoe size across a variety of brands and styles while shopping online.
  • News-O-Matic is an educational tool designed to allow parents to teach their children about media literacy while also promoting their reading skills. This app is marketed toward children aged 6-12.

Bright Parenting App


  • Jenzy is an app designed to help parents with purchasing the correct size of shoe for their children due to sizing errors and fewer department stores with varieties of children's shoes.
  • The app is designed to help parents who have a difficult time finding a shoe in their child's size in the store but run into issues with the varying child shoe sizing standards when they attempt to order online.
  • To use the app and purchase shoes, all a parent has to do is snap a photo of their child's foot. The sizing experts at Jenzy size the child's foot, and then they utilize their partnerships with different brands to ensure the correct size is ordered for that brand's sizing standard.
  • Jenzy specializes in sizing shoes of children aged 0-6.
  • To date, Jenzy has a rating of 4.6 of 5 on the Apple App Store, out of 154 reviews. Multiple reviews mentioned the excellent customer service and feasibility of shopping for shoes in a way that avoids toddler meltdowns.


  • News-O-Matic is a children's newspaper app designed to help promote children aged 6-12 to read nonfiction and news articles.
  • The app is designed as an educational tool that can be used either in the classroom or at home. The app publishes five news articles daily, along with activities to help promote children learning from the articles.
  • Each article is written by a child psychologist, so children can learn about sensitive subject matter in a non-threatening way.
  • The app also features tools for parents, so they can speak to their child about media literacy.
  • Parents report the app helped their children learn to love reading and provided a helpful tool for children who preferred to read nonfiction. However, some parents did express some concern with different bugs on the app, the subscription fee, and the settings for children's reading levels.

The description of "young children" was categorized by the researcher as children aged 12 and under, as this is before the teenage stage. The sample of digital tools presented by this research attempted to target specific issues involving child interaction and education, as detailed in the research strategy. Jenzy was included for its unique use as a digital tool designed to simplify parent online shopping. The effectiveness of each tool was determined based upon the number of positive reviews and amount of downloads, which mark the number of parents who have used the tool.
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Parental Digital Behavior 1

RoosterMoney and Playground Buddy are two digital tools that are available to parents of young children. Outlined below are the details for each app.


  • This app, which is in the money management category, is designed to help parents teach their children how to manage money. This app allows parents and their kids to set up savings goals. It can be used by parents who have children that are as young as four years.
  • According to the Google Play store, "RoosterMoney is a pocket money allowance manager, chore chart, savings tracker and piggy bank all within a single app." Their mission is to assist parents in teaching children the "value of money in a digital age." The app is available on iOS and Android.
  • This app also allows parents to take a picture of things at the store which they can set as savings targets for their children to save up for.
  • The app generally has good reviews on the Google Play store, garnering an average rating of 4.6. Reviewers are saying that it is a brilliant app that encourages their kids to save the pocket money that they give. Add to that, reviewers are saying that it is a helpful app for managing the allowance of their kids.

Find My Kids

  • Find My Kids is a tracking app that helps parents locate their young children if they are not with them. This locator app is designed for family safety and parental control.
  • Aside from allowing parents to track their children's location and monitor whether the children arrived safely at home from school, it also allows the parents to listen to the surroundings of the child in order to feel certain that the child is safe and secure.
  • The app has a 4.6 rating on Google Play Store with over 200,000 reviews. Reviewers are saying that the app is great and it allows them to feel at peace regarding the safety of their children. Also, reviewers are saying that the tracking is timely and accurate.
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Parental Digital Behavior 2

ABC Kids, Chore Pad, and PBS Play & Learn are digital tools for parents of young children. ABC Kids and PBS Play & Learn are both educational apps designed to help young children develop literacy skills. Chore Pad is a chore chart app designed to teach children responsibility and make it fun. Information regarding these tools and a summary of their reviews is provided below.

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

  • ABC Kids is an educational teaching app to help toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners learn phonics and to trace letters. It consists of a set of teaching games to teach children letter shape recognition, associate them with phonetic sounds, and apply their knowledge with fun matching games. The app was also designed for parental participation and allows for easy engagement with Teacher Mode, look at report cards, or toggle the tracing and phonics games to facilitate the child's learning.
  • ABC Kids is developed by RV App Studios who have a catalog of 10 kids apps that are all free and feature no in-app purchases and no ads. Their catalog includes 19 games and 17 utilities that are free to play. Other ABC Kids apps include Sight Words, Multiplication Kids, Math Kids, and more
  • ABC Kids is free, full featured, and free from "in-app purchases and third party advertisements" to allow for learning without interruption.
  • Reviews really like the lack of advertisements and other distractions from learning. Other reviews state that the app has been successful in teaching children letters and how to trace them. The app is us by almost 45,000 people and over 10 million downloads.

Chore Pad

  • Chore Pad is a chore chart app designed to teach young children responsibility in a fun and engaging way. Parents set up chore charts and rewards that regenerate each week and can easily be adjusted to change goals, and children are delighted by sounds and animations.
  • The Parent Mode keeps the parents' setup features behind a parental gate and is used to configure users, chores, rewards, and more.
  • Features of the app include chore charts, payout rewards, chore chart themes, awards children trophies as achievements, and parents can give extra stars for chores done well.
  • A review by Geek Mom finds Chore Pad to be a fantastic way to organize household chores. The Wired Guide describes it as possibly the "most comprehensive chore-management tool out there".
  • Its effectiveness is evidence by Chore Pad being a multiple time winner for Best Parenting App from the Best App Ever Awards, has received the Golden App for homeschooling apps, has been featured in numerous publications including Wired.

PBS Parents Play & Learn

  • PBS Parents Play & Learn is a bilingual educational app designed that features 13 interactive games that parents can play with their children and makes it easy for parents to identify those teachable moments. The games are themed-based around familiar locations like the grocery store, are interactive, and have "simple hands-on activities that connect math and literacy skills to everyday experiences".
  • Key features and enhancements of the app are given to be that it uses a variety of proven methods to build early math and literacy skills, it has over 100 features in a free-play area, game-related resources that are updated regularly, weekly push notifications with additional ideas, and a social sharing feature.
  • The app has won the Parents' Choice Silver Honor.
  • Reviews on the Apple App store and Amazon state that is a great learning tool for young children. Other reviews rave that children love it and that it makes learning time fun. One review gives it to be "a great opportunity to participate in your child's learning!"

From Part 01
  • "With a library of the most requested parenting topics, Bright Lessons have everything you need to know, without all the fluff. You'll find they are practical with examples of exactly what to say to your kid in tough situations. "In 5 minutes of reading I am learning so much and having aha! moments!""
  • "Moms, dads, nannies, grand-parents... all grownups learn the same techniques and stays on the same page. That's good for you and your kid."
  • "The Bright Behavior Library contains some of the most troublesome behaviors for parents of kids 2-10. Learn and put strategies into use in just minutes. These techniques have been proven effective in evidence based studies for parents who strive to balance being nurturing and setting clear limits."
  • "Really good app, just a shame you have to pay for some of the lessons, it's all information that's already out there but put on an easier to access platform so there's no need to search"
  • "Simple lessons with easy-to-follow advice. I actually do feel like it helps me be a better parent, as long as I'm mindful and actually try. The daily notifications help keep my parenting goals in the front of my mind."
  • "From what I got to read I quite liked it. They have some good stuff. But you have to pay a monthly or annual subscription which I wasn't willing to do (and didn't realise before I downloaded it) so I uninstalled it.."
  • "It's really hard to take good parenting advice and distill it into bite size lessons but that's what this app does really well. At first I was hesitant to subscribe but then I realized that once I paired the app's content with a daily habit, $4.99/mo is actually a steal. Also because googling your parenting questions or reading all those Babycenter articles is A LOT more time consuming. It would be cool if the app solicited ideas from users on suggested new content."
  • "Installs 10,000+"
  • "Every parent at some point has wished their child came with an owners manual. Well here you go. It’s a pocket manual with a quick reference guide and tech support (coach guidance), lol sort of. It’s so helpful to be reminded of parenting techniques I forget to use. Having it in my view is preventing parenting ruts. This app has also allowed for better communication between us as parents. When we are communicating together to her and the three of us are all on the same page, the tension in our household melts away. It really is amazing that something this simple can be so effective."
  • "This App is invaluable! The daily practices are my favorite bite-sized tips on the small things that make a HUGE difference to help be be a better parent. and honestly, they remind me that I want to be a better parent too, and can. It’s also great and all too rare that the tone here isn’t fearful or judgy - just good solid practical suggestions of easy important things"
  • "Gender choices are limited to boy/girl but if your child is non-binary you cannot create an account. Very disappointing."
  • "I love the little daily reminders of how to be a better parent. And they always seem to be relevant to whatever is happening in our lives! I highly recommend."
  • "The easiest way to manage screen time on all your family’s Wi-Fi and mobile devices. From mobile phones and tablets to smart TVs and video game consoles, Circle’s parental control device and app lets you set limits and filter content across every device — all from one app."
  • "Every parent raising a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can remember a time when they’ve needed help getting their little ones to follow directions, to pay attention, or to stop whining. Many parents flock to Google and parenting sites for help, but a new app promises to be an all-in-one source of real-time answers."
  • "The app asks parents to answer questions about their child; those responses form the basis for the daily bite-sized parenting tips and lessons suited to the child’s specific needs. A library of the most troublesome behaviors for kids between 2 and 10 years of age is included, along with techniques that allow parents to set clear limits while being supportive."
  • "Bright’s head of clinical development is Dr. Joanna Robin, Ph.D. who is also the founder and head of Westchester Anxiety Treatment and Psychological Services, not to mention a mother herself. Previously she also served on the faculty at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. They’re also pairing great minds like hers with others, including Mindy Walker, the former Executive Editor of Parents Magazine."
  • " One thing I hear from many parents is that often times one spouse seems to understand child behavior a little better than the other. One spouse was raised by strict parenting standards and the other was raised in a more free-range and nurturing environment. Neither spouse is wrong in their parenting endeavors, but with this app, you can undoubtedly close the gap between your differences and begin working together more seamlessly."
  • "The Jenzy app is a foot sizing and e-commerce app that makes it easy to buy perfectly fitted shoes for young children online."
  • "On average, children between 15 and 36 months grow a half shoe size every 2-4 months, meaning parents are constantly tasked with having to buy new shoes."
  • "Across shoe brands and even within shoe brands, sizing standards are nonexistent, making it difficult to buy shoes for children online. While there are websites that offer sizing charts and measurement tools, they are often confusing, hard to use and not specific to a particular brand and style."
  • "The company works with brands like Converse, Saucony and Keds to send kids shoes that actually fit their feet. “A kid could be wearing a six in one shoe and a seven in another,” says Horner. Using Jenzy, the shoes will arrive in the right size for each foot. “We work with the suppliers to make sure that we’re sending the correct size to a parent when they check out on Jenzy.” "
  • "For retailers, it’s an opportunity to reduce what amounts to a huge cost. The industry average rate for returns is 30%, and Horner says that Jenzy reduces that figure to 15%. And those savings matter in what’s an $11 billion industry, according to Horner’s estimates."
  • "The company launched the first version of its app in July 2017 and just released an update earlier this year. To date, Horner estimates the company has sized 25,000 feet and had 15,000 downloads since May."
  • "Jenzy partners with over 30+ brands that produce high-quality shoes at an affordable price, including Saucony, See Kai Run and Stride Rite. We specialize in fitting kids ages 0-6 years old."
  • "I fitted and ordered shoes for my 3yr old daughter in less than 10 minutes! When the shoes I originally picked were unavailable they emailed me with similar (even better!) shoes that they had in stock with the correct size. My daughter loves her new shoes and this app saved me so much time going to a store, which always feels so rushed! Definitely using again!"
  • "I LOVE this app! If you’re like me and have a lovable but very active 2 year old going to the shoe store/mall is tantrum city! This is wayyyyy simpler and the shoes on the app itself are all adorable! Plus the costumer service is amazing - you can email and get a response almost immediately! "
  • "Thank you Jenzy for giving me my sanity back! I’m so tired of ordering multiple pairs of shoes online for my son only to return them when they don’t fit."
  • "Jenzy has made shopping for shoes sooo easy! I can size my 2 year old and buy the shoes all from my phone without even leaving my house because shoe shopping with a toddler is a nightmare! "
  • "News-O-Matic is the first daily newspaper just for kids. It provides an exciting and engaging nonfiction experience for children, complete with valuable literacy tools for the classroom."
  • "Every article on delicate issues is reviewed by our child psychologist. We use the right words so that children will understand the news and won’t be afraid. Therefore, News-O-Matic is an invaluable tool to help parents to talk about sensitive topics."
  • "I didn’t think it was possible. My daughter did NOT enjoy reading on her own. But this app changed everything. She picks it up every day after school and wants to read more and more. And she’s learning so much about the world! It’s kind of amazing…"
  • "News-O-Matic is always 100% ad-free. A child psychologist reviews each article to ensure emotionally safe and age-appropriate content."
  • "100+ new articles each month cover a range of high-interest topics for curious kids. Subjects include science, sports, world news, technology, arts, and entertainment. Reading current events empowers children to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and global citizens. Every story is written at multiple literacy levels for ages 6 to 14."
  • "5 dynamic news articles every weekday, each at 3 reading levels • Colorful photos, videos, maps, graphics, and illustrations • Daily quizzes to support reading comprehension"
  • "The stories are wonderful and are about interesting and important topics. Slide shows and videos additionally bring the stories to life. There is so much to love about this app."
  • "It gives you true and amazing news and the editior might even write back to you! And the comments can be pretty funny! I think you should do less political things and more other things, lastly can you make a area were users can share news together on a chating area, my daughter really wants this, she says it's awesome!"
  • "I was so excited about this app because my son enjoys reading news and nonfiction more than fiction. He’s reading at a second grade level so I set it at K-2 for the reading level. It’s still way too hard for him! It’s more like a 4th or 5th and up reading level. So it won’t be of any use to me."
  • "I didn't think it was possible. My daughter did NOT enjoy reading on her own. But this app changed everything. She picks it up every day after school and wants to read more and more. And she's learning so much about the world! It's kind of amazing..."