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These are the largest publicly-traded Silicon Valley companies that are embracing new technologies: Apple, Alphabet, Wells Fargo, Visa, Oracle, Intel, Cisco Systems, and Nvidia. They were selected based on their revenues and their commitment to their shareholders to embrace new technologies.


We first did a research to determine the largest publicly-traded companies in Silicon Valley area based on their revenues. We then looked at how these companies have embraced new technologies to stay on top. Finally, we searched thoroughly on their annual reports/ letters to shareholders and other reports to show that they are indeed embracing new technology. The term new technology here might imply a novel concept in a sense that other companies don't do it, or it might also imply a new trend of technology that the world is heading to.


A 2017 report by StashLearn gives the top ten largest companies based on their revenues and located in Silicon Valley. The revenues provided are for the year 2016
1. Apple — revenue of more than $200 billion.
2. Alphabet (previously referred to as Google) — revenue of more than $90 billion
3. Facebook — revenue of more than $27 billion
4. Wells Fargo — revenue of $94 billion
5. Visa — revenue of $15 billion
6. Chevron — revenue of more than $110 billion
7. Oracle — Oracle's founder Larry Ellison is worth nearly $60 billion 8. Intel — revenue of $59 billion
9. Cisco Systems — revenue of more than $49 billion

Use of new technology in publicly-traded companies

The companies listed below have expressed their commitment to embracing new technology in their businesses as expressed in their letters to their shareholders.

Apple has awarded Finisar $390 million to show how committed they are to supporting innovation. Finisar manufactures cost-efficient technologies that power Apple's most popular features.

In a letter to shareholders in 2017, Larry Page a co-founder at Alphabet pinpoints a technology initiative in the health industry that is using machine learning. He also highlights an anti-aging effort focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence alongside other technological innovations.

Wells Fargo
In the company's annual report to shareholders, the company states its commitment to innovation by forming a business group headed by Avid Modjtabai to focus on payments and virtual solutions that enable customers to bank at their convenience. The customers will experience online offerings and next-generation payment capabilities.

A different report although not part of a letter to shareholders also shows their commitment to embracing new technology. The company has not only developed a team to come up with artificial intelligence-based technology but in an effort to strengthen its digital products, it has appointed a professional to lead its payments businesses.

In this report, Visa highlights some of its innovative technologies that allow cashless transactions. Some of these innovations include moving from cards to cloud, the use of messaging platforms for payment, and use of blockchain technology for borderless payment.

At the Oracle Open World, Oracle highlights some next-generation technologies that they are committed to embracing. These include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, chatbot, internet of things, and robotic process automation. They also outline how different technologies can work together and collaborate across their line-of-business.

In this report, Intel discusses a chip that can recognize objects in pictures when captured by a webcam. The company intends to showcase the chip at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. An interesting fact about the chip is that it uses close to a thousandth as much power as other conventional processors and mimics the brain's functions.

In its annual report, Intel reports that it has developed a game-changer program that will change the way business processes have always been done. Another one of their innovations is Remote Eye Sight (RES), a software for connecting workers that has been designed for wearable devices like smart glasses.

Cisco Systems
In a letter to its customers, Cisco describes a new network innovation known as Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA). This is an innovation in the cybersecurity and data protection area that is focused on helping customers to reduce the time for detecting threats and increase the response time.

This annual report discusses Nvidia's ability to move to a gaming platform from a graphics card. One of its innovations, Nvidia Shield has taken AI and gaming into people's living rooms across the world. A top-level streamer currently has 1,000 games and the largest open media catalog of 4K. Another innovation, the Invidia Spot, which is an artificial intelligence mic processor increases the Shield's control in every part of the house.


The major publicly-traded companies in Silicon Valley that have expressed an interest in embracing new technology to their shareholders have been identified. They were first identified by revenue and then by how they have embraced technology.