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Nike Run Club Overview

The Nike+ Run Club (NRC) is a global community with a presence in more than 250 countries. Runners who are part of the program have recorded over 500 million hours of activity using the Nike+ app. Additionally, participants have publicly shared over 88 million runs. The club has been a tremendous direct to-consumer success strategy for Nike. The Nike+ Run app has over 28 million users. In total, the app has between 10-50 million downloads on the Android platform and is #16 in the Apple Store’s Health and Fitness Category.


2006–2009 The Nike Run Club launched in 2006. The club started with Nike’s launch of an app called Nike+, which keeps track of time, speed, and running distance on behalf of runners. The initiative has been a huge success for Nike and helped them increase their share of running shoe market. In 2006, Nike owned 47% of the shoe market. However, with the launch of the running app, the company corned over 61% of the market by 2009. Since that time, Nike had dominated the running shoe market. Today, there are over 28 million Nike+ members and growing.

2010 In 2010, Adidas mounted a direct challenge to the growing popularity of the Nike+ app by launching its miCoach app but did not succeed in gaining market share. Other fitness app competitors such as Garmin and Abvio also failed to overtake Nike during this time. 2012 In 2012, Nike updated its app to self-motivate runners with new social features, and integrated with updated software to expand the Nike+ community. 2014 The first offline running group launched in New York during 2014. The group was led by Chris Bennet. He now serves as Nike’s Global Head Coach. 2015
The Nike+ running app continues to grow and motivate its base of community athletes. The app expanded to harbor over 135 workouts. These workouts became accessible in 17 languages. Nike expanded its on-the ground training programs by reactivating its Chicago based Nike+ Run Club (NRC). NRC experiences were the launched throughout North America to include other major cities such as Los Angeles, Toronto, New York City, Portland, San Francisco, Orange County, Boston, San Diego and Austin TX. 2016 Nike launched new features for its app such as "adaptive coaching" with guidance from world-class athletes and coaches. The new Nike+ Run Club App also offered a personalized service based on consumer tastes, a personal store and customized options. However, several features that people liked were removed. Many users strongly disagreed with these changes and overall app participation temporarily dropped. In 2016, Nike took advantage of Apple’s Watch Series 2 by offering more cutting edge features including “smart run reminders” friend challenges, and weather alerts. Training data was also upgrade to easily display runner pace, distance, and heart rate. Shared run summaries supported friendly competition, and to send cheers to fellow runners right from the watch.


The year-round Nike+ Run Club physical program is customized to individual goals. Each club has specialized Nike coaches that help runners reach their individual goals through individual training plans. The Nike+ Run Club app facilitates each club and is designed to make running enjoyable, plus encourage and reward community engagement.

Offline, running clubs are designed to provide an exciting experience for a runner no matter their level of fitness. Many participants view the club as a way to meet new people and engage with like-minded runners in the local environment. Club participants are able to train to run a variety of distances such as a 5k, 10K, 15k half-marathon. Several types of runs are offered including: • Ready Set Go Run
• Home Run
• Speed Run
• Local Run
• HIT & Run


Specific features that have helped make the Nike+ Running app uniquely successful are enhanced social sharing, and audio- guided runs. 1. Enhanced Social Sharing

Nike has created a unique partnership with Facebook to offer dynamic social integration in the Nike+ Running App. This dynamic integration is also known as "enhanced social sharing." Using this native integration, runners are able to automatically share maps of their longest runs, and use “friend tagging” so users can view other running friends who have cheered them on, and keep track of their most frequent running partners. Running routes are also shared on their Facebook timeline. The app also makes it easy to post on Twitter and the Apple IOS version of the Path app. The Nike+ Running Club's social media strategy success is clear. Currently, the club has over 17,069,032 likes and 16,989,985 followers on Facebook.
2. Audio-Guided Runs

Nike’s "audio-guided" runs connect runners with a selection of guided workouts. Each run is given a different playlist, and some plans feature celebrities such as Mo Farah and Kevin Hart. Each run also connected with popular music streaming platforms such as Apple Music to give users a standout running experience.


Nike’s running club (NRC) and the Nike+ Run app have transformed group and individual fitness and have gained a huge following since 2006. The Nike+ Run Club (NRC) is a global community with a presence in more than 250 countries and rising. Runners who are part of the program have recorded over 500 million hours of activity using the Nike+ app. Currently, there are 28 million active users in the U.S. who have publicly shared over 88 million runs. The direct-to-consumer combination of physical running groups, specialized coaches, and cutting edge features such as enhanced social sharing and audio-guided runs have contributed to Nike's breakthrough success in this area.