Nokia Company Analysis

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Nokia Company Analysis

The Nokia Company offers numerous products and services within their several divisions including 5G networks, cloud services, analytics, AI services, IoT implantation, as well as software consultation and support. The network services offered by Nokia are also all encompassing products in which they consult the consumer, design the solutions, manage the project, build the networks, and offer support, training, and other services to ensure compliance, efficiency, and that all benchmarks are met.

Nokia Networks

Analytics & AI Services

  • Nokia's Analystics and AI services enables "Communications Service Providers to automate network operations and service assurance, cutting costs, increasing agility and boosting subscriber experience." These solutions can be accessed and delivered through the cloud via 3rd party services such as Microsoft Azure or other cloud options.
  • The company offers several key sales factors that differentiates them from their competitors such as: Collaboration Hubs- which are cross-training facilities, Telco Expertise- to ensure data quality is met, IaaS Flexibility- ability to scale capabilities, and other similar featured services.

5G Services

  • Nokia Networks provides design and development solutions including comprehensive 5G network designs across several domains and use cases.
  • Ability to manage multi-vendor systems and integrate legacy networks into a modern solution that includes advanced 4G LTE options while introducing a 5G network scheme.

Cloud Services

  • Nokia's Cloud services include cloud transformation/transitioning consultation, cloud management & care/maintenance, data center services, and future-proofing services
  • Within their Cloud Transformation Consulting service they offer "...transformation to the cloud, spanning technology adoption, strategy, planning, and execution. All technical domains are covered including infrastructure, cloud applications, orchestration and management, SDN, operations, and security."
  • Nokia's Cloud Care services ensure that systems, once transitioned to the cloud, operate as efficiently as possible, this includes supporting operates and resolving issues quickly and effectively.

Deploy Services

  • Nokia's Deploy services are capable of implementing and building "mission critical communications, applications and network infrastructure via seamless digital services delivery platform."
  • These services are available in an all encompassing "turnkey" approach from consultation and design to project management and build.
  • This umbrella of services also include modernization of older systems, antenna solutions, HetNet/multi-layer network builds, as well as energy efficient considerations.

Fixed Network Services

  • Nokia's Fixed Network Services cover their solutions for building ultra-broadband networks and for transformation and upgrading legacy networks into ones capable of Gigabit transfer rates.
  • Their other key services within the sector also include: Fixed Access Health Index, which focusing on meeting benchmarks and KPI's regarding your network implementation. Gigabit Smart Build, which offers assistance in preparing, building, and managing an ultra-broadband network. Multi-vendor Care, which, according to Nokia- "streamlines and integrates traditional OEM maintenance-related activities and end-to-end processes to deliver faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective support. "

IoT Services

  • Nokia's Internet of Things (IoT) service IoT offers CSPs to gain insight to their customers, beyond providing connectivity services. Within these sectors they offer IoT Readiness Services, Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Sensing as a Service, and Worldwide IoT Netword Grid integration.
  • According to Nokia their IoT Readiness Services "help operators assess their network’s ability to support IoT models, identify gaps and then develop a transformation road map leading to a high-performance IoT-optimized network."
  • Their Worldwide IoT Network Grid, coined 'WING' offers a globally distributed, cloud-native IoT infrastructure as-a-service, a single global connectivity management platform, flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing models, and intelligent SIM solutions to avoid high roaming costs.

Managed Services

  • Nokia's managed service focuses on making operational process more cost-effective. They accomplish this by ensuring innovation are adopted quickly & effectively, and by reducing risk & improving budgeting.
  • Within this sector they offer Digital Operations services, that include digital ecosystem development covering commercial management, payment & settlement management, dynamic policy management, business orchestration, and partner ecosystem management.
  • Managed Security Services & products by Nokia Managed Services ensure infrastructure security by offering security infrastructure management services, security Governance, risk & compliance management services, as well as security Monitoring & response services.

Technical Support Services

  • Nokia's Technical Support Services include proactive and predictive care, which includes 24/7 remote management, CTA and emergency services, and 99% availability SLA.
  • These services cover aspects of operations such as hardware services and upkeep, software consulting services to guide a company in their software needs, and training regarding implemented networks.
  • Within their Hardware Service offerings, Nokia promotes Asset Recovery, Digital Assistant services, Maintenance, Multivendor Care, and Repair.

Nokia Software

Software & Software Support

  • Nokia offers software support services that can "help you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), speed time to market (TTM), and get the most from your software assets." Nokia accomplishes this by focusing on speed & agility to resolve issues, reliability & security, and proven expertise.
  • These support services are available via their 3000+ technical support professionals, including technical support and 24/7 emergency service.
  • Other key selling points of their software support division includes: advanced & proactive support services, extended support services, automation & analytics, global support centers, online self-support services, and customer training.
  • Under Nokia's OZO division, they have developed audio playback, capture, & editing software named OZO Audio & OZO Playback, respectively. They have also developed an intelligent and efficient image processing platform named "HEIF".

Nokia Technologies

Consumer & Enterprise Products

  • Nokia is well-known for producing cellular phones based on Google's Android operating system. These are offered directly to consumers or through a 3rd part cellular service retailer. Currently Nokia is promoting 15 cellular phone products that are available for purchase at the moment.
  • The company offers WiFi modems and routers such as the Beacon 1 & 3 directly to consumers for purchase or as a branded product to service providers.
  • Within the India market, Nokia has released a Nokia Smart TV product based on the Android 9.0 platform that is available for purchase through the country's distributors.

Group Common

Nokia Bell Labs

  • Nokia's Ball Lab's division has one major focus, as put by Nokia themselves their mission is "Developing disruptive research for the next phase of human existence."
  • Within the Nokia Bell Lab, they have a research division which is currently centered on technology such as algorithms, analytics, augmented intelligence, industrial automation, service automation, software systems, and smart optical fabric & devices.