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Outdoor Design in Naples, FL


The four previously identified competitors for an outdoor decorating service in Naples, FL were researched to provide information on marketing efforts and online reviews. Each of the companies advertises their services on their website. They all have at least 1 social media page, but some use them often while others rarely post to their profiles.

Claudia Leah Design

  • Claudia Leah Design is an interior decorating company located in Naples, FL. The company's website features a page specific to outdoor spaces.
  • The main marketing message used by Claudia Leah Design is "Elegant Award Winning Interiors in Naples, FL." The website also often includes terms such as "luxury," "skillfully," and "fresh." The page specific to outdoor spaces does not have any accompanying written content and simply includes photos of two outdoor spaces designed by the company.
  • Claudia Leah Design utilizes social media for marketing, including a Facebook page, Twitter profile, YouTube account, Pinterest account, and LinkedIn profile. The company is most active on Facebook and relatively in active on the other platforms.
  • Facebook posts by Claudia Leah Design include both photos of decorating projects completed by the company and tips/articles related to decorating.
  • A scan of Facebook posts by Claudia Leah Design in the past six months identified three posts related to outdoor decorating, including this post regarding fire pits and fishbowls, this post about outdoor wicker furniture, and this post about decorating patios for fall. Each post has an accompanying photo of an outdoor space. However, it is not clear if these spaces were designed by the company based on the accompanying information.
  • Claudia Leah Design has a 4.6 star rating across seven reviews on Google. Positive reviews cite great looking results, positive interactions with Claudia during the process, professionalism, personalization of spaces, and a wide variety of design options as reasons that they enjoyed their experience. The single negative review cites multiple no shows and communication issues on the part of the company as difficulties and implies that price and timeliness of the work impacted their experience negatively. None of the reviews are specific to outdoor decorating.

Dkor Interiors

  • Dkor Interiors is an interior decorating company serving south Florida. The company's website features a page on decorating outdoor living spaces. The page gives some tips and ideas for decorating outdoor living spaces and features photos of outdoor spaces the company has designed.
  • Dkor's main marketing message is "Providing innovative and human-centered residential interior design services." The website prominently displays the three word "Concept, Collaborate, Create."
  • In addition to providing design and decorating services, the company sells furniture, home decor and other products related to interior decorating.
  • The company website includes a blog where they feature some of their projects, which serves as a marketing tool.
  • The company also uses social media to market their services and products. They have a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Pinterest account, Instagram account, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn profile. They also have pages on Houzz, Archinect and HGTV. Social media posts are a mix of photos of their projects, design-related tips and insights and inspirational quotes and images related to design.
  • A scan of Dkor's social media profiles over the last 6 months revealed no posts specific to outdoor or external decorating.
  • Dkor interiors has a 4.7 star rating across 26 reviews on Google. Positive reviews cite the team listening to client needs and wants, making the process fun, enthusiasm, creativity, uniqueness, professionalism, and the final product as positives in their experiences. There are only two low ratings, neither of which left comments. None of the reviews mention outdoor decorating services.

Judith Liegeois Designs

  • Judith Liegeois Designs is an interior decorating company in Naples, Florida. They also have a showroom for furniture and home decor. While their website does not have a specific page for outdoor decorating, they do feature outdoor spaces as part of several of their bigger projects on their site. Examples can be found here.
  • The company does not appear to use social media for marketing very often. They do have Facebook and Instagram profiles, but do not appear to have any other profiles and neither profile has any posts in the last 6 months.
  • Judith Liegeois Designs was chosen as one of Design+Decor Southwest Florida's Top 25 Design Firms in 2019 and has had design projects or pieces featured in local online magazines, such as Naples Illustrated and Gulfshore Life.
  • Judith Liegeois Designs has a 4.6 star rating across 7 reviews on Google. Positive reviews cite unique pieces, modern artwork and good taste as positive elements of their experience. The single negative review appears to be attached to the wrong company as it discusses food.

Pure Design

  • Pure Design is an interior decorating firm in Naples, FL. While they do not have a page dedicated to outdoor design, they do feature outdoor spaces within large projects in their portfolio. Examples can be found here and here.
  • The company's main marketing message is "The art of unexpected style." They also refer to themselves as "a boutique design firm" and claim to offer "the capabilities of a large firm with the personalized service you deserve."
  • Pure Design has Facebook and Instagram profiles and uses both platforms to feature their work.
  • A scan of Pure Design's social media posts over the last 6 months identified 2 posts about outdoor decorating, including this post about an outdoor kitchen and dining area they designed and this post about a pool area that they added finishing touches to. Both posts were shared on both of the company's social media platforms.
  • Pure Design has a 5 star rating across 5 reviews on Google. The reviews cite professionalism, attention to detail, good listening, the finished design, creativity and design sense as positive aspects of their experience. There are no negative reviews.


Premier Outdoor Living & Design and Cascade Outdoor Design are two companies that offer outdoor design services in Florida.

Premier Outdoor Living & Design

  • Premier Outdoor Living & Design is an outdoor living retailer in Tampa that offers design and installation services specifically for outdoor spaces, including outdoor kitchens, pergolas, pools, spas, water features, fire features and pavers.
  • The company's main marketing message is "Driven to enrich the outdoor living lifestyle."
  • Premier Outdoor Living & Design uses social media for marketing. They have a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Pinterest account, YouTube channel, and Instagram profile. Recently, they have only been active on Facebook.
  • Recent Facebook posts include photos from several projects, both in progress and completed, as well as a post on the opening of a new store.
  • Premier Outdoor Living & Design has a 4.8 star rating across 12 reviews on Google. Positive ratings discuss attractiveness of their designs, good customer service, price, expertise and professionalism. The lowest-rated review is 3 stars and mentions that the project took longer than expected and was sub-contracted for most of the build, causing difficulties in their experience.

Cascade Outdoor Design

  • Cascade Outdoor Design is an outdoor design company located in Jacksonville, FL.
  • Cascade Outdoor Design's main marketing message is "Your dining room should be jealous." They also use the phrase "We turn plans into perfection"
  • The company's website features photos of many of its outdoor projects, including patios, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and pergolas.
  • Cascade has profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. They regularly post on the first three platforms, but have not posted on LinkedIn beyond basic business info.
  • Social media posts focus on the company's projects, such as this poolside patio and this outdoor dining space and bar.
  • The company has been included in the "Best of Houzz" list based on client satisfaction every year since 2015 and displays these badges on its website.
  • Cascade Outdoor Design has a 4.5 star rating across 4 reviews on Google. Positive reviews cite passion, talent, knowledge, staying on budget and creativity as the company's strengths. The lowest-rated review is 3 stars and identifies the design not meeting customer needs and unexpected costs as issues.


Prices for some of the above mentioned companies, as reported by clients in reviews, range from under $1,000 to over $100,000. The average price for design services in Florida $48,229 per project, $105.07 per hour or $5.40 per square foot, which can be impacted by square footage, desired elements, the type of professional hired and the cost of materials and labor.

Pricing for Specific Companies

  • On Houzz, most clients who have reviewed Premier Outdoor Living and Design reported the estimated cost for their projects was between $10,000 and $49,999. Most of these reviews were for outdoor kitchen installations.
  • Reviewers of Cascade Outdoor Design on Houzz gave a wide range of costs, including under $1,000 for a brick paved walkway, $1,000-$9,999 for the design of a backyard, not including materials or construction, $50,000-$100,000 for a complete backyard remodel and $100,000 or more for a complete backyard remodel with a new pool.
  • One review of Cascade Outdoor Design mentioned that they paid $2,500 for design of their outdoor space. Based on the review on Cascade's website, it appears this cost includes both 2D and 3D renderings of the design with all details necessary for installation, but no actual installation or products.

Average Price

  • We were unable to find average costs for design services specific to outdoor spaces. Since it appears that most companies providing this service also provide interior design services, we assumed that the costs to design an outdoor space would be similar to the cost of designing an indoor space.
  • According to Home Advisor, the cost to hire an interior designer/decorator in Naples (zip code 34102) averages $48,299 per project with a typical range of $10,220-$95,900.
  • According to Pro Matcher, the average cost for interior design services is $105.07 per hour or $5.44 per square foot, not including materials and construction. In addition, it is typical for interior designers to charge the cost of construction plus 12.7% and the cost of furnishings plus 23.5%.

Factors Impacting Price

  • One factor in the cost for decorating services is the square footage of the space and desired elements of the design for that space.
  • Another factor is whether the professional is a designer or decorator. Designers typically have an understanding of functionality of a space and how to enhance it while decorators are more focused on aesthetics.
  • Finally, the cost of materials and labor is a factor in the price of interior/exterior design services.


Interior designers and decorators in Naples, FL do not need a specific license. However, all businesses operating in Naples, Fl need to obtain a business tax receipt before doing business in the city.


  • Residential interior designers or decorators in Florida do not need a license. Commercial interior designers do need a license.
  • Any company doing business in the city of Naples needs to obtain a business tax receipt, which was formerly known as an occupational license. The company must also paid the required business tax on an annual basis.
  • In order to obtain a business tax receipt, one must contact the City Zoning office in Naples. It is important to ensure that the business location is zoned for the intended use.
  • The fee for service-based occupations is $57.89.


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