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What Millennials Do For Fun: Panama

Travelers to Panama and locals alike often enjoy Panama City's rich nightlife of bars and nightclubs as well as a wide range of water sports and nature activities including hiking and bird watching. The largest tourist draw in the country has always been the canal. Unfortunately, we failed to find any demographic breakdowns of activities in Panama, so we were unable to find activities specifically participated in by millennials.

Fun and leisure activities in Panama:

  • Panama City offers plenty options of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and boutiques for people interested in nightlife and shopping.
  • Panama, with oceans on both sides, offers a large variety of water sports to enjoy with suitable breaks and weather conditions. People can engage in windsurfing, surfing, and kiteboarding.
  • Other water sports in Panama include fishing, skiing, boating, snorkeling, kayaking, and river rafting, among others.
  • Panama's jungles and mountains offer activities such as hiking, rafting, and bird watching.
  • People in Panama, men and women alike, celebrate all occasions that call for a gathering of family and friends.
  • People in Panama enjoy various occasions such as birthdays, Carnival and national holidays with music, meals and drinks.
  • Panamanians enjoy various local fairs that involve all kinds of vendors, street food, games for children, and musical events.
  • The most important attraction in Panama City is the Canal.

Research Strategy

We began by exploring well-regarded travel and tourism sources for Panama and Central America. While these sources provided a wealth of information on activities in the country engaged in by locals and tourists of all ages, none of these sources offered age demographics. Next, we tried seeking out customer review and community sources maintained by expats and tourists discussing activities and entertainment options in Panama. Once again, these sources failed to isolate millennial-targeted options. As a third strategy, we created a list of the largest cities in Panama and sought out municipal, chamber of commerce and tourist board resources in these cities, hoping that some discussion of demographics or generational breakdowns might emerge. Unfortunately, these resources also failed to make that distinction in the data. As a final angle, we tried seeking out sources aimed at youth and young adult culture in Panama, hoping that these sources might target millennials and discuss activities and entertainment options for millennials in Panama, but neither the public policy nor the tourist resources aimed at youth in Panama mentioned activities and entertainments in any useful way.

Having failed to find a demographic breakdown of activities and entertainment that could answer the request regarding millennials in the country, we chose to provide a list of major activities in the country for tourists and locals of all ages.
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Cultural Zeitgeist: Panama

The most popular music in Panama is reggeaton and salsa. Popular sociopolitical topics in 2019 are the 2019 elections, education, LGBT, job creation, economic growth, and corruption. Popular movies are local movies and blockbusters. Popular TV shows are educational, cultural and informative shows.

Popularity in music

  • The type of music played in Panama is Indian West Calypso, Jazz, Salsa, electronica, reggaeton, 80s rock and rock n' roll.
  • Rubén Blades is one of the iconic salsa musicians whose home is in Panama.
  • Jazz, Salsa, Vallenato, the Calypso and Mento originated from Panama.
  • Reggaeton is preferred more in Panama but people listen to Salsa.
  • Rubén Blades is among the top musicians with an audience of 124,244 listeners.

Popularity in political topics

Popularity in movies

Popularity in TV shows

  • Most TV shows are in Spanish, and if in English, must have Spanish subtitles.
  • SERTV canal has the most views and provides educational, cultural and informative shows.

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  • "Those interested in nightlife and shopping will feel right at home in Panama City, as it has plenty of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping malls and boutiques."
  • "Flanked on both sides by oceans, Panama presents a large variety of watersports to enjoy. Fans of surfing, windsurfing, body- and kiteboarding will find suitable breaks and weather conditions for their favorite hobbies along either of the coastlines. "
  • "In addition to beautiful beaches, you can explore Panama´s jungles and mountains, as well as many small islands in the San Blas archipelago. Hiking, rafting, and birdwatching are some activities expats living in Panama can enjoy on their days off."
  • "Panamanians love to have a good time, men and women alike. They have caught onto to the “Western” holidays and celebrate any and all occasions that call for a gathering of family and friends. "
  • "Most notably birthdays, Carnaval, national holidays (independence days), New Years, and Christmas. A nice meal is always served, music is always playing, and drinks will undoubtedly be flowing."
  • "There are also local fairs in towns all over Panama all throughout the year. These events are just like the fairs you are used to back home, with all kinds of vendors, street food, games for children, and musical events that last into the wee hours of the morning."
  • "The most important attraction here is the Canal but this modern, multicultural city offers an ample option activities, hotels, restaurants, cultural attractions, night life and shopping malls. "
  • "Panama offers many attractions but one you should not miss if you like the outdoors is a rainforest excursion. There are many national parks where you can find an abundance of wildlife."
  • "Panama is well known for its beaches in both Pacific and Caribbean oceans. The Pacific Ocean is the most developed with All-Inclusive Resorts located less than 2 hours from Panama City."
  • "Island activities Panama has lots of beautiful islands on the Pacific and Caribbean coast. "
  • "There are many water sports that can be practiced in Panama. Between these water sports are fishing, skiing, surfing, boating, snorkeling, kayaking, river rafting, and many others."
  • "One of the main attractions in Panama City is the canal. You will find different tour options to choose from. "
  • "One could say Panama almost caters to the young expat. In fact, Panama is the one country in the region with a Facebook group just for them."
  • "Rather, a city where you step things up a gear. Panama City is hip, and it’s the best city for young people in the region."
  • "Panama, being internet-friendly and cheap (ish), is a great bet for millennials. One tip – stay out of Boquete in the mountains of the far west. Boquete is beautiful, for sure."
  • "There are hiking groups, cooking classes, gardening groups, birding, live music and dancing… the list goes on and on of things you can do in Panama."