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Women 45 to 55 in the US: Psychographic Analysis

Women age 45-55 who consider themselves "explorers" are likely to gravitate to travel, either alone or in small groups of women, in terms of leisure activities. They want that travel to be meaningful and adventurous. In addition to travel, they like sports such as running and cycling. This group of women has significant shopping power, making most of the purchasing decisions for their families. They like to shop online and purchase more than twice the average consumer. In general, this demographic likely gravitates to traditional media sources, such as television and print newspapers.


The age range 45-55 crosses over from Generation X to the baby boomer generation, according to most articles I've read, so to the degree possible, I focused on older Gen X and younger baby boomer women when looking at generational data. By "explorer," I understand you to mean women who are adventurous by nature. In some cases, when age ranges were not available, I have provided statistics on women of all ages, if it seemed relevant to your request. Also, while I've focused on statistics gathered in the last two years, I have offered a few insights that date back a bit earlier if the information was relevant.

Data on media consumption, food preferences, and hobbies proved the most difficult to find, while travel and spending habit information was more widespread. I believe the dearth of relevant information is due to the niche group for which you would like information. Despite my search of media sources focused on adventure or active lifestyles, I found very little data related specifically to women age 45-55. Even expanding this age range yielded few results, especially in terms of hobbies or activities they engage in or their media consumption habits.


Women of all ages love to travel. According to a George Washington University School of Business study, two-thirds of all travelers are women, and 80% of decisions related to travel are made by women. In general, women are more likely than men to travel alone. Women who travel in small groups are usually over 45 years of age.

The average adventure traveler is a woman in her late 40s or older (47 on average), wearing a size 12. Women make up 54% of affluent travelers with incomes over $250,000. When women travel for adventure, they are often seeking opportunities for "learning and self-discovery." They are willing to travel a great distance to have an experience of a lifetime.

A slightly older study (2013) found that most women (75%) are more interested in spending money on adventure or travel than on material goods, though it does not break the information down by age.

Boomer Women Travelers is a blog where active baby boomer women post stories and photos of their travels. Destinations cited by travelers include Portugal, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Peru, Italy, and Cuba. One traveler highlights France, Italy, and Peru and notes luxury and creature comforts among her travel passions. Another notes her affection for bicycling, highlighting trips to California, Egypt, and India.

According to a survey of women (not delineated by age) conducted by Outside Online, respondents indicated they are athletic, competitive, and adventurous. Fully 75% had traveled alone internationally, 70% have camped alone, and 27% have thru-hiked alone. Nearly half of women share adventures with a spouse or significant other and nearly a quarter with friends.


According to Girl Power Marketing, women considered empty nesters, which Influence Central (the source of the information) defines as women over 45 who have no children under 18 living at home, are gravitating to online purchasing (80%) and online product browsing (80%) over in-store shopping. They also look for product information on their smartphones (65%), like purchasing items with high star ratings (80%), first-person reviews (75%), or blogger recommendations (45%).

After age 50, women spend 2.5 times as much as the average person, and they are the "primary buyers of computers, cars, banking, and financial services." They spend around $20 billion on clothing every year.

Active women buy more apparel than less active women, and they buy activewear at twice the rate of less active women. Outdoor enthusiasts spend a median of $500 per year on gear with 83% buying women's-specific gear.

Baby boomer women are expected to receive a double inheritance from parents and spouses and hold anywhere from $12-40 trillion in wealth. Wealthy baby boomer women are educated, have high incomes, and are responsible for 95% of the purchasing decisions at home.


While I found no data related to the media consumption habits of adventurous women 45-55 years of age, the baby boomer generation is more likely to gravitate to traditional media sources, such as television and print newspaper. Baby boomers and Gen Xers consume video primarily via television and computer when at home and via their smartphones when away from home.

Most baby boomers (82.3%) are active on social media, especially Facebook, and they spend 27 hours each week engaging in online activities. Nearly 73% of those age 45-54 use social networking sites. Female baby boomers are likely to share social media content. They like meaty content and slower-paced videos.


As indicated earlier, travel is among the favorite activities of 45+ women, and they want their travel to have purpose or meaning. In terms of outdoor activities, active women like running, biking, and skiing, and they follow professional football, skiing or snowboarding, baseball, climbing, hockey, cycling, and basketball the most.

Single baby boomer women have little interest in retiring, with 20% opting for taking on a second career after they retire.


In conclusion, adventurous women, age 45-55, like to travel and may enjoy sports such as running and cycling. These women have significant purchasing power, and buy more than twice as much as the average consumer. This demographic typically enjoys traditional media sources, but they are also very active on social media.