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General Operations Leaders - Watering Holes

Canadian general operations officers get their information from industry-specific events and conferences, as well as participation in COO-focused LinkedIn groups. Some top influencers include Tara Hung, Brian Wong, and Ryan Holmes.

My research indicates that most operations executives get their information from industry-specific organizations or conferences, rather than from role-specific sources. Therefore, many of the information sources identified in this response relate to specific industries. After an extensive search, I found no blogs, websites, or podcasts that are frequented by operations executives in Canada or North America, and information on publications or newsletters to which they subscribe was also quite scarce. However, I have outlined a number of groups, conferences, and influencers that Canadian operations executives seek out for inspiration and information.


C100: This LinkedIn group is made up of 2,648 Canadian COOs and other executives focused on supporting Canadian technology companies.

COO Network and COO Forum: While not specific to Canada, numerous Canadian COOs list these LinkedIn groups among their interests in their LinkedIn profiles.

ABPMP Toronto is the Canadian chapter of the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP), which caters to business process managers and other executives.


Canada boasts several industry-specific conferences frequented by operations executives.

The Wind O&M Canada conference is attended by over 300 operations and maintenance executives in the wind power industry in Canada. The most recent conference was in December 2017.

The International Association of Airport Executives Canada (IAAE Canada) Facility, Operations and Managers Conference is in its twelfth year, taking place in May 2018.

Global Digital Banking Conference, CANADA Edition, attracts over 200 C-suite executives working in the digital banking sector.

The North American Financial Information Summit, taking place in May 2018, targets COOs and other "senior data, compliance and technology decision makers."

The Law Firm COO & CFO Forum & Dinner takes place in New York in October 2018 and caters to the COOs and Directors of Operations at law firms in North America.


Tara Hunt, President and Founder at Truly Social Inc., appeared as a popular influencer on numerous Canadian COO LinkedIn pages. She has 53,700 Twitter followers and 81,016 Facebook followers. Her profile on Klear, an influencer tracking site, shows that she has an above average engagement level. Hunt's average follower is a 30-year-old woman. Toronto and Montreal are among the top cities her influence reaches.

Brian Wong, founder of Kiip and author of the Cheat Code, was also among the popular influencers listed by COOs on LinkedIn. His Twitter account has 22,100 followers. According to Klear, Wong social media engagement level ranks "very high" with Twitter and Instagram noted as his top social media channels. His average follower is a 29-year-old man, and Toronto and Vancouver appear prominently in his city reach.

Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite in Canada, also appeared frequently as an influencer. His Twitter account has 69,100 followers. Klear gives him an 83/100 for influencer status and a "very high" engagement level. Twitter and Instagram are his primary social media channels. His average follower is a 29-year-old woman, and top cities reached include Toronto and Vancouver.

Other influencers that appears frequently in Canadian COO LinkedIn profiles were not dissimilar from those listed by many C-suite executives I've reviewed previously. Those include Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington, and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

I also found a list of the top 40 Canadian executives to follow on Twitter, though I cannot confirm that COOs necessarily follow these executives. However, there are some executives from prominent companies, such as McDonalds Canada, Samsung, PWC Canada, Microsoft Canada, Shopify, Dell Canada, Google Canada, eBay Canada, and Starbucks Canada, so I felt it worthy of noting this list.


I found no publications or blogs that cater specifically to operations executives in Canada or North America. While not specific to operations professionals, C-Suite magazine reaches all members in the top executives roles.


In conclusion, Canadian operations executives frequent industry-specific events and conferences, as well as participating in COO-focused LinkedIn groups. Some top influencers include Tara Hunt, Brian Wong, and Ryan Holmes.
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Facility Operations Leaders - Watering Holes


The landscape of industry and business is constantly changing which requires Facility Managers to adapt and change quickly. Facility Managers can learn the best ways to do business and how to implement those strategies, as well as keep up on trends through a variety of mediums including associations, newsletters and magazines, events, podcasts, and social media.


The associations available to Canadian Facility Managers are IFMA's Toronto Chapter and BOMA Toronto.

IFMA is a professional development organization and its Toronto chapter is one of the largest. IFMA is dedicated to promoting and uplifting facilities management. IFMA offers networking opportunities and executable solutions.

BOMA Toronto is a Commercial Real Estate Industry association dedicated to advancing the best management practices. Its members include, "building owners, property and facility managers, developers, corporate facility managers, leasing professionals, and industry suppliers." BOMA Toronto offers professionals education, news, and networking opportunities.

Newsletters and Magazines:

Facility Managers can find news, trends, and other information through newsletters and magazines. The three that we discovered are the REMI Network, Facility Executive, and JLL Canada.

REMI Network is the leading news and information source for the real estate management industry. This virtual newsletter covers news, topics of interest, and advice. It is also the gateway to industry-leading publications including, "Canadian Property Management, Canadian Apartment Magazine, Condo Business, Canadian Facility Management and Design, Facility Cleaning and Maintenance, Construction Business, and Design Quarterly".

Facility Executive is a magazine that offers information on operation, design, and maintenance. It is unique in that it is "written and edited for corporate facility executives in all industries and service sectors".

JLL Canada is another online newsletter. It follows and offers information on facility management trends to keep their subscribers up-to-date. It also has a section on Future Work, which is dedicated to pushing executives to improve and change their company with the changing trends.


The main event for Facility Managers is IFMA's Facility Fusion. This event is targeted toward emerging professionals and mid- to senior-level facility managers. It covers strategies, tactics, operations, and soft services. This event allows for Facility Managers to get current information on their industry. IFMA Facility Fusion 2017 was held in Canada, which offered a prime opportunity for Facility Managers located in Canada to get valuable insight into their industry.

Podcast and Social Media:

Specific information on Canada in terms of podcasts and social media could not be found. This may be because podcasts and social media are not limited to location or the best for each category were not based in Canada.

The main podcast available and followed by Facility Managers is produced by Kayrell Connection, which is based in the United States. On the podcast, they discuss workplace trends, challenges, and the future of the industry. They also offer industry-specific information, consulting, marketing, and expertise.

LinkedIn is an excellent place for Facility Managers to follow trends and get relevant and up-to-date information for their industry. The LinkedIn profiles that are most highly recommended (and therefore most likely followed) for Facility Managers are the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Facilities Management Group, Facilities Management Network, Facility and Property Manager Association (FPMA), and ThisWeekInFM. The home locations of the LinkedIn profiles are not available, except for the NFPA, which is based in the United States.

Twitter is an additional way for Facility Managers to follow trends and news in their industry. The recommended Twitter accounts to follow are @FM_World, @IFMA, @FMJToday, @FacilityExec, @BIFM_UK, @TomorrowsFM, @FMMagazine_au, @Maintenance_Mag, @FMadvisor, @ServiceChannel, @RFMA, @PRSMAssociation, and @HCFMNews. Many of the accounts do not have specific locations, but they are industry-specific and offer Facility Management content. The ones that are location-based (for example, some are run by companies that have home bases in the UK) are not location specific and offer information applicable to Facility Managers everywhere.


There are many ways for Facility Managers to stay connected and current on trends and developments in their industry. These include associations, newsletters and magazines, events, podcasts, and social media.