I need a list of 15 female artists with businesses similar to this: https://pencilneck.com/

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I need a list of 15 female artists with businesses similar to this: https://pencilneck.com/

Hi, thanks for your question about female artists with businesses similar to Owen Garratt's The Pencilneck. The short answer is that there are several female artists that have businesses and revenues of over six-figures. Websites like Business Insider, Bustle, and Forbes provided significant results because of their reporting on successful entrepreneurs. Below you will find a list of these women and a brief description of them and their business.

I found these women by looking into successful artists with the specific revenue that was requested. Women that I came across in my research were left off the list if they were not artists, if their revenues were private or unavailable, or if their businesses do not bring in at least six-figures. Income that was shaky or uncertain was verified through Hoover's, Owler, Manta, or DataFox.


Occupation: Photographer
White became a full-time photographer after "barely making ends meet" as an actress in Los Angeles. After being robbed in 2011 and losing her life's work, White went to Marie Forleo's B School and now makes over $100,000 a year.

Website: JK Expressions
Occupation: Caricaturist
Kelly's career began when she took a job as a caricaturist at a San Diego theme park. This led to a well-paying side job that resulted in a $100,000+ business of live caricature services.

3. Alicia Shaffer
Website: Three Bird Nest
Occupation: Crafter and Designer.
Born from "a love for making bohemian-inspired headbands and accessories," Shaffer makes approximately $80,000 "knitting socks, scarves, and headbands." Shaffer got her start on Etsy and now makes nearly $1 million a year.

Website: Lita Cabellut
Occupation: Painter.
The daughter of a brothel owner, Cabellut spent much of her young life homeless and running errands for the prostitutes her mother employed. Now she lives in the Netherlands and her paintings are often purchased for over $100,000. She is also a poet.

5. Redd Horrocks
Website: Redd Horrocks
Occupation: Voiceover Artist.
Horrocks makes $15,000 a month. Horrocks had been doing voiceovers as a side job for thirteen years and began doing it as a full-time job in 2014. She began working as a voiceover artist full-time as a result of discovering Fiverr.com.

6. Iris Scott
Occupation: Painter
Scott worked as an elementary school teacher to make ends meet until she discovered UGallery in 2011. She is an oil painter, specifically, and UGallery (by itself) sold over $100,000 of her work in 2016.

7. Jenna Kutcher
Website: Jenna Kutcher
Occupation: Photographer
Kutcher is a photographer, watercolor artist, wedding blogger, and online educator. Kutcher launched several online courses to engage with and help other entrepreneurs such as herself. She also has a print shop.

8. Chiara Ferragni
Occupation: Writer/Blogger, Fashion Designer.
Ferragni has 5.2 million Instagram followers, and the revenue of Chiara Ferragni, the Blonde Salad, and Chiara Ferragni Collection had nearly $10 million in revenue in 2015, $7.5 million of which came from footwear sales.

Websites: Zoella, YouTube
Occupation: Writer/Blogger
Sugg's success has developed into her fastest-selling novel "Girl Online," a recently-launched beauty line, and various publications in magazines. Her website, founded in 2009, and writing are the source of her success.

Website: Michelle Phan
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Phan began as a makeup artist that pioneered the makeup vlogging market. She has a collective 7.5 million+ global community, Webby winner, and a website called Ipsy. Ipsy is a "passionate online beauty community" with monthly giveaways and over 1 million subscribers.

Occupation: Writer/Blogger, Entrepreneur
Prior to founding Rachel Levin Style, Levin was a retail manager. She now blogs and her company offers several fashion/style related services.

12. Abby Lawson
Occupation: Writer/Blogger
Lawson founded her website in 2013 seeking a "creative outlet." Both her and her husband work for the website full-time. Lawson blogs about decorating, organization, and productivity. Lawson has also written eBooks and courses in the areas she blogs about.

13. Jenny Saville
Website: Jenny Saville
Occupation: Painter
Charles Saatchi gave Jenny Saville her start by "[setting] her up in a studio, paying her to work for a year making art for her gallery." Saville's oil paintings now sell for as much as $1.1 million.

14. Cindy Sherman
Website: Cindy Sherman
Occupation: Photographer
Sherman (1954) was made famous by her choice to photograph herself in a way that her photos are "most definitely not self-portraits." This biography provides additional details on Sherman's major works, educational history, and notes that the average price of her photographs was between $20,000 and $50,000. Sherman's 2011 salary from her artwork and writing, the most recent available, was $1 million.

15. Kiersten Rich
Occuaption: Travel Writer/Photographer
Kiersten Rich had a successful career in corporate finance until she left, deciding to travel the world instead. She wrote and took photographs as she traveled, and eventually made a career out of it. According to Hoover's, The Blonde Abroad has a revenue of $227,000.

These women are all artists with businesses and revenues of over six-figures. Many of these women's businesses involve art and design driven services. Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help with anything else.