Number of Google Sheets and Excel Users Worldwide

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Number of Google Sheets Users Worldwide

There are 750 million to 2 billion people in the world who use either Google Sheets or Excel. Google Suite, which includes Google Sheets is used by approximately 2 billion users every month, while Microsoft Excel has an estimated 750 million to 1.2 billion monthly users globally.

G Suite User Base

Microsoft Excel User Base

  • Numerous sources online, including authoritative business websites like Business Insider and the Harvard Business Review indicate that Microsoft Office has over 750 million active monthly users.
  • The over 750 million users is the official figure shared online in 2017 by Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella, who referred to Microsoft Excel as the "most important consumer product."
  • A report by Go Skills notes that today, Microsoft Office has over 1.2 billion users worldwide. In this regard, it can be concluded that today, Microsoft Office excel has from 750 million to 1.2 billion active monthly users.

Research Methodology

While both Google and Microsoft have not published accurate monthly usage statistics for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel products, existing data shared online depends on cumulative usage statistics for both Microsoft Office, which includes excel and Google Suite, which includes Google Spreadsheets. In this regard, the estimates shared by these companies are the only more accurate and highly reliable statistics depicting the approximate usage of Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

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