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Nipro - Company Profile

Nipro is a world leading manufacturer of renal, medical-surgical and interventional radiology products, founded in 1954. The company generates $3.205 billion in annual revenue and has 27,415 employees worldwide. Jessica Marie Vazquez, is Nipro's Director of Marketing for the North American region. In addition, the company is very active in attending and sponsoring events in various fields, such as the veterinary space and the kidney treatment space. They have also made a number of shrewd partnerships recently, including one with Transonic Systems Inc., which gave them exclusive marketing and sales rights to certain products.


Nipro is a world leading manufacturer of renal, medical-surgical and interventional radiology products. It was established as a subsidiary of Nipro Corporation in Japan back in 1954. In 1996 it began operating out of Miami, Florida, as Nipro Medical Corporation. In 2014, its North American headquarters relocated to Bridgewater, New Jersey, with its Miami headquarters remaining to support Latin American sales operations.

Overall, the company operates in 55 countries, with its overseas sales accounting for 38.5% of total sales. In North America the company has done particularly well in the dialyzer market, having secured a nearly 10% share of the market in that region. There are also plans for expansion in this region, with a new site opening in Canada this year.


The company has 3 business divisions: medical-related business, pharmaceutical-related business, pharmapackaging business. Its medical-related business supports the "development, manufacture, and sale of medical equipment for injection-transfusion and dialysis
treatment, and products related to diabetes and cell cultures, as well as the sale of artificial organ-related products and generic drugs."

Its pharmaceutical-related business "performs contract manufacturing of orally administered drugs, injectables, and external preparations". Finally, its pharmapackaing business "manufactures and sells glass products and other comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging."

Examples of its products include renal products (e.g. ELISIO® and Dialyzer Cellentia®), surgical products (e.g. SafeTouch™ Safety Needle), interventional products (e.g. Cronus HP 0.035″ Balloon Catheter) and VSmart veterinary products.


As mentioned above, the company initially existed as a subsidiary of Nipro Corporation in Japan, which was established in 1954. The Nipro Medical Corporation as it is now was established in 1996.


The company has a total of 27,415 employees worldwide. In America, they have 1,870.


Nipro's total sales for the fiscal year of 2017 were ¥359,699 million (roughly $3.205 billion). Sales in America accounted for 15% of total sales, representing $474.5 million in annual revenue.

Its total revenue split between its three business segments are as follows:

Medical-Related Business - 73% = $2.34 billion

Pharmaceutical-Related Business - 19% = $0.60 billion

PharmaPackaging Business - 8% = $0.26 billion


After a thorough search on Nipro's website, through employees on their LinkedIn account, and through online articles and news stories I can conclude that data on the company's top marketing leadership (i.e. C-suite, VP level), is not available publicly. However, I was able to find that Jessica Marie Vazquez, is the Director of Marketing for the North American region.

Vazquez has 20 years of marketing and communications experience. Her role focuses on consulting for internal and external audiences, making recommendations on traditional and digital marketing/branding strategies and best practices to maximize company revenue. She is also is in charge of event planning and event marketing. Before she was employed by Nipro she was in charge of marketing and communications at Stryker.

I also found that various members of the board of directors are involved in marketing in some way, such as Mitsutaka Ueda, Kimihito Minoura, Masayuki Ito, Akio Shirasu, Hiroshi Yoshida, Hiroshi Sudoh and Kenju Fujita.

In lieu of further details on the marketing team, I have provided extra information on the general leadership of Nipro. To begin with, Goichi Miyazumi is the current President at Nipro Medical Corporation, he has held this position since 1995. Takehito Yogo is the CFO for the global region. Joe Dawson is the Sr. Vice President for North America, and Mike Rothe is the Vice President for the same region.


Nipro are actively involved in a number of events. I have listed what they have been involved in over the past few years below:

The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) host an annual kidney week conference. Nipro Medical has been a participant and sponsor for this event in 2016 and also in 2017. In 2017 Nipro attended and announced the launch of Cellentia®-H cellulose triacetate (CTA), single-use dialyzer.

The MedTech Strategist is a publication that strives to provide quality information in the medical device space. They run annual conferences where main players in the space get together in order to work towards setting a different standard in device industry.

2017 - The 26th Annual Medical Device Conference in California:
Nipro attended this conference that focused on "understanding the challenges facing the Medtech start-up today, and the strategies that are emerging to respond to these challenges."

Nipro was a sponsor and partner at the NAVC (North American Vetinary Community) conference, designed to bring together experts in the field to drive education and innovation.

2016 - 12th Annual Scientific Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona:
This conference was held by the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN) for the purpose of providing education and networking opportunities in order to highlight innovations in the field. Nipro Exhibited in this conference.

Nipro Medical Corporation, announced at the 2015 AVMA Convention, the launch of Nipro VSmart products dedicated to the veterinary market.


In 2017 it was announced that Nipro would acquire 15% of North Carolina based medical imagining tech company, RFPi. This will provide Nipro with exclusive distribution rights to RFPi's medical device iCertainty, a portable intra-operative blood perfusion imaging device.

Nipro Medical Corporation is partners with Lifeline Pharmaceuticals who are the largest independent pharmaceutical wholesaler of generic injectables in the Southeastern United States.

In 2017, Nipro announced that they would be partnering with Transonic Systems Inc., in order to receive exclusive marketing and sales rights for all non-OEM Transonic products.


To sum up, I have found that the Nipro company was founded in 1954 and set up in the US in 1996. It is a company split into three divisions, medical-related business, pharmaceutical-related business, and pharmapackaging business. In total, the company generates $3.205 billion in annual revenue. I also found that the company sponsors and attends numerous events within the various segments it operates in. Finally, I found that Nipro have also made several partnerships recently which have earned them benefits such as exclusive marketing and sales rights.