Newsletter Targeting - Entrepreneurs

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Newsletter Targeting - Entrepreneurs

Below are 15 online groups that are catered to entrepreneurs. The majority of the groups found were either on Facebook or LinkedIn.

1. Bright IdeaS and Entrepreneurs

  • This LinkedIn group offers a networking community for all types of entrepreneurs including small business owners, startup companies, angel investors and venture capitalists to join, share ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals.

2. Entrepreneur Hustle

  • This Facebook group is focused on inspiring other entrepreneurs, uplifting spirits, and enabling growth. The community is all about helping entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.
  • Entrepreneur Hustle is for those who understand that hustle is part of an entrepreneur’s life.

3. Entrepreneur & Small Business Forum

  • The LinkedIn group with 50,000+ members connects entrepreneurs who are focused on growing, building and scaling their startup business. The group provides active support for its members with tips and resources.
  • The group is moderated by Beate Chelette.

4. Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community

  • This is a Facebook group where aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs come together to tackle questions, as well as to give feedback on ideas, projects, and other forms of content.

5. 60 Seconds Persuasion

  • This group is aimed at small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for tips on how to use the power of persuasion in business. Some aspects of business these tips apply to include: website copy, design, email campaigns, and communications with customers and clients.
  • The group also encourages pitching and allowing members to practice any pitches they may have to other people in the group to gather feedback.

6. The Startup Chat Mastermind Group

  • This group started as a result of The Startup Chat Podcast, which is hosted by Steli Efti and Hiten Shah. Its primary purpose is to allow entrepreneurs to network with other fans of the show and get advice on topics ranging from startup growth to getting into an entrepreneurial mentality.

7. Entrepreneurs HQ

  • This group of more than 162,000 members is a network for entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners to find possible financial backing and share ideas and advice about web design, SEO, SEM, and other marketing strategy and tips.

8. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups

  • Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups Meetup group is the largest grassroots movements of founders and developers in the Bay Area of California since 2008.
  • This organization provides startups the opportunities to share their passions with other members.
  • This group has 30,000+ members and has events such as pitch events, co-founder matching nights, panel discussions and fun mixers every week.

9. Freelance To Freedom Project Community

  • The Facebook group is geared towards freelance entrepreneurs who want to share helpful knowledge and ideas and ask other members questions about entrepreneurship, freelancing, and other business-related topics.
  • The group has a very relaxed feel to it and allows members to share blog posts, giveaways, social media handlers, and other personal business features on specific days.

10. Read with Entrepreneurs Book Club

  • The Read with Entrepreneurs Book Club Facebook has 3,000+ members. It connects people who share the same interests and goals and allows them to share the knowledge and wisdom that they gained from books they have recently read and also to learn from others what books they should attempt to read next.

11. Humans of Online Business

  • This interactive Facebook group is open to aspiring entrepreneurs that are seeking advice on how to start and run a successful online business.
  • It teaches members specific skills for free, some of which include attracting the right audience, building client lists and selling products and services on autopilot.

12. Entrepreneurs Meet Investors

  • Entrepreneurs Meet Investors group has 5,000 + members and is great for entrepreneurs who are seeking startup funding or for more established businesses in need of capital for further growth.

13. Entrepreneur's Network

  • This LinkedIn group is dedicated to current and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to network and participate in group discussions. The group was founded in 2008 and has 29,000+ members.

14. A Startup Specialists Group

  • This group caters to startups, mentors, founders, and investors making it a great resource for entrepreneurs. In the group, entrepreneurs are able to find support, obtain tips for building a business, crowdfunding, the best business practices, and networking.

15. On Startups

  • This group of more than 644,000 members gives entrepreneurs the chance to discuss marketing, sales, finance, operations, recruiting and other startup-related topics.