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Oral Surgeons - Pitch Data

Detriments in oral surgery practice include acquiring new patients and implantology.


  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, provide an avenue for specialists in dental practice, such as oral surgeons, to inform, educate, and occasionally pitch ideas.
  • By communicating/participating in selected social media channels, oral surgeons have access to industry news, marketing, and clinical tips, as well as practice management and dental-related humor. Two top YouTube channels used by dental practitioners include:


  • "The ADA is the professional association of dentists committed to the public's oral health, ethics, science, and professional advancement; leading a unified profession through initiatives in advocacy, education, research and the development of standards."
  • Oral surgeons can utilize a wide range of informative videos provided on the ADA YouTube channel for their patients. They could also compile a playlist of videos that can be sent via email or displayed in the waiting room.
  • Dental professionals typically consult this channel to obtain dentistry-related news regarding cancer care, patient experience, goal setting, workplace ergonomics, among others.


  • Sirona is a global technology leader in the dental space, and its YouTube channel serves a broad audience in the dental industry. Its high-quality, innovative products are tailored to general practice dentists, endodontists, and other dental clinicians that practice root canal therapy. The products help to increase the efficiency and clinical success of dental professionals.
  • With the knowledge that dental professionals appreciate information that is quickly and well-prepared, Sirona's YouTube channel has been structured to provide complicated technological workflow explanations simply and intuitively, with background information and a show of emotion.
  • Using Sirona's YouTube channel, dental professionals can access product presentations, video statements from dental practitioners, "real-time reporting from trade fairs, and live streaming of events."


  • Acquiring new patients is currently the most significant challenge facing dental practice globally due to the competitive nature of the industry. Attracting new patients requires advertising, offering incentives, and a multitude of services.
  • As such, dental practitioners are partnering with dental service organizations to overcome this challenge.
  • Implantology problems and complications are detriments of oral surgery, which could occur when there is a lack of understanding in patient diagnosis and proper planning.
  • For example, surgeons might perform a dental implant on a candidate that does not require one. Such situations could lead to complications with improper implant placement, as well as stress at the site of the implant, resulting in aerobic bacteria growth.
  • About 5-10% of dental implants fail.
  • As such, oral surgeons and patients need to carry out proper planning before proceeding with an implant.


We were unable to identify digital channels specific to oral surgeons, as most available data was for dental professionals in general. As such, we provided information for the same, assuming it to be applicable to all specialists in the dental industry, including specialists in oral surgery. We supplied the top two digital channels for oral surgeons based on two pre-compiled lists by Feedspot and Bergen Oral Surgery.