Oculus Quest Marketing Channels

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Oculus Quest Marketing Channels

The top three influencers recommended for Oculus Quest partnering are Ninja (on YouTube and Mixer), Bugha (on YouTube and Twitch), and Pokimane (on YouTube and Twitch).


  • As noted in the original research, there are a wide selection of YouTube channels and influencers that are very likely to provide strong marketing for the Oculus Quest. This is especially true if the marketing is done via the “platform’s dedicated gaming section,” which had “nearly 80 million subscribers” in September 2018. As of March 2020, the Gaming section had 84.1 M subscribers.
  • Notably, research from Germany shows that “the top 3 percent of channels get 90 percent of the viewership,” so it will be vitally important to choose the exact channels that may provide the best ROI on YouTube marketing. To that end, continued research has been conducted to narrow down the list of potentials to the top recommendation.
  • According to Statista rankings, as of March 2020, the following YouTube gaming channels had the highest number of subscribers (globally): Fernanfloo (35.7 M), Vegetta777 (29.2 M), Markiplier (25.2 M), VanossGaming (24.9 M), Jacksepticeye (23.5 M), Ninja (23 M), DanTDM (22.5 M), AuthenticGames (18.5 M), PopularMMOs (16.9 M), and TheWillyrex (16.8 M).


  • From the previous list, the only member that also makes the top 10 for Fornite subscribers is Ninja, who has, since the game’s launch, “blown up on both Twitch and YouTube,” and amassing millions of subscribers and views. This host/influencer “is extremely entertaining, and frequently interacts with his chat;” he’s also known as “one of the best players out there.” Ninja’s most popular YouTube videos all focus on Fortnite battles.
  • On Twitch, the top social platform for gamers world-wide, Ninja has 14.7 M followers who’ve viewed his content 479 M times; he has streamed nearly 8400 hours of content. He’s also streamed 34 different games, and averages nearly 12 K followers-per-stream. He broadcasts daily for about 10 hours, and is active on Twitch 4.8 days each week. He is very active during weekdays, and somewhat less active on weekends (though still logs plenty of weekend hours).
  • Interestingly, although Ninja was one of Twitch’s biggest livestreamers, in August 2019, he abruptly left the site to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s gaming platform, Mixer. Since Mixer cannot boast nearly as many viewers as Twitch, this influencer might be best to utilize via YouTube (and possibly Mixer, but is no longer available via Twitch).


  • Other top-ranking Fornite YouTube influencers include: McCreamy, Kiwiz, Vikkstar123, Bugha, Ali-A, TBNRFrags, Pokimane, BBC Trolling, and Fe4rless. Of these, Pokimane is the most recommended.
  • Pokimane, a popular female gamer, has 4.73 M subscribers to her YouTube channel, has had her content viewed more than 386 M times, and has uploaded 431 videos. She ranks a B+ on Social Blade, and their predictions for her viewership show it steadily increasing over the next five years.
  • In addition to YouTube and Twitch (the latter noted in the next section), she has profiles on Facebook and Instagram. [19]

Other YouTube Gaming Influencers

  • If it may be helpful, this list from SocialBook provides a list of the top 100 gaming YouTubers, though the list varies from the Statista data given previously (which often happens when different time periods are used).


  • Twitch is a live-streaming website very popular with gamers all over the world, though it ranks as the 14th most popular site in the US and #35 globally; the site has 150 million unique monthly viewers who are on the site about 95 - 100 minutes each day. US users account for a fifth (20.62%) of all Twitch users. The three most popular games on Twitch are (in order) Fortnite, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft.
  • Unfortunately, although globally about “40% of gamers are female,” Twitch users are largely male (81.5%). The top-recommended influencer’s avatar choice may offset this somewhat, however. [see below]
  • The most-watched Twitch streamers related to Fortnite are: Tfue (4.8 M viewer hours), SolaryFortnite (2.05 M viewer hours), Bugha (1.74 M viewer hours), Mrfreshasian (1.6 M viewer hours), and SypherPK (1.3 M viewer hours).


  • Of those on the previous list, Bugha is the only one that appears on the top list for both YouTube and Twitch, so he is the recommended option.
  • On Twitch, Bugha ranks as the “#2 most watched English Fortnite channel,” the “#3 most watched overall” channel, the “#3 most watched Fortnite channel,” and the “#34 most watched English channel.” In addition to Fortnite, he frequently streams Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as well. Bugha streams every day of the week, most often between 5PM and 12AM.
  • As noted in the previous section, Bugha also ranks as one of the top Fortnite YouTube influencers (rank: #4). On YouTube, he has 2.03 M subscribers with 71.92 M total views; he earns an average of 579.54 K views-per-video. Bugha won the Fornite World Cup (and $3 M prize) in 2019, and the video posting on YouTube of the event has been viewed 5.63 M times and has nearly 16 K comments.
  • Bugha’s most popular YouTube content is all related to Fortnite battles. Notably, Bugha’s avatar for Fortnite (on YouTube) appears to be a female (although the player is male), so this may indicate a higher level of female viewers for this influencer.


  • On Twitch, Pokimane is listed as “one of the most famous female gaming influencers.” She has more than 4.1 M followers on the site who’ve viewed her content more than 99.86 M times. She is active 3.9-of-7 days per week, has played 75 games, and usually begins streaming around 8pm.
  • Pokimane’s top games on Twitch are League of Legends, Fortnite, and Minecraft. For Fortnite, she averages 11.2 K viewers, has 750 K related followers, has streamed 590 hours, and her content has been viewed 17.5 M times. For her Minecraft streams, she averages 9.8 K viewers-per-stream, has 69 K related followers, and has streamed 70.1 hours.
  • Although, as noted previously, the large majority of Twitch users are male, Pokimane’s gender is sure to help balance this and pull in female viewers who are interested in Fortnite and Minecraft (or similar games).

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