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Online Fantasy Sports Betting Customer

In 2019, there were 45.9 million fantasy sports players in the US. The average player is male, 37 years of age, and the majority earn over $75,000 in their household. Fantasy sports players are dedicated, enjoy watching sport, and reading, The full demographic and psychographic us available below. Despite an extensive search, there was limited information in relation to the beliefs and attitudes of fantasy sports players.



  • The average age of the fantasy sport player is 37.7 years.
  • Just under 50% of all players fall between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • 19% of Americans over 18 participate in fantasy sports.
  • The breakdown of fantasy sports players by age is as follows: 18-34 years 17.3%; 25-34 years 30.7%; 35 -44 years 25.1%; 45-54 years 15.6%; 55-65 years 7.6%; and 65+ years 3.8%.


  • 81% of fantasy sport players are male and 19% female.


  • The breakdown of fantasy sports players by race/ethnicity is as follows: white 74.6%; African American 12.3%; Asian American 4.1%; and Hispanic 14.9%.

Family Status

  • 50.6% of fantasy football players are married. 49.4% are unmarried.
  • 50.4% have no children. 49.6% have one or more children.


  • 67% of fantasy sports players are in full time employment with 47% making more than $75,000 (compared to national average of 34%).
  • The breakdown of fantasy sports players income levels are as follows: $25,000-$49,999 22.4%; $50,000-$74,999 25.9%; $75,000-$99,999 16.8%; and 100,000+ 20.1%.


  • The map below provides an overview of the places in the US where there is the highest concentration of Fantasy sports players.



  • Online fantasy sports players are likely to spend a considerable sum on research, subscriptions, fees, materials, parties, and other items that will assist them in their season. Among fantasy online´players, 79% spend money on non cash prizes (trophies, belts), 84% have a draft party that costs a median of $653, and 68% spend money on a league punishment (trophy, tattoo, toilet bowl).
  • The top five sports sites of fantasy sports players are Yahoo Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports,, and Big League Sport,
  • Most fantasy sports players are keen sportsmen and women or enjoy watching sport. They also enjoy reading and DIY. Gaming is another common pastime.
  • There is some debate whether the hobby of fantasy sports players is the sport or gambling.


  • Although a good portion of fantasy sports players are motivated by the potential to win money, a good proportion have other motivations, such as reconnecting with friends over the course of the season.
  • Studies have shown that there are four key motivators of fantasy sports players. They are gambling social interaction, competition, and entertainment or an escape-

Habits and Traits

  • Fantasy sports players are more likely to use Instagram than the general population (57% vs 34%).
  • The population of fantasy sports players are 57% more likely than that of the general population to belong to a health club.
  • 74% of fantasy sports players consider beer their first choice in beverage. 67% drink hard liquor.
  • Fantasy sports players are likely to embrace technology and will look to platforms like Twitter for the most update information.
  • They are also likely to have the following traits: "extroversion, competitiveness, machiavellianism, sensation seeking, and impulsiveness."


  • The average fantasy sports player is a consumer. They consume at rates higher than the general population in a range of categories including visiting a fine dining restaurant in the last year (89% vs 67%), visited a sports bar (90% vs 52%), had food delivered (80% vs 46%), and buying Nike products (45% vs 17%).
  • 79% of fantasy sports players would bet on sports if it was legalized in their state.


  • The beliefs of fantasy sports players are often consistent with those the players that they have chosen as the star players.