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By searching online repositories of corporate data, we were able to locate seven companies who have 150-250 employees and marketing budgets in excess of $250,000 in the states of Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and northern Florida: Capella Hotel Group, Sea Island Company, Wind Creek Hospitality, Paragon Casino Resort, Bookit, Visit Florida, and Macau. In addition, we found examples of marketing campaigns for four of these companies.
The requested information has been recorded in the project spreadsheet as requested. Below you will find an explanation as to why we are only able to provide estimates as to the marketing budgets for each of these companies and links to our sources.
Locating travel, tourism, and hospitality companies in the requested states with the requested number of employees was not difficult. We used Owler as our primary tool to both narrow down the list and provide estimates of the numbers of employees. However, when we attempted to narrow the list to publicly traded companies, the number of possible companies dropped to zero. This is important because our best--and in most cases, only--source of information about a given company's marketing budget is their own annual reports. Privately-owned companies are not required to publish their financials, which limits our visibility into their operations. As a result, we are unable to provide the marketing budgets for any travel, tourism, or hospitality companies in this region.
However, in the course of our research, we found that it is a good rule of thumb that companies should spend 5-10% of their revenue on marketing. An earlier source (from 2011) states the same, indicating that this rule of thumb has been in use for some time across multiple industries. Furthermore, Beacon Media & Marketing writes, "Interestingly enough, the businesses under $25 million a year in revenue tend to spend more on marketing, usually in the range of 10% or more of their total revenue." This would fit most or all the companies meeting the criteria of having 150-250 employees; therefore, we can safely assume that any company with revenue over $2.5 million would have a marketing budget of well over $250,000.
Using the above as our modified criteria, we have identified the below companies as matches. In each case, the marketing budget is estimated as a flat 10% of total estimated revenue. This should be understood as an estimate only, and has been indicated as such on the project spreadsheet.
We further searched for recent marketing campaigns for each company by name and included links where available. Though it is Wonder's practice to attempt to use sources that are less than two years old, we did not limit ourselves in this case.
The data for each company can be found on the project spreadsheet. Below are the links to our sources.
Macau (Owler)
Thanks to Owler's search capabilities, we have identified Capella Hotel Group, Sea Island Company, Wind Creek Hospitality, Paragon Casino Resort, Bookit, Visit Florida, and Macau as having 150-250 employees and marketing budgets of over $250,000. The requested information on each has been entered into the project spreadsheet.