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NASA - Employee Sentiment: Past and Current

The sentiment surrounding NASA employment is positive. According to reviews, the favorite things are flexible working hours, great environment, great and intelligent co-workers, job security, and great facilities. Most of the past and current employees think it is a great place to work and most of them would recommend NASA to a friend.


  • According to Glassdoor, the organization has an average star rating of 4.4 based on 548 reviews. 91% of employees who left a review would recommend NASA to a friend.
  • According to Indeed, NASA has a star rating of 4.4 based on 1200 reviews. The ratings according to categories are 4.4-star ratings for work-life balance, 4.1-star ratings for pay and benefits, and 3.9-star ratings for job security and advancement, 4.0-star ratings for management, and 4.2-star ratings for culture.
  • In 37 reviews the employees said work/life balance is excellent, the work is exciting and the co-workers are amazing.
  • In 27 reviews, employees said the work environment is great, "flexible hours, independent research".
  • Others said NASA provided good quality services to their employees.
  • In a review, one said co-workers are intelligent and accomplished professionals.
  • Another review said the working in human space flight is exciting.
  • Other employees felt that benefits were great, their mission was great and they had job security.
  • In one review an employee said "Employees have a love for the organization and its mission. Creates a very positive work environment. -Generous teleworking policy. Depending on your position it can be as much as 5 days. I had 3 days of teleworking per week. -Very organized and systematic organization. This might not seem like a big plus, but for a government agency — it is."
  • An intern said, "It was a great internship to work at under and I learned plenty of useful skills for system calibrations for gamma-ray detection and working in a team project. The Project was Student-Led".
  • Some employees felt that the work was fulfilling and they had great tech facilities.


  • According to Glassdoor, there were few negative reviews and the most common (19 reviews) was, "Have to deal with red tape like any other government agency"
  • Some employees felt that "Interesting and technical work" was contracted out. Others said the management team was not working.
  • Bureaucracy and aging staff was listed in some reviews as a turnoff to employees.
  • Some employees were not happy with their salary, their chance of advancement, and the distance they traveled to work.
  • Some employees felt that the organization relies heavily on contractors and there was no "a lot of food options on site".


In order to provide the sentiment surrounding what current and past NASA employees say are their favorite things about working at NASA, we looked through online forums such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and the NASA Spaceflight Forum to find reviews by current and past employees. We were able to find reviews of current and past NASA employees, we analyzed the information to come up with these findings.