Organic Social Media

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Organic Social Media Benefits for Brands


Organic media has taken a step back as far as importance in marketing and paid advertisements have become the go-to strategy. However, it is vital not to discount the important that organic media still plays in marketing strategies.

Organic media allows brands to build a community of loyal customers and followers, boost validity, connect with potential customers, attract talent, and manage communities. It is also a long-term and cost-effective marketing strategy since the platforms are free to operate.

A combination of both paid advertising and organic strategies has proven to be the most effective route. Even with paid ads, users will still visit the brand's social media pages, and if there is nothing there the brand loses validity.


-71% of consumers who have a good experience on the brand's social media platform will be more likely to recommend the brand.

-There are 2.56 billion users on organic social media. Additionally, one million users are added daily.

-There is a 100% higher lead-to-close rate with organic social media.

-80% of enterprises say that social media is the most important factor in digital marketing success.

-86% of marketers use both paid and organic tactics.

-91% of brands are active on social media, this means if you are not one of them you are behind.


While paid advertising has become the most effective way to market a brand, organic social media should not be discounted. Organic social media is effective in establishing brand values and culture, enabling connection between the brand and its customers, and boosting the validity of the brand. The takeaway is that, by far, the most effective marketing strategy is to use a combination of both organic social media and paid advertisements.