OOH Advertising Examples (B)

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OOH Advertising Examples (B1)

Accenture's 'Get Out of the Box', IBM's Wimbledon 2019 campaign, and Ernst & Young's Robot Experience are examples of campaigns with OOH ads in the past 2 years. These and other findings are outlined below while screenshots are included in the attached respective Google Documents.


  • Accenture ran the "Get Out of the Box" campaign in 2018 as part of its employer branding advertising.
  • The campaign included OOH ads as well as online promotion including a short video.
  • Accenture also deployed a dedicated website for the campaign.
  • "Get Out of the Box" featured a constructed live escape room as an interactive experience for participants.
  • There were 862 visitors to the escape room box with 850 CV applications received.
  • The campaign garnered 7 million Facebook Ads views.
  • An estimated 45,000 people also visited the dedicated landing page.
  • The screenshots of the campaign's OOH ads and creatives are encoded in this Google Doc.


  • IBM ran an OOH campaign during Wimbledon 2019 to highlight its AI operations and capabilities leveraged in the tournament.
  • The campaign ran OOH ads in London rail, underground and airport spaces.
  • The OOH ads were contextually delivered from location triggers such as passengers' recent flights or trains.
  • These were then juxtaposed against live match moments ex. "While you were on the train to Bedford, you missed Strycova's unreadable double-handed drop shot. Our AI didn't."
  • While the campaign did not have any available information regarding total number of views, DOOH.com reported that the campaign created over 60,000 different variations over a period of 2 weeks.
  • The screenshots of the campaign's OOH ads and creatives are encoded in this Google Doc.

Ernst & Young (EY)

  • Ernst & Young ran interactive OOH ads in kiosks at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany.
  • The company worked with Ogilvy to build the interactive kiosks on prototype walls measuring 8 feet tall by 20 feet width.
  • These were connected with Kinect cameras which tracked participants' movements and rendered them into robots onto the interactive screen.
  • The campaign's goal was to make airport visitors reflect on the impact of machines and AI on the future.
  • Ogilvy also stated that the interactive kiosks are "designed to get people to go to EY and start talking about the future of business transformation and show them as a thought leader in their industry."
  • The agency reported that the airport kiosks were a big success with Frankfurt and Amsterdam audiences.
  • EY is considering replicating the campaign in the North American market.
  • The campaign was also awarded Silver for "Best Out of Home" by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) Awards in 2018.
  • The screenshots of the campaign's OOH ads and creatives are encoded in this Google Doc.
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OOH Advertising Examples (B2)

Three OOH examples from KPMG and PwC are the KPMG Cyber Security campaign, the KPMG Romania Recruitment Campaign and PwC Digital's awareness campaign. Creative examples have been added to the attached documents here and here.

KPMG Cyber Security

  • KPMG Singapore ran a cyber security campaign in 2018,with creatives by M&C Saatchi. In combination with print and digital ads, the campaign culminated in a giant OOH displays at the GovWare conference.
  • One display at the conference says, "Can you grow your business with confidence?" while the other says, "Can building a wall connect you to more opportunities?"
  • There are no metrics available for this campaign. GovWare 2018 was held in mid-September, so it's likely the campaign ran in the build-up to the conference.

KPMG Romania Recruitment Campaign

  • When KPMG opened offices in Romania last year, they also ran a recruitment campaign with OOH elements. The campaign features the tagline, "Open for talent".
  • The OOH installations consisted of a branded "vending" machines placed inside universities and at certain corporate events.
  • Users then interact with the machine by answering some questions, after which they will be dispensed one unique sock, its match which can be found at the company's presentation stand at the event. At that point, users can get more information about employment opportunities.
  • It appears the campaign is still ongoing, so it has been running almost a year. Therefore, no metrics are available.

PwC Digital

  • PwC created a campaign in 2018 with agency Cargo Collective to highlight their digital transformation expertise.
  • The campaign had a Times Square spectacular, other OOH displays, print and social.
  • Little information about the location and duration of the campaign is available. By examples, it is obvious the campaign at least ran in New York City. The text states the campaign was in 2018, but there was no other information available.

Research Strategy

Despite our best efforts, only one further OOH example for PwC was found from the last two years. We scoured news stories, press releases and other media sources to find any mentions of OOH advertising by PwC. We then approached the research by investigating all marketing campaigns by PwC in the last two years, then checking those campaigns for any stated OOH components. Neither of these approaches led to additional examples. Therefore, we were forced to conclude that there are no further OOH examples publicly available for PwC.

Furthermore, success metrics were not available for any of the campaigns found. All case studies were rather brief, giving examples of the creatives. We also checked for additional press coverage surrounding each of the campaigns, as well as PwC's website, but no revenue information for the campaigns were available.

From Part 01
  • "With the growing pool of Y/Z gen on the job market, Accenture decided to create visibility of our Employer Value Proposition to attract talent pool and launch campaign supporting main recruitment proc."
  • "Get Out of The Box – a series of events with specially constructed escape room, supported by the dedicated website and OOH and online promotion."
  • "Company Image viewers - 7,000,000 Facebook View Ads"
  • "People Applications - 850 CVs received during the campaign"
  • "Live Box Visitors - 862"
  • "Celebrating the ongoing partnership between IBM and Wimbledon, the DOOH.com team worked collaboratively on an excitingly intelligent, creative OOH campaign that paid homage to IBM’s innovative AI operations at the tournament."
  • "The campaign ran across a variety of rail, London underground and airport formats – cleverly reacting to, and referencing, the location of each screen. "
  • "The end result saw copy lines such as “while you were on the train from St Albans, Serena Williams was smashing four aces past Simona Halep” and so on. The final campaign incorporated a phenomenal 60,000+ different creative variations across 2 weeks."
  • "For EY, partnering with the team at Ogilvy UK, we helped to envision, build, and develop an interactive kiosk experience that reacted to the human foot traffic in Frankfurt Airport."
  • "As part of this mandate, we made the airport visitors think about the impact machines and AI will have on their futures by using real-time people detection tracking to turn people into machines."
  • "It's designed to get people to go to EY and start talking about the future of business transformation and show them as a thought leader in their industry."
  • "We worked from a prototype wall of about 8 ft tall by about 20 ft wide to perfect the interactions. The existing wall for digital signage in Frankfurt was utilized for the final placement. A Kinect camera above the kiosk screen catches the motion of the people walking past to track their movements and turn them into robots."
  • "This experience has resonated very well with everybody who has played with it and they are already talking about expanding it beyond Frankfurt and Amsterdam and bringing it over to the North American market. We are pleased to successfully launch this high-profile work with the folks from Ogilvy again."