New Technologies For Advertisers

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New Technologies For Advertisers

The new advertising technologies for consumer-facing companies that are similar to the given examples are the following: Artemis smart mirror, YouCam AR Makeup app, Olay's AI skin advisor, Neutrogena's MaskiD facial mask printer app, Compoz fragrance mixer device, Beautylitic personal care portfolio advisor, the Kabaq AR food app, the Spyce robot restaurant cook, Cafe X's coffee barista robot, Elf robots, Tunity live audio tuning app, Pathspot hand pathogen detectors, CHBL's Jammer Coat, Rain Pallet dress with app, and the BB suit.


The following are the new advertising technologies for consumer-facing companies that are similar to the given examples. These technologies were introduced in the last 6-12 months.

Artemis smart mirror

YouCam AR Makeup app

  • Perfect Corp has introduced the YouCam Makeup app.
  • The app can enable a more user-tailored experience that is backed "artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies."
  • The app can provide beauty suggestions to the consumers such as the right makeup shades for their skin.
  • The consumers can also monitor any skin problems through the app.
  • Eylure used the app to promote their false eyelash products to the users via AR.

Olay's AI skin advisor

MaskiD facial mask printer app

Compoz fragrance mixer device

Beautylitic's personal care portfolio advisor

Kabaq AR food app

  • Kabaq applies innovative scanning technologies to project realistic 3D food pictures through its app.
  • These high-resolution images can then be utilized in "augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences" such as in restaurants settings.
  • Based on the site video, some of the restaurants that are already using the app to project food images into table settings are the following: Magnolia Bakery, Backyard Betty, Bareburger, Domino's Pizza, Panera Bread, and others.

Spyce's robot restaurant cook

Cafe X's coffee barista robot

  • Cafe X's has installed a robotic arm in their coffee bars.
  • The robotic arm can prepare various coffee blends in their menu.
  • Orders can be placed using a touchscreen interface.

Elf robots in Japanese and Canadian restaurants

Tunity live audio tuning app

Pathspot's hand pathogen detectors

CHBL's Jammer Coat

Rain Pallet Dress with app

  • Dahea Sun, a Korean designer from London had developed a dyed dress made from natural cabbage.
  • The material can pose as a pH indicator as soon as rain falls on the fabric.
  • Users can then avoid getting caught in an acid rain downpour.
  • Users can also take a picture of the current weather in their locations and upload these into the app.


  • The BB. Suit is the brainchild of Borre Akkersdijk, a Dutch textile producer.
  • The suit is full of copper wires inside. The wires can enable various connectivity channels such as "WiFi, GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth."
  • The wearer can then become a "mappable hotspot with MP3 streaming capabilities."


We started our research by looking for directly available lists of newly-launched advertising technologies for consumer-facing companies. We looked for this information in consumer or retail industry category sources such as Premium Beauty News, PMQ, NRN, Restaurant Business Online, and others; relevant publications such as Allure, the Food Network Magazine, Everyday Food, and others; technology-related sites such as Wired, Tech Crunch, and other similar sources; press release sites such as PR News Wire, Globe Wire, and other similar sites; business publications such as The Verge, Forbes, Reuters, Business Insider, and other relevant sources.
Based on this approach, we were able to find newly-launched advertising technologies for consumer-facing companies from various reports. We then made sure to include only those that were introduced or developed in the last 6–12 months. We also included those examples that are similar to the given examples such as the Domino's Pizza checker and the Bulleit 3D printed cocktails. The identified new technologies were indicated in the section above.