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Oracle - User Experience/Digital Marketing: 2020 and Beyond

To handle their user experience in 2020 and beyond, Oracle plans to have more cloud regions and service offerings and implement FY20 Partner Immersion.

More Cloud Regions and Service Offerings

  • By the conclusion of 2020, Oracle is planning to expand its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions and free Cloud service. Every 23 days, it intends to establish a brand-new cloud region over the span of more than a year, and it will expand to around 36 new nations as well as "dual, geographically separated regions" in Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and others.
  • In line with the cloud expansion plans, it revealed a free, brand-new Cloud service tier that contains an autonomous Linux OS, a digital voice assistant powered by AI, and a limited version of Oracle's paid Autonomous Database.
  • According to the VP of AI & Digital Assistant at Oracle, Suhas Uliyar, the voice assistant powered by AI enables customers to utilize voice commands to interact with enterprise applications to encourage certain outcomes and actions, helping to enhance user experiences with conversational AI, while bolstering productivity and facilitating interactions.

Implementing FY20 Partner Immersion

  • Oracle has relaunched its Partner Immersion, which serves as an on-demand learning experience that aligns with the company’s sales strategy and allows the sellers to determine where shoppers "are in their journey to the cloud and how best they can take advantage of Oracle Cloud solutions now and in the future."
  • Under Immersion, the partners will receive the FY20 Sales Immersion Badge and be able to experience a better understanding of marketing Oracle Cloud solutions, while assisting their customers in attaining new levels of accomplishment.

Oracle CX Transformation Research

  • With an objective to gain the pulse of the future of customer experience, Oracle conducted a survey revealing the "2020 Vision the Future of Customer Experience," under which it highlighted that virtual customer interactions are projected to rise by the year 2020 and altering the CX and customer relationship.
  • Strengthening the prime importance of power analytics, Oracle emphasized on the need to leverage new technology revolution where in the adaptation of virtual reality and AI will be essential by 2020 to attain fresh insights into customer behavior and modify CX.

Siebel CRM 2020 and Beyond Roadmap

  • Oracle has implemented a 'Siebel CRM 2019-2020 Statement of Direction' update that shares the company's plan to continue its central innovation themes, which are industry innovation, business agility, and autonomous CRM, by gaining customer and partner feedback from through the Siebel CRM Innovation Survey.
  • The company plans to continue its improvement with both customer and user experience with Open UI, which includes search as well as intuitive dashboards.
  • Sustaining Siebel CRM as part of its cloud or on-premise computing, the company has a continuous innovation and delivery roadmap for 2020 and beyond with no end date for attaining autonomous CX.

User Experience Lifetime Support Policy

  • As a strategy to stay committed towards providing a first-rate ownership user experience, the company is offering its Lifetime Support Policy for the Oracle Real User Experience technology products and solutions, along with additional offerings, under which the support will continue beyond 2020. There is an indefinite time period of support for the various Oracle Real User Experience Insights.
  • With this offering available under the Lifetime Support Policy, the users/customers will have enhanced reliability and be able to drive their business and upgrade strategy with more control, choices, and certainty.

Supporting Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

  • The Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) system, which is a part of its on-premises suites and a means to transfer the advantages of cloud applications, including mobile capability, modern features, chatbots and AI, and user experiences, "without the disruption of a rip/replace." The company intends to remain devoted to promoting Oracle EBS through the year 2030.
  • The company plans to support Oracle EBS in the future with new functionality, including inserting Endeca into search, performing online patching to reduce downtime, enhancing UI and additional value-add structural improvements to advance the user experience.

Enhanced Cloud Collaboration

Research Strategy:

To obtain insights on Oracle's plans related to managing their user experience or digital marketing in 2020 and beyond, we explored its official website and searched through the company's annual report, financial statements. We also consulted user experience blog posts, press releases, and related news articles from Reuters, CBR Online, Forbes, TechCrunch, etc., Additionally, we examined cloud computing industry reports from Forrester, Gartner, among others.