Net-Zero Housing Renovation Companies

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Net-Zero Housing Renovation Companies


Energy efficiency has become a buzzword in the construction industry as companies strive to design and build energy-efficient buildings with minimal carbon footprints (Net Zero). This report provides an overview of companies that remodel existing residential houses into net-zero homes or altogether build new NZE homes.


Market overview

Case studies

Net-Zero Scape Home Construction, LLC

• Kitchen remodeling
• Exterior remodeling
• Deck construction
• Flooring installation
• Home addition
• Residential new construction
• Roofing services
• Siding services
• Painting services

Oakwood Homes

  • Oakwood Homes successfully completed the construction of two experimental net-zero homes in Denver. The company now plans to start making more NZE homes in Colorado. The 4-bedroom houses will feature rooftop solar panels, super-insulated windows, a high-efficiency tankless water heater, and airtight construction.
  • Oakwood's inspiration to venture into NZE homes came through a life-changing experience when its Chief Operating Officer, Frank Walker, walked into a net-zero house and experienced first-hand how efficient the house was. Despite being hot outside (102 degrees), the house's interior was surprisingly cool (72 degrees) without the aid of cooling systems or air conditioners.
  • Oakwood's experimental residential houses have already sold out — perhaps an indicator that their US$188,000 price tag is not a deterrent for aspiring homeowners who see value in NZE homes. Oakwood's competitive advantage is its ability to design and build substantially cheaper NZE homes than other residential homebuilders.

Nexus Energy Homes

  • This company prides itself on designing and building innovative new homes to achieve net-zero energy standards. The company's successes in the NZEB market earned it the 2012 EVHA Builder of the Year Award, while a house it constructed using revolutionary technology resulting in state-of-the-art efficiency received the 2012 Gold Energy Value Housing Award. In 2014, the homebuilder won the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE's) Challenge Home 2012 Housing Innovation Award. This was in recognition of its efforts to provide U.S. residents with zero-energy homes that are better for the nation, create jobs, increase energy security, reduce air pollution, and lower homeownership costs.
  • Nexus Energy Homes has built the most Emerald certified homes in the U.S., making it a market leader in high-performance homebuilding.

How many people are interested in turning their houses to become net-zero?

  • There is no doubt that net-zero homes play an important role in reducing the impact of human activity on the environment. That said, the shift from conventional houses to NZE homes is gaining momentum. According to a recent survey, the number of NZE homes in the U.S. grew by 33% from 2015 to 2016.
  • An earlier study conducted by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center on 400+ homeowners in Dallas, Texas, established that 88% of the participants were interested in NZE homes if utility savings were sufficient to offset monthly mortgage payments. With the growing concerns about climate change and the need to embrace greener energy solutions, it would be a fair assessment to state that more people are buying into the idea of NZE homes.

What is the average cost for individuals to do this?

  • It is feasible that the rates for constructing a net-zero home vary by company. For instance, Oakwood Homes build houses that go for US$188,000 - US$190,000. On the other hand, Nexus Energy Homes construct 1,700 square feet duplexes that sell for US$275,000 despite being the same in size as Oakwood's homes. Another net-zero homebuilder De Young Properties sells its homes for between US$350,000 and US$450,000.
  • The bottom line is that NZE homes tend to be slightly costlier to build due to the technology and materials used in construction. Considering all the variables, net-zero homes are 8% - 12% more expensive than regular houses on average.

What would the environmental impact be if the U.S. housing market transitioned to net-zero?

What is the current environmental impact of the residential housing market in the U.S.?

Research strategy

The NZE homebuilders identified herein have expanded their portfolios and joined the private residential space. This means individuals can contract them to build NZE homes for them. In addition, their expertise in this field makes them a preferred choice for private homeowners seeking to build NZE homes or remodel their existing homes. The sources used in this research are credible and relevant mainly comprising industry reports, company websites, white papers, and reputable third-party sites. The consensus among industry experts is that building new NZE homes is cost-effective compared to renovating existing homes.

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