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Organic & Beyond (Part 1)

Plated, Big Tree Farms, Whole Foods Market, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and Kashi are best-in-class brands that are marketing and executing the “organic” tag. These companies use social media and their websites to connect with and build their audience. They tell compelling stories and create a platform for their user’s stories. These are some innovative efforts that have contributed to the success of these companies.


To identify the brands or companies that considered best-in-class at marketing/executing the “organic” tag, we carried out the following strategy. We searched through media sites such as Newscred, Forbes, and Marketing Week for analyses and articles. These sources helped us identify companies that have an organic food tag and why. An article on Newscred reveals several food companies meeting our criteria: Whole Foods Market and Plated. 

We also identified another article on Bright Planning that outlines the best marketing strategies by organic food companies, namely Kashi, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and Big Tree Farms.

We identified these companies as some of the best at implementing innovative marketing strategies such as storytelling, user-generated content and becoming a go-to for organic recipes. We have outlined the details of each company’s efforts below.


The company’s official website defines Big Tree Farms as a “sustainable organic foods company” with its headquarters in Bali, Indonesia. This company made news on CNN, showcasing the construction of this facility. One of Big Tree Farms’ marketing strategies is the use of storytelling via its social media platforms. The content addresses the founders’ organic philosophy. The founders; Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling talk about cacao harvesting and alternative sweeteners. Its Instagram account comprises captivating images that this article refers to as “nothing short of food porn.” The company accompanies each post with fun and informative captions of the ingredients and the preparation process. Besides images, they also use video marketing to educate the world on healthy and organic foods. Its method of delivery is the use of facts and stories. On a YouTube video, Ben Ripple addresses the aspect of raw cacao fraud and also how he co-founded the organic food company, Big Tree Farms. This video generated 37,000 views. In a video-marketing endeavor, Big Tree Farms collaborated with YouTubers who had a high number of subscribers to post their personal experiences in farming. This opened up the company to the YouTuber's subscribers.


The official website’s tagline is “Authentic. Organic. Gluten Free. Always.” Mary’s Gone Crackers uses storytelling marketing by focusing the conversation on the compelling life experience of the founder. Because of her autoimmune disorder diagnosis, she could only eat organic foods. When she discovered that she was gluten intolerant, she began baking gluten-free crackers, which became a hit in her community. The word “Mary” in the company name refers to the founder, Mary Waldner.

The company's primary social media platform for interacting with its target audience is Facebook. Besides sharing organic food posts, the company also addresses current news stories such as the royal wedding and send well wishes to its followers on holidays such as Happy Earth Day. The marketing strategy implemented on Facebook is interactive discussing ideas such as the importance of gluten-free food.

The official company website outlines the founder’s impressive story, which has garnered interest from other media publications. This has catapulted Mary to becoming a millionaire and inspired people toward the healthy option of tasty organic foods.


Whole Foods Market focuses on being the leading organic grocer. This company responds to the needs of organic food consumers by providing them with unique recipes for organic stuff. Using its various social media platforms and online channels, it shares several organic foods recipes. These recipes are its main marketing strategy by becoming the go-to for organic food ideas. This Amazon-owned organic grocery company’s website features recipes on its homepage. The website contains other pages dedicated to various mealtimes, such as Healthy Dinner Recipes. The company also sends out periodic newsletters with recipes.
The company's Twitter and Instagram accounts mainly post recipes. The Whole Foods Facebook chatbot allows people to search for various products with recipes using their own keywords and emojis. According to the Global Executive of Digital Strategy and Marketing at Whole Foods Market, Whole Foods ensures that it inspires people daily to consume organic foods.


The website’s homepage shows that the company focuses on selling organic foods. This platform shows the ease with which one can make a delicious organic meal, inspires others to join the community, and persuades them to try the service.

Plated is a NewsCred top-50 winner. Its innovative ideas comprise user-generated content (UGC). This company sends aspiring home-cooks ingredients with recipes to create meals while engaging and celebrating their journey
This company capitalizes on people’s desire to share their culinary journey. The consumer documents their journey and shares it through social media.

People also share posts of their masterpieces, eating out experiences, home-cooked meals, tips, and comments. The company asks fans to send in their posts with the hashtag #platedpics on both Twitter and Instagram. This has created a community with a strong sense of belonging. Plated’s marketing strategy is sharing the posts and featuring them on its website's blog. This contributes to the increase in the community's size and enhances the sense of love and affection.


Bloomberg identifies Kashi as an organic company. Kashi creates a platform for people to share their food stories. These stories are an intriguing marketing strategy that aligns with inspiration and eating healthy while challenges the norms in society. Kashi also uses video marketing such as the series which is popularly known as “Certified Transitional.” This series highlights the farmers who are receiving Kashi’s investments as they become USDA certified.

By using compelling storytelling techniques, the company’s blog posts inform people about the food they eat, ingredients, production, and people involved in the entire process. The company shares these stories on its website. These stories move people on a personal level, and the company’s sustainability initiatives are inspirational.

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Organic & Beyond (Part 2)

In a crowded marketplace, simply being labeled "organic" is not enough to stand out. Consumers turn to organic goods for different reasons, thus the companies that stand out are the ones able to best sell themselves through marketing. The five additional brands we found are Coleman Natural, Dennree, Bio Company, Supermood, and Susanne Kaufmann. Below, we will discuss these brands in depth.


We did not define best marketing as most dollars spent or most successful brands. Data on money spent on advertising or success of individual campaigns are difficult to come by. Instead, we found information published by marketing research firms or organic sites that discuss the best and most successful marketing strategies. This strategy relied on the first request as specified. We also looked at the marketing of the brands listed below for greater insights beyond what was provided by the research firms. To do this, we examined the official sites of these brands as well as social media if necessary.

Coleman Natural

Coleman Natural is targeted towards parents who want to feed their kids healthy food quickly "without the added junk." Their website proclaims that they believe "saying no" is a good thing. By this, they mean that Coleman says no (i.e., is free from) to antibiotics, steroids, GMO, animal by-products, and other harmful additives. Instead, they raise meat that is "as simple and delicious" as possible. The brand notes that it has stood by those principles for the over 125 years of its existence. Much of Coleman's marketing involves focusing on its "natural" approach to meats. All of its meats are made "how nature thinks," rather than attempting to engineer their meats with unnatural additives.


Dennree is one of Germany's largest organic food producers and wholesalers with a reputation that spans decades. Dennree is a trusted company in Germany for building up its multiple organic brands over the years. Dennree's marketing focuses on the extreme weight it places on producing high quality organic foods and textiles. Dennree claims not only to meet organic regulations but to easily surpass them. Dennree notes that it runs multiple extra tests in order to produce the safest organic food possible. Dennree meets the expectations of multiple certification agencies as well as its own in-house tests. Dennree's website is relatively sparse and heavy on information. This adds to its allure as a brand that's simply focused on providing the best organic foods and textiles.

Bio Company

Bio Company is another of Germany's largest organic food producers. Compared to Dennree, Bio Company is relatively new as it was formed in 1999. The company started off as a standalone supermarket for organic foods but grew to a form a supermarket chain. Bio Company focuses on local production. About 75% to 100% of its food is produced in local regions, a fact that it readily touts on its marketing. Bio Company claims to focus "on quality" rather than "fast expansion."


Supermood is a top Finnish organic wellness, beauty, and health brand. Supermood sells organic dietary supplements, scents, chocolates, and other products. Supermood's marketing touts that it uses organic superfood ingredients such as chaga mushroom, which is used in many of its products. Supermood's marketing splits its products into three categories. Egoboost works towards skin tightening. Beauty Sleep are products that work when the consumer sleeps to help them feel radiant in the morning. Youth Glo are products designed to reinvigorate a person's essential youthfulness. Supermood believes in a holistic approach, so its marketing touts that its products all work together toward the same goals.

Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann is an Austrian "active plants" based organic beauty brand. Kaufmann's story plays into her marketing. From her youth, Kaufmann believed in using the power of the Alpine forests to contribute to a holistic approach to beauty products. The brand's spritual and natural home is the Bregenzer forest. The brand's marketing focuses on the pure natural power of its location, ingredients, and handcrafted nature. Each of Susanne Kaufmann's products is created and packaged by hand from Alpine ingredients which lends an ancient and powerful feeling to its wares.

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From Part 01
  • "This company’s marketing is on point thanks to its compelling origin story. In 1994, Mary Waldner was diagnosed with Celiac disease—an autoimmune disorder manifested as gluten intolerance with serious dietary implications—and refused to accept a life without snacks that were just as flavorful as what she enjoyed before her diagnosis. "
  • "Everything about Eden Foods speaks to the organic food culture’s ethics and values. This company’s best marketing practices are showcased through a comprehensive website that has it all: Eden Foods’ mission and philosophy, descriptions of their sustainable business practices, and their core principles, disseminated in an easy-to-follow yet thoroughly engrossing way. "
  • "Plated, a NewsCred Top 50 winner that sends aspiring home cooks ingredients and step-by-step recipes to create simple but impressive-looking meals, has grown in large part thanks to UGC."
  • "Plated uses UGC to build a community. On Instagram and Twitter, Plated asks fans to share their meals with the hashtag #platedpics. The company often reposts the #platedpics people share on those networks, and features them in an ongoing blog series. The UGC not only celebrates Plated fans; it also shows other people how easy it is to create Plated meals (and how delicious they look), which may persuade them to try the service."
  • "Brands that have done well on this space include Whole Foods Market which regularly serves useful recipes or holiday cooking ideas to their Facebook and Instagram fans. "
  • "Kashi Company produces and markets whole grain and organic food products. The company offers cold cereals, overnight mueslis, granolas, snack bars, bars, cookies, crackers and thins, pilafs, entrees, powders, and waffles."