Movie Theaters in Travis County, TX

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Movie Theaters in Travis County, TX

Two of the movie theater groups that are preferred among affluent movie-goers are Moviehouse & Eatery (now part of Cinépolis) and iPiC Theaters. Additionally, Screenvision Media is a movie theater advertising company that partners with theater groups and locations that attract affluent customers.

Moviehouse & Eatery / Cinépolis

  • Moviehouse & Eatery is a Texas-based chain with five locations, of which two are in the Austin metro area.
  • It attracts affluent, family-oriented customers as a primary upscale option in the area.
  • This demographic is drawn to Moviehouse & Eatery because it offers luxury additions to the typical experience, including food made from scratch, bar and dining service during screenings with a call button technology, and plush recliner seatings.
  • Additionally, the company provides a premium large format in selected locations, as well as upscale dining lounges in all theaters.
  • Earlier this year, Moviehouse & Eatery was acquired by Cinépolis, though it will retain its brand. The new owner is "the premier luxury player in the United States and across the globe."
  • Its main competitive advantage is offering unique moviegoing experiences.

iPiC Theaters

  • iPiC Theaters is a luxury movie theater chain with 16 locations across the country. One of them is in Austin.
  • The average income of its customers is $125,000.
  • The chain combines dining and moviegoing. Its advantage lies in offering high-quality food and cocktails. It puts more emphasis on the restaurant aspect compared to other dine-in movie theaters.
  • Additionally, the company chooses unique buildings for its locations, offers luxury seats, and only opens its restaurants and theaters in the wealthiest cities.

Screenvision Select (Screenvision Media)

  • According to AMC's website, movie theaters represented by Screenvision Media, a top movie theater advertising company, attract young, affluent customers.
  • The average household income of its partners' customer base is $95,000.
  • Box Office Pro notes that affluent audiences are attracted to some of Screenvision Media's partners by "specially customized offerings."
  • Specific locations represented by the company are included in its Screenvision Select network. They are those that offer especially affluent demographic, which overlaps with the target market of luxury brands.
  • Some of the reasons why those theaters attract affluent movie-goers include unique film content, full-service dining and bar options, and luxury amenities.
  • An example of an upscale theater in Austin that belongs to the Screenvision Media network is Sky Cinemas. AMC is also one of the company's partners.

Research Strategy

During our research, we only discovered two movie theater groups that are popular among affluent customers and have a presence in central Texas. However, we also decided to include information on Screenvision Media. While it is not a movie theater group, it has a network of movie theater partners that attract affluent movie-goers. We thought that the insights on it provided more context on their preferences.

We used one source that is older than 24 months. However, we confirmed with a more recent one that Screenvision Media is still involved in providing upscale movie experiences.

Also, the article from SeekingAlpha is only available for paid subscribers. We provided screenshots of the relevant parts.