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One-Page E-Commerce Website Builders

Three competitors for SamCart include Podia, ThriveCart, and SendOwl. Summaries of these companies and the reasons for choosing them can be found below. A more detailed analysis can be found in this spreadsheet.



  • Background: ThriveCart is a powerful platform that enables users to get higher-converting shop pages with one-click sales funnels. It was founded in 2015.
  • Key Customer: Latasha Kinnard, author of #1 Amazon bestseller 20-Something & Rich and founder of Start Young Financial Group.
  • Pricing: It varies per customer but usually costs around $99+ per month.
  • Reason for this choice: ThriveCart is often cited as a direct competitor to SamCart. It has a one-page checkout option that is similar to SamCart. The "Add to Cart" button does not take the customer to a shopping cart page but instead scrolls to the bottom where there is a section to enter credit card information. Also, ThriveCart ranks 41,708 among websites globally with 1,388,130 visitors per month, which is twice as good as VC-backed Podia.
  • Sendowl

  • Background: SendOwl is a UK company that allows users to sell their digital products through social media and blogs. It was founded in 2010.
  • Key Customer: Tobias van Schneider, an award-winning designer based in New York City.
  • Pricing: $9 to $39 per month.
  • Reason for this choice: SendOwl has a very simple purchase flow where an overlay with fields to enter credit card information pops up on the same page as the product. SendOwl ranks 35,267 among websites globally with 1,900,335 visitors per month, which is better than ThriveCart. It also has $10 million in estimated annual revenue.
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