Online Communities for American Kids

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Interests for American Kids

Five articles on current trends/interests for American kids aged 6-12 include those published by Securly, Beano Studios, Common Sense, Batch of Books, and The Guardian. These articles discuss trends such as Minecraft, musical tastes, and social media usage.

Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite (and Other Trends)

  • The article discusses three major kids' trends, including Fortnite, Tik-Tok Challenges, and Number Neighbors.
  • It discusses these trends, but also how secure kids are when pursuing these trends.

Seven Reasons Why Minecraft is Huge for Kids Right Now

  • This article primarily discusses Minecraft's enduring popularity with kids and tweens.
  • Minecraft is both a fun and an educational trend for kids and tweens. Tweens learn while playing Minecraft.

18 Social Media Apps and Sites Kids Are Using Right Now

  • This article discusses social media usage for the required age group as well as older teens.
  • It is equally a helpful guide for parents who wish to know what kids and tweens are using in terms of social media.
  • The article lists 16 apps and websites used by kids, tweens, and older teens.

2019 Trends in Children's Books and Middle-Grade Books

  • This article focuses on trends in terms of books for kids and tweens.
  • These trends are not from a marketer or sociologist, but from someone who analyzes books for kids.
  • The reader noticed that trends such as diversity or new takes on bedtime stories were popular.

'Be Urself': Meet the Teens Creating a Generation Gap in Music

  • This article talks about the young adult musicians that kids and tweens (as well as teens) are listening to.
  • Some of the musicians covered include Khai Dreams, Beabadoobee, Girl in Red, Oohyo, Mxmtoon, Eli, Sundial, and Conan Gray.