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List of Online Collaboration Tools for Companies

Ten online collaboration platforms for companies are Zoho Projects, Wrike, LiquidPlanner, Glip, Asana, Leankit, Podio, Airtable, Volerro, and Teamwork Projects. Each platform allows for project collaboration between team members, increasing productivity and efficiency. Below is a brief overview of each company.


There was no requirement for a list of top or best programs, however, we compiled our list of collaboration software platforms from PC Magazine's ranking of the Top 10. In each case, the platforms provided an overview of functions rather than a specific list of features. Only six of the platforms gave an approximation of the number of clients using the product. All of the programs published a list of key clients and industries served.

Zoho Projects

With Zoho Projects client, vendors, employees and consultants can collaborate on projects easily and seamlessly. The online software helps project managers keep track of time, track and fix issues, manage documents and plan. It can be integrated with Zoho and third-party apps such as Slack, Google, Github, and Dropbox. Pricing ranges from free for 5 users on 1 project to $100/monthly for unlimited projects and unlimited users.

There are over 35 success stories published by Zoho clients. Clients represent multiple industries including IT service providers, engineering consultants, travel companies, app developers, marketing consultants, and automobile technologists. Major clients are Intel, Jaguar, Netflix, Yale, Timex, Land Rover, McKinsey & Company, Ikea, and Nascar.


Wrike is an online collaboration software that can be customized to work with creative teams, marketing teams, project management teams, product development teams, business operations teams, and professional services teams. Features include visual timelines, live editing, file management, resource management, time and budget tracking, project duplication templates, and project and team reporting. Wrike can be customized with designed workflows, dashboards and fields. It can be integrated with Google, Microsoft, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, GitHub, JIRA, and more. A monthly subscription per user is required with prices ranging from $9.80/per user per month to $34.60/per user per month.

Over 15,000 customers use Wrike. Industries using the software include restaurants, travel companies, retailers, manufacturers, banks, and construction management. Major clients are Airbnb, TGI Fridays, Sotheby’s, Hootsuite, Tiffany & Co, Hawaiian Airlines, and Fitbit.


Using smart schedules, resource management tools, cross-project visibility, contextual collaboration, time and budget tracking, and analytical tools, LiquidPlanner helps project managers improve team efficiency, understand performance and make deadlines. It can integrate with Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox,and Box. Pricing ranges from $9.99/per user per month to $69/per user per month.
The software boasts a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

An exact number of users is not published but the company claims it has worked with thousands of businesses. It works with industries such as engineering, IT services, manufacturing teams, agile teams, and PMO/Operations. Major clients include Bayer, Cisco, Daimler, and ThermoFisher Scientific.

Glip by RingCentral

Glip offers team messaging through real-time text, voice, and video conferencing. It allows employees to share and collaborate on files and manage tasks. Glip integrates with Asana, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Github, Trello, Zendesk, and more. Usage cost is $5/per person per month.

RingCentral has worked with over 350,000 organizations, though the number of companies using the Glip product is not published. Industries served include technology services, professional services, real estate, retail, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services. Clients include Re/Max, ICON Eyecare, CycleHop, EZ Surety Bonds, Bullet Music, Travelers Haven, SEA Media, and Business Oxygen.


Asana differs from project management collaboration software because it does not offer time tracking or other advanced tools. However, its flexibility makes it perfect for workflow and task management. Teams can use the online software to streamline communication, track progress, map goals and improve collaboration. Asana can be integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Slack, Gmail, Google Chrome and Github. A basic version is free for up to 15 team members. The premium version with unlimited users is $9.99/per user per month. There is also an enterprise version for large companies. Pricing for the enterprise version is not published.

Though the number of companies using Asana is not published, there are over 100 listed in its client base. Industries include management consulting firms, government organizations, financial services, communications companies, and social media. Some of the clients listed are GE, Deloitte, NASA, Allstate, Facebook, AT&T, National Geographic, Go Fund Me, Google, Paypal, Uber, and United Way.


Leankit utilizes virtual Kaban boards to keep teams connected and informed. Reporting and analytical tools provide metrics to improve flow and quality. Workflow can be coordinated across connected teams from anywhere and at anytime. Leankit can be integrated with Salesforce, Zendesk, Visual Studio, Github, Blueprint, Sharepoint, and many other apps. The select version is available for $19/per user per month. The advanced version is $32/per user per month. The premium version is cost is available through direct quote.

Leankit has worked with over 50,000 companies. Industries include financial services, healthcare, publishing, software, technology, telecom, manufacturing, construction and real estate. Clients include Adobe, Salesforce, Yahoo, Fujitsu, Nokia, Motorola, Vertafore, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dupont, Humana, and Office Max.

Citrix Podio

With Citrix Podio teams can share files, manage tasks and breakdown workflows. Podio’s chat feature allows teams to discuss projects in real-time from anywhere and at anytime. It is designed primarily for small to mid-sized companies though it scales easily for growing companies. Podio integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Microsoft Exchange, Zendesk and more. There are four pricing plans ranging from free to $24/per person per month.

Over 500,000 companies are using Podio. Industries serviced include real estate, accounting, marketing, communications, healthcare, consulting, education, legal, and construction. Major clients include NFL, Sony, Volvo, Deloitte, Time Warner Cable, and Sotheby’s.


Airtable is a database tool that also works as an online collaboration service. Teams can edit and collaborate in real time. With Airtable, Kaban tables can be created to help manage workflow, assign tasks, or view information. Airtable integrates with Slack, Dropbox, Box, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Gmail, and Google Drive. Pricing plans range from free to $20/per user per month.

Over 30,000 companies have used Airtable. It can be used by creative teams, marketing, communications, product designers, user experience specialists, and project management teams. Major clients include Tesla, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Airbnb, Slack and Target.


Volerro allows users to coordinate schedules and calendars, build customized workflows, track time, and make estimates. The service can also host conference calls and chat sessions. It interacts with digital images, videos, documents and documents. The Business Teams plan costs $7.99/per user per month. The Enterprise Teams pricing is available only by quote

An exact number of clients has not been published. The company claims to work with companies around the world ranging from startups to Fortune 500 firms. It specializes in agile marketing and agile production. Clients include Top Tier Bank, Lifetouch, and Shopko.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is a online collaboration tool used by project managers to help track projects from beginning to end. The software helps organize all projects in one place. It uses Gnatt charts and time tracking features to plan and track team progress. The time tracking features ensure accurate billing and expense assignments. Teamwork integrates with Hubspot, OneDrive, Dropbox, Zendesk, Quickbooks, Google Drive and more. Pricing plans vary from free to $15/per user per month. The Enterprise Plan price is available by quote.

Teamwork projects has over four million users and has managed over six million projects. It is designed for use by enterprise teams in any industry. Major clients include Paypal, Disney, Ebay, Forbes, Honda, Hewlitt Packard, and Microsoft Studios.


Ten online collaboration platforms for companies are Zoho Projects, Wrike, LiquidPlanner, Glip, Asana, Leankit, Podio, Airtable, Volerro, and Teamwork Projects. Each platform is used by companies to coordinate projects and increse team efficiency.