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Organizational Network Analysis - Market Size

While there were no precompiled industry reports available in the public domain pertaining to organizational network analysis (ONA) market size in the United States, we were able to come up with an estimated market value using a top-down market sizing analysis and triangulation through various methods, i.e. analyzing the global trend and applying it to the United States market, utilizing the broader segment of the market and assuming a similar trend in the specific segment, and using organizations' percentage adoption rate and average cost of ONA annually.

The estimated market size of organizational network analysis (ONA) in the United States is $31.7 million annually. Workforce analytics, the broader segment of ONA, was worth $194.86 million in 2016 and expected to grow at 15.3% CAGR until 2020. Below you will find detailed calculations, methodologies, and assumptions used in deriving these figures.


People analytics, also called talent or workforce analytics, are growing in terms of usage within organizations and undergoing a massive transformation. According to the latest Deloitte study, about 71% of organizations makes people analytics software (the broader segment of ONA) a high priority. Organizations are using "people data to understand every part of the business and embedding analytical tools into day-to-day decision-making."

Globally, workforce analytics recorded CAGR of 15.3% and this will continue until 2020. In 2015, the industry was worth $422.5 million, or about $487.14 million in 2016 [$422.5*1.153]. Of the total market size, the United States has a 40% share and is anticipated to reach over $660.0 million by 2025.

Workforce analytics market size for the United States
= $487.14 million * 40%
= $194.86 million


A recent study by Deloitte reveals that "there’s been explosive growth" in the use of organizational network analysis (ONA), not just in the United States but worldwide. Organizations are using ONA to analyze "the behavior of high-performing teams, for example, generating insights that can be used to help other teams work more effectively." Key players or vendors include companies like TrustSphere, KeenCorp and Microsoft Delve.

As of 2016, 8% of companies were using ONA globally, with an additional 48% of companies experimenting with the use of ONA. If we are to assume that the adoption rate of 8% carries similar trend in the United States, and while the 8% will not provide a definitive market size for ONA as it is not clearly stated that the 8% is the share of ONA based on revenue, we will use this as a basis for an approximate estimate market size;

$194.86 million*8% = $15.60 million (estimated market size based on adoption rate and revenue)

Another way to estimate market size is to determine the number of companies using ONA and multiply it with the average annual cost of ONA per company or user.

For this research, we will only consider those companies that possibly have an HR department. According to Vault, there are currently more than 800,000 HR personnel and they generally exist in the mid-to-large organizations. According to the latest US Census Bureau report, there are about 108,943 firms belonging to the mid-to-large companies (100 employees and above) as of 2015. Since most large companies have multiple offices in various locations and assuming that every office has one representative HR department, we will consider here the total number of establishments that was created by these companies. The total number of establishments from mid-to-large organizations was 1,651,098. Using the 8% to determine figures of total ONA users;

1,651,098 * 8% = 132,088 total establishments using ONA, or total ONA users

To determine the average cost of ONA system per user, we employed TrustSphere's pricing. TrustSphere, one of the top companies in this industry, is charging its clients $20 per user per month. That translates to $240 per user annually [$20*12]. Using this price point to estimate market size;

Estimated ONA market size = 132,088 * $240 = $31.7 million

From the above findings and calculations presented, we can confidently assume that the market size for organizational network analysis in the United States is close to $31.7 million. If the additional 48% who are experimenting ONA would decide to adopt it in their organization, that would translate to about $190 million revenue.

1,651,098 * 48% * $240 = $190 million (The possible revenue that could be created from the additional 48% if they decide to adopt ONA.)


The estimated market size of ONA in the United States as of 2016 was $31.7 million. This was based on the 8% ONA adoption rate among organizations. Assuming that the additional 48% organizations would decide to adopt ONA in their system, that would roughly translate to more than $190 million revenue.
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Organizational Network Analysis - Market Pricing

In the absence of direct company charges from trusted sources, I have acquired quantifiable figures based on pricing listed on the websites of three US-based service providers and one provider based in the UK.

As Organizational Network Analysis depends upon multiple varied factors, such as the type of service, the organization size, the kinds of tools and methodology used, etc., ONA provider pricing for organizations were usually stated to be obtainable upon request.

I have detailed all available pricing information for each provider below.

partner tool

The PARTNER tool consists of an online survey and an analysis program. The PARTNER team describes it as a "low cost social network analysis tool for collaboratives/coalitions" and offer pricing in two different forms: 1) selection between separately-priced sections of Collaboratives, Reports, and Technical Assistance, and 2) Full Project Packages.
Pricing is broken down between individual pricing and batch (10+) pricing. I will list the prices as "individual/batch."

For Collaborative Surveys:
Student Use: $25/$20
Public/Non-Profit Use: $125/$75
Paid Evaluator: $250/$200
Private Sector Use: $250/$200

For Data Reports:
Full Collaborative Report: $275/$225
Highlights Report (2 pages): $125/$75

For Technical Assistance:
1.5 Hour Demo: $300/NA
1 Hour QI Webinar: $500/NA
2 Hour Customized Webinar: $1000NA
Hourly TA: $100/hr/NA
In-Person Half Day Training: $1250 + Travel/NA
In-Person Full 1 Day Training: $2000 + Travel/NA

PARTNER offers two kinds of packages that are customizable and thus subject to price variation.

For Package A with an estimated price of $12,000: the team offers to prepare and administer the report, upload the data to PARTNER to generate an automated report, and its hourly technical assistance.

For Package B with an estimated price of $16,000: the team offers all of the services in Package A along with additional data analysis, interpretation, and dissemination.

The contact phone number for the PARTNER tool is 303-315-0017.
The contact email address provided by the PARTNER tool is:


Polinode provides a way to collect, compute, and visualize network data for analysis. It offers individual and organization based pricing.

For individual pricing, a basic plan comes with a free 7-day trial that turns to $10/month, while a professional plan is $60/month.

Polinode designed its Partner and Enterprise plans for consulting organizations and enterprises, with prices and more information available upon request. The Partner plan is geared toward organizations that provide services for its end-users (e.g. consultants), while the Enterprise plan is designed for organization internal purposes.

Polinode offers a 30% discount to all accredited educational and non-profit users. It also has "special volume pricing" for student groups using Polinode for coursework.

A contact email address provided by Polinode is:
No phone number was provided.

purposefly frank tool

Purposefly's FRANK tool offers survey, data visualization, and interpretation and analysis services.

Pricing is split between survey and "analysis with workshop" services.

Purposefly offers three pricing plans:
1) an unlimited free trial,
2) a standard plan of $19.90 per user in an organization per month,
3) a one-time custom individual plan for an organization, with pricing available through contact.

Pricing is broken down by number of survey members, and is based per survey for the standard plan.
Up to 50 Members: $1000
51-100 Members: $1500
100+ Members: $2000

A contact email address for Purposefly is:
No phone number was provided.


OrgMapper is a UK-based provider that offers a "human relations analytics tool" and uses a survey to produce a report.

Pricing is participant fee based, with a stated maximum of £8.35 ($11.60) per participant for less than 1000 participants, and a stated minimum of £0.85 ($1.18) per participant for over 20,000 participants.

For a quote, a sample report, or a demonstration, OrgMapper requests contact from an organization.

A contact phone number for OrgMapper is: +44 (0) 1223 776000
No email address was provided.


While most ONA pricing for organizations listed on websites could give a ballpark of a possible price, exact pricing and quotes were usually stated to be obtainable upon request.