Non-Profits: Cannabis Prohibition Impact Support

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Non-Profits: Cannabis Prohibition Impact Support (1)

Five non-profit organizations that provide support for formerly incarcerated prisoners that were impacted by cannabis prohibition include the Last Prisoner Project, the Redemption Foundation, The Equity First Initiative, the Drug Policy Alliance, and Cage-Free Repair. Details of our findings have been provided in the attached spreadsheet as well as below.

Last Prisoner Project

  • The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is widely regarded as the number one non-profit organization that is helping currently and formerly incarcerated prisoners who faced cannabis prohibition-related charges. The organization's mission is to "get every cannabis-charged prisoner out of prison." The organization is mentioned in several media publications as having the best programs including initiatives to help with the release and rehabilitation of prisoners, protection for those still incarcerated, and legal support for those protesting cannabis-related issues.
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Redemption Foundation

The Equity First Initiative

  • The Equity First Initiative is an organization that focuses on helping people who have been impacted by the war on drugs with specific focuses in the cannabis industry, formerly incarcerated individuals, and minorities. The company created a system of alliances with organizations including "AACE (Asian Americans for Cannabis Education), Cage-Free Cannabis, Cage-Free Repair, Chicago Norml, Cristina Buccola Counsel PLLC, Humble Bloom, LA Metropolitan Churches, and The Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership (LARRP).

Drug Policy Alliance

Cage-Free Repair

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