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Palo Alto Networks: Marketing Team

Palo Alto uses a matrix organizational structure for its marketing team. The team is led by Jean English, however, the company also has different marketing executives for the geographical areas it operates in.

Palo Alto Network's Marketing Structure

  • Palo Alto Networks has about 39 offices globally. The company's organizational structure for its marketing department can be called matrix, a hybrid of divisional and functional structure. This means its marketing team is grouped by purpose and geographic area.
  • Although there are global marketing leaders at the company, there are marketing leaders and teams for the regions it operates in. For example, Mathew Donoghue is the Vice President of Marketing for the Americas at the company.
  • Palo Alto Networks also has marketing teams grouped by purpose. For example, it has product marketing managers, marketing systems managers, channel marketing managers, field marketing managers, and enterprise marketing managers.

Marketing Executives

  • As the chief marketing officer at Palo Alto Networks, Jean English is in charge of marketing at the company.
  • Janice Le and Suresh Sathyamurthy are the senior vice presidents of Global Marketing at Palo Alto Networks. They report to Jean English.
  • Upa Cambell is the Vice President of Marketing at the company. This individual reports to Janice Le and Suresh Sathyamurthy.
  • Palo Alto Networks has marketing executives for different regions it operates in. Mathew Donoghue is the Vice President of Marketing. He is responsible for developing and "executing go-to-market plans that directly support growth objectives and drive significant and measurable ROI" at the company.
  • Mid-level leaders such as marketing directors and marketing managers report to the regional marketing executives.

Recent Changes

  • In October 2019, Janet Matsuda, senior vice president of product marketing at Palo Alto Networks at the time, left the company for Sysdig.
  • Since August 2019, Palo Alto Networks has not announced any changes related to its marketing team.


In order to identify the current organizational structure for Palo Alto Network's marketing department, as well as, recent changes it has made in this department, we first relied on its official website. There we found a breakdown of its global executives - including its CMO - and press releases within the last year. However, there was no mention of its organizational structure for its marketing team; neither did we find any recent news about changes made to its marketing department.

Next, we attempted locating a 2019 annual report. We found that the company has not yet released one, its latest annual report was from 2018. Still, we thoroughly examined this report for any breakdown of its organizational structure for its marketing team. Again, the company only mentioned its CMO.

We also scoured recent business and financial publications mentioning the company, including articles by Forbes and Fortune. While these publications acknowledged that Palo Alto Networks is a global leader in its industry, there was still no mention of its organizational structure for its marketing team or changes made to its marketing department.

As a result, we made use of LinkedIn and databases like the Official Board to deduce its current organizational structure for its marketing department. In reference to changes made since Jean English was hired, while we believe she may have influenced or made some changes to Palo Alto Networks' marketing team, it appears these changes (if any) have not been announced or made known to the public.
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Palo Alto Networks: Jean English Profile

Jean English currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Palo Alto Networks. She has served as a marketing executive at NetApp and IBM, as well as mid-level leadership roles Global Knowledge and KnowledgeBase Marketing.

Work History

  • In August 2019, Palo Alto Networks welcomed Jean English as its chief marketing officer. She is based in the company's Santa Clara location and reports directly to its CEO.
  • Prior to her role at Palo Alto Networks, she was the chief marketing officer and vice president of NetApp from August 2016 to July 2019.
  • Before NetApp, Jean English worked at IBM for 17 years. She had several roles globally, including being the global vice president for the cloud marketing division, serving as the CMO for its Asia Pacific division, AND being the vice president of the global technology services marketing team.
  • Jean English also had mid-level leadership roles during her tenure at IBM. She was the global manager of IBM Mid-Market Business from 2006 to 2008. From 2008 to 2009, she served the director of IBM Software Group Tivoli Marketing Programs.
  • She was the marketing manager for Global Knowledge from 1997 to 1999. There, she served as the Cisco marketing team leader and was in charge of generating demand and registrations to more than ten courses.
  • Her first full time job involved being client coordinator for KnowledgeBase Marketing. She had this role from 1996 to 1997.

Work Accomplishments

  • Before Jean English joined NetApp, the company was at a low-point. She reportedly swooped in and led its marketing team using a data driven strategy. She focused NetApp around data and was one of the main reasons the company attained the success it had. As described in a current report, she "gave NetApp a story."
  • She is currently on the board of ATHENA International LLC, a non-profit organization that supports and honors leaders who are women.


Business Philosophies

  • Jean English strongly believes in telling a story. While at NetApp, she told a story about the company's vision.
  • She believes in using a data-driven approach to create strategy. She was able to "focus NetApp around data." According to her, "companies who are data driven in their transformations thrive, innovate and transform with data!"
  • Jean English encourages marketing executives to be bold and stretch further than their limit.
  • She also urges executives in the marketing industry to partner with their team members and have a close relationship with the sales team. According to her, in most cases, alignment and strategic marketing do the trick.

Recent Press

  • This July 2019 article titled " Palo Alto Networks Grabs NetApp CMO Jean English For Its Own" discusses Jean English's tenure at NetApp, specifically how she transformed the company for good.
  • In August 2019, Jean English was a guest in a RENEGADE podcast episode titled "Women in Marketing: Hard-Earned Lessons." There, she shared her experience as a woman in the marketing world.
  • In October 2019, she was mentioned in an article by Molly Sloan titled "25 Powerhouse CMOs Who Inspire Me To Be A Better Marketer." Jean English was described as one of the most powerful women in marketing because she "cut her teeth in marketing at IBM, starting out as a marketing manager and working her way up to VP of Global Marketing for IBM Cloud."
  • Adage featured Jean English in an article titled "A Compelling Case Study On How to Future-Proof a Brand." There, she spelled out how she transformed NetApp to a forward-looking brand.