Office Morale Boosting Satellite Office

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Office Morale Boosting in Satellite Offices.

Three best practices on how to motivate employees and increase productivity, build trust, and rapport in satellite offices are gamification, local involvement and bonding, and personal connection.

Gamify the work

  • Gamification is the primary mechanism that 40% of global organizations will employ to improve their business operations.
  • Gamification makes work more competitive and fun. When tangible rewards are attached to reaching objectives and milestones, people feel more motivated. The nature of gamification also allows for the team to feel closer and much more engaged with each other.
  • Micromanaging is important to the overall goal within an organization. Gamification can be applied to make the process fun and rewarding since it allows the company to set accountability in motion for the workforce.
  • Including gamification in the learning and training process of a company can help satellite teams to gain a better understanding of the culture, products, and processes of the company.
  • Salesforce uses gamification to increase motivation and productivity of their workforce. They offer challenges and targets to employees using a tool, which accumulates points based on their progress. The top-performing teams can select real-life or virtual rewards from the tool based on their accumulated points.

Empower local involvement and provide bonding opportunities

  • Finding creative ways for employees to become involved as representatives in industry events and local conferences offer opportunities to elevate the profile of the company among the broader community.
  • Showing the employees that their region is a priority by offering to sponsor a meetup or host a networking happy hour can increase motivation.
  • Creating opportunities for employees from all over the country to stay connected physically and virtually will also create productivity. Organizing meetings, trips can enable employees to bond with the parent company and it will build trust and rapport.
  • Facebook holds region-specific events such as parties, trips, scavenger hunts for their employees to bond with each other. Teams from around the country are invited to these events. They also organize team-building exercises to increase employee productivity.

Fostering a personal connection and offering positive feedback

  • As an employer, It is important to recognize employee strengths, weaknesses and interests to better connect with them. The company can implement these personal connections in their work by creating assignments based on employee interests. This will motivate the employees in satellite offices to work more productively on the assigned tasks.
  • It’s extremely important to give all of your employees, consistent praise and recognition for projects well done. Employees in satellite offices will feel more motivated and committed to the company and their role if they know that the company cares about them not only as an employee but as a person as well.
  • Companies such as Google and Apple implement programs for employers and employees to be personally connected and also provides support on the personal interests of employees.

Research Strategy

To identify the best practices on how to motivate employees working in satellite offices, your research team searched for expert analysis, blog posts, and reports from credible sources such as Forbes, Hubstaff, Business News Daily, and others. We proceeded to collate practices from these sources to identify the three most recurrent practices.

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