Number of Creative Agencies

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Number of Creative Agencies

There are a total of 509,953 advertising agencies globally. There are a total of 400,555 design firms globally.


Advertising Agencies

Global total: 509,953 agencies

Design Firms

Global total: 400,555 firms

Digital Marketing Agencies

Global total 500,000+ agencies

Digital Agencies

Global total: 2 million+ agencies


Digital Marketing Agency Clients:

WordStream, a company that provides software for digital marketing agencies, published an industry report about the state of digital/internet marketing. The percentages below were drawn from WordStream's industry report, wherein they compiled data that reflects which industry digital agency clients typically work in.
  • Real Estate: 39.7%
  • Healthcare: 54.8%
  • Auto: 28.6%
  • Education: 31.2%
  • Legal: 33.3%
  • Travel/Hospitality: 31.8%
  • Dental: 26.2%
  • Insurance: 23%
  • Loans: 11.9%
  • Software: 31%
  • Home Services: 46.8%
  • Arts & Entertainment: 17.5%
  • E-commerce: 42.9%
  • Others: 31%

In-House Creative Teams:

In a survey done by The BOSS Group and Cella, more than 425 leaders from creative teams and in-house agencies responded. These leaders represent the following industries:
  • Aerospace/Defense: 2%
  • Associations, Events, and Tradeshows: 2%
  • automotive/Transportation: 2%
  • Banking/Financial Services: 9%
  • Consulting/Professional Services: 5%
  • Consumer Products: 6%
  • Education: 7%
  • Education Services: 1%
  • Energy: 1%
  • Food/Food Services: 3%
  • Government: 2%
  • Healthcare: 10%
  • Insurance: 4%
  • Legal: 2%
  • Manufacturing: 7%
  • Marketing/Advertising: 2%
  • Media and Entertainment: 2%
  • Not-for-Profit: 7%
  • Pharmaceuticals: 2%
  • Real Estate: 1%
  • Retail: 3%
  • Retail: Fashion/Apparel: 2%
  • Sports and Fitness: 1%
  • Technology and Software: 10%
  • Telecommunications: 1%
  • Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure: 3%
  • Utilities: 1%
  • Other: 2%



What information is not available?

  • The research team was unable to find the total number of creative agencies around the world.
  • Statistics for sub-segments like branding and packaging design companies, advertising agencies, design firms, digital marketing firms were not found.

Why is the information not available?

  • It is likely that the information is unavailable because the creative agency market category has multiple sub-segments to it and the data on each of the segment is not available publicly.
  • It is also likely that conducting such a study on a global scale to find the number of creative agencies is expensive, given that it encompasses various kinds of agencies.

STRATEGY 1: Paid Reports

In order to find the total number of creative agencies around the world and data on the geographic concentration of these industries, we first looked in industry reports on creative agencies (globally), wherein we were hoping to find the total number of businesses or agencies across the world and the industry usage statistics. Looking into market reports from various outlets, we noted that there are very few reports on this subject. Only BusinessWire and Spendedge provided information on this space, but the data is paywalled. However, Spendedge was the primary source which was linked in BusinessWire, so Spendedge was provided because it may prove to be helpful.

We also focused on third-party financial sources because they specialize in collecting financial data with a global reach. We were hoping to find some relevant information which could help us get an overall figure on the total number of creative agencies around the world, and the market's use statistics as well. The information we cited here was based on the revenue of advertising industry worldwide and the largest advertising market, but none of these had any figures that could have been used as a direct answer. Therefore, this strategy did not work.

STRATEGY 2: Blogs and Posts from Industry Experts:

Next, we checked blogs and posts by industry experts. Here we were hoping to find statements from top executives and experts in this industry that mention any kind of figure or statistics on creative agencies. We checked other sources for interviews with industry leaders, but these interviews predominantly present a bird's eye view of the industry, rather than specific figures on the global creative agency presence. Therefore, no information could be derived from this strategy.

STRATEGY 3: Alternative Data for Triangulation

Considering that direct data was not available, we decided to try to triangulate information. For this, we looked into market research reports and articles about the creative agency global market size. Our aim was to find the global market size of creative agencies and the average revenue per creative agency globally. We would then use this to find the number of creative agencies globally (Market size of global creative agencies / Average revenue of creative agencies globally = number of creative agencies globally).

For market size information, we looked into publications that provide industry-specific reports and market research firms. However, these reports were paid reports and do not provide any free snippets of information that the research team was hoping to find. For information on average revenue per creative agency, we looked into companies that publish information on the advertising industry and related trends or forecasts. This did not produce the information that we desired because the available information was about revenue per user or per employee, which is too regional to use for a global triangulation. Hence, this strategy did not work out as expected.

For statistics on concentration and industry, we tried to check industry-specific statistics. The industries checked included travel, hospitality and leisure, real estate, sports and fitness, aerospace/defense, among others because these were highlighted as industries that use digital agencies and in-house creative teams. We looked into such industries individually to find any kind of statistics that could be collated along with other industries. However, we were only able to find these statistics for digital agencies and in-house creative teams. Our findings mostly discussed how these industries are utilizing digital marketing and advertising, but lacked any figures or statistics that could be helpful.