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Online Sports Courses

SportsEdTV, Edufii, ALTIS, Glazier Clinics, and PlaySports TV, are five additional examples of companies providing online sports education training videos and other content. Each company is analyzed below to show its founding date, the sports it covers, and any funding information they have had.


  • SportsEdTV offers free, world-class, online video instruction in over thirty sports. It specializes in teaching strategy, strength, tactics, technique, conditioning, mental toughness, nutrition, and unique sports-related lifestyles.
  • Tennis, golf, weightlifting, esports, and basketball are examples of common sports mentioned on its website.
  • SportsEdTV was founded on Aug 20, 2017, and is based in Miami, Florida.
  • It is still active and has received a total funding amount of $1.2 million.


  • Edufii, which is now available on CoachNow platform, is an all-in-one digital coaching platform developed to manage, motivate, and train athletes and sports enthusiasts. Its main products include TrainingSpaces, which enables users to capture technique, drills, and recaps with videos, photos, audio, and text.
  • The platform enables coaches to stay connected with athletes and provide and share notes, photos, videos, etc. with them. It further claims to service over 60 sports in over 140 different countries but fails to specify which sports.
  • Edufii has been around since 2012 and is still active. It is based in San Francisco and has received a total funding amount of $3.1 million.


  • ALTIS was founded in 2008 and is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader in sports performance education.
  • It provides digital education courses, including ALTIS 360, a digital video library with exclusive educational content curated by Olympic medalists, world champions, and world-class coaches and practitioners at $9.99/month.
  • ALTIS is currently active, though no funding information is disclosed regarding the company.


  • Founded in 1976, Glazier Clinics is on a mission to offer sports training resources on the field and via 24/7 online training in football, basketball, soccer, track and field, volleyball, athletic performance, and head coach academy.
  • One of Glazier Clinic flagship product, the Glazier Vault, which is accessible from anywhere allows access to unlimited online training resources, including over 11,000 coaching resources, 4,200 hours of video, clinic notes, webinars, and eClinics.
  • The company is still active, though there is no information showing that it has received funding in the past.


  • PlaySports TV was founded in 2006 and is based in Princeton, New Jersey. The company claims to be the leading youth sports website in the U.S. delivering professional youth sports training videos in all major sports.
  • The company has over 3,000 videos accessible online with the majority featuring printable training notes. For instance, it has over 300 videos for soccer; over 200 videos for baseball, basketball, football, softball, and lacrosse; over 100 videos in hockey and tennis; 70+ videos for wrestling; and an additional 150+ videos for different other sports.
  • PlaySports TV has received zero funding since its inception.


Your research team started by conducting a competitive analysis of the three already identified companies to try to uncover additional ones. We examined the competitors of Star VIZN, Coachtube, and Hustle Training, along with pre-compiled lists provided by vendors such as Startup Ranking and Lifehack. The competitors were identified using Crunchbase, CB Insights, Datafox, and Owler. Based on the results from the competitive analyses along with those included in pre-compiled lists, we managed to retrieve the above-mentioned companies as examples providing online sports education training videos and other content. Each company was further examined to ascertain that it does provide online sports education training videos. For funding information, we relied on the same competitor analysis tools, i.e., Crunchbase, CB Insights, Startup ranking, and Owler.