Montreal Social Media Food Influencers

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Montreal Social Media Food Influencers - Part 1

Rosalie Lessard, Sophie Nelisse, Nick Andrew, Carl Arsenault, Arezou Pourghavami, Natalie, Frederique Leneveu, Nina Christian, David Mcdiarmid, and Hamza are ten food or food and music social media influencers living in or around Montreal and have 5,000 to 300,000 followers on social media.

The link to the spreadsheet is here. Some of the findings have been presented below.




  • The link to Rosalie Lessard's Instagram account is here.
  • The link to Rosalie Lessard's YouTube account is here.
  • The link to Rosalie Lessard's Facebook account is here.
  • Snapchat: N/A



  • Rosalie Lessard has been ranked as the number one food influencer on social media with 14.7% engagement and approx. 20k likes per post on average. She also posts videos, food recipes on her YouTube channel and stories on her Instagram.


  • Rosalie Lessard posts new food-related videos like recipes, food hacks on a bimonthly basis mostly on her YouTube channel. Her last Instagram story on food was 61 weeks ago.


  • Rosalie Lessard posts videos regularly on her YouTube channel and receives hundreds of thousands of views for each video uploaded and the feedback received from the followers are generally positive and supportive of her content.
  • Rosalie has 26,946,838 total views on her YouTube channel.


  • Rosalie is 24 years old. She graduated in cooking from L'ITHQ. She also has a chain mainly focused on food.


your Research team applied the following Strategy:

We commenced our research by examining blogs and media reports such as Heepsy, NinjaOutreach,, Feedspot Blog, and other similar sites. On Heepsy, we were able to locate the "Top 10 food influencers in Montréal in 2019".

As per Heepsy's "Use of sophisticated classification algorithm, we obtained an ordered list by theme (fashion, fitness, food), country, and city with the top 10 influencers of each segment to offer information about Instagrammers, YouTubers, Bloggers etc. who have achieved the greatest reach, both by the size of their audience (the biggest influencers have millions of followers) and their quality in terms of engagement." Based on these factors, we have taken the list of food influencers from Heepsy as the base of our research.

Following this, we checked all the popular social media to find the influencers accounts/profiles such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Later, we scanned their posts to identify their contact details.
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Montreal Social Media Food Influencers - Part 2

Some food/food and music social media influencers that live in or around Montreal and have between 5,000 to 300,000 followers on social media include Antonio Park, Kerrie Ahern, Norazah Aziz, Cynthia Irani, Marlyn Birmingham, and others provided in this spreadsheet.



  • Antonio Park is a chef, born to South Korean parents, and raised in Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.
  • He trained in restaurants in Japan for nearly two years.
  • Park has also worked in New York and Toronto, as well as Montreal.
  • He is the owner of Park Restaurant.
  • Chef Antonio's Park restaurant reflects his diverse upbringing, which fuses Japanese and Korean cuisines with influencers from Latin America, France, and Canada.
  • He is passionate about foodstuff and sharing.
  • Antonio Park posts photos and videos on his Instagram account, with at least one post a day.
  • There is, however, no fixed pattern, and he posts what he fancies each day.
  • Antonio Park has 115K followers on Instagram.
  • His phone number is + 514 750 7534.


  • Kerrie is a food consultant and content creator with beautiful food images that keep people inspired. She influences people looking to get incentives into making their gorgeous food spreads, and tasteful styling.
  • Kerrie is a specialist in food styling, cookbooks, and a few too many food puns.
  • She posts photos and Instagram stories on her Instagram account, at least once a month. Her posting does not follow a fixed pattern.
  • Her followers are supportive in their feedback and agree that her work is excellent.
  • Kerrie has 7,614 followers on Instagram.
  • Her email address is


  • Norazah Aziz is a food enthusiast and highly ranked food influencer.
  • Her average interactions per post are 694 likes and 12 comments, with an engagement rate of 0.55%.
  • She has an average of 8.5K views per video, 0.6% engagement on images, less than 0.1% engagement on videos, and makes 19.6 posts per week.
  • Norazah's posts at least once a day on Instagram. Her posts are not regular, except those on food which she does at least once a week.
  • When she posts photos on her Instagram channel, the feedback is always supportive and appreciative.
  • Norazah integrates her food posts with her hobbies, like traveling and hiking.
  • Norazah loves traveling, shopping, going to the movies and is an enthusiast of beauty.
  • She is also a fan of fitness and engages in running and hiking.
  • Norazah has 129,092 followers on Instagram.


  • Cynthia Irani makes handcrafted flowers and great in-cake decorations.
  • She has a trend in cake designs which are seemingly inspired by petals.
  • Because of her cake designs and love for food, Irani has featured in Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, Wedluxe, 100 Layer Cake, BHLDN, The Bridal Theory, The Bride Story, Mariage Quebec, and Firefly Events.
  • She has an engagement rate of 3.78%, and her average interaction per post comprises 3,085 likes and 43 comments.
  • Irani makes at least two posts each week on cakes. She posts on cakes which are unique and in the form of sugar flowers.
  • The feedback she receives for her posts is always supportive and appreciative.
  • Cynthia Irani has 82,750 followers on Instagram.
  • She has a contact form on the "About" page of her website.


  • Marlyn is the face behind the hands that are on display on the Montreal Confections'YouTube channel.
  • Marlyn has been sharing her passion for cookie decorating there since 2010.
  • She designs not only beautiful cookies but also invents great new techniques such as the Paint A Cookie sensation.
  • She is a self-taught decorator with royal icing running through her veins. Marlyn is obsessed with all-things-cookie.
  • Marlyn’s works have been featured on Cake Central Magazine, Cake Wrecks, 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes, and Crafty.
  • She has a 1.86 engagement rate, and her average Interactions per post are 1,322 likes and 16 comments.
  • Marlyn posts mainly videos of her desserts. She makes at least one post per day, including tutorials.
  • Her posts, which include tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and her website, do not follow a regular pattern. However, when she posts, she receives supportive and appreciative feedback.
  • Marlyn has 71,900 followers on Instagram and 128,769 on Facebook.
  • She can be contacted via mail at

Your research team's strategy to determine ten extra food or food and music social media influencer with followers between the range of 5,000 to 300,000 people was straightforward. However, it should be noted that the client may have to sign up to access the Heepsy source that was used to locate the influencers.

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Montreal Social Media Food Influencers - Part 3

Jason, On Déjeune, Jean-Philippe, Patricia Brochu, Montreal Food Divas, 514eats, Dustin Gilman, Mayssamaha, Jen Udashkin and Montreal Maven are ten additional food influencers on social media living in or around Montreal. Each of these influencers has 5,000 to 300,000 followers on social media. All required information has been presented in rows 23-32 of the attached spreadsheet.



  • Jason is a Montreal based food blogger and the author of the blog "Shut Up and Eat". On his blog, Jason talks primarily about food and gives restaurant reviews.
  • Jason posts at least 5 times a month on his Instagram account.
  • His posts do not follow a fixed pattern and he frequently receives positive feedback from his followers. It has been observed that most comments received by his followers consist of inquiries on the locations where particular food/dishes can be ordered.
  • He has an engagement rate of 2.39%.
  • His contact form is available on his personal website.

Patricia Brochu & Frank Lat

On Déjeune

Jean-Philippe Tastet

Montreal Food Divas

  • Montreal Food Divas is authored by two women who enjoy sharing their experiences through their website and their various social media accounts. One of the "divas" worked as an editor at Chuck’s Day Off, while the other describes herself as an "avid cook".
  • Montreal Food Divas is a blog that provides food and restaurant reviews. The blog focuses primarily on providing reviews of french restaurants and food.
  • They only share their content through photos. This year (2019), they created only four posts which were all posted in January. Comments from followers are mostly requests for the best restaurants where they can have a particular food/dish and the pricing information.


  • 514eats is a Montreal restaurant and bar review blog authored by two men. They practice a unique approach in reviewing food and restaurants by providing blunt and straight opinions. Sometimes, the restaurants they visit are based on recommendations from traditional print media and blogs.
  • They mostly share their content through photographs. It has been observed that they post content frequently and sometimes upload three posts a day.
  • The 514eats blog has been featured as one of the "17 amazing food blogs" by Jazz Hotels.

Dustin Gilman

  • Dustin Gilman is the author of Food Guy Montreal and dubs his Instagram page as the number one source for everything food in Montreal.
  • His posts consist of photos of food and drinks and their photo captions consist of mentions of restaurants from where the food was purchased and food recipes.
  • Food Guy Montreal doesn't have a regular posting pattern.
  • His posts don't generate a lot of comments but the few comments are generally positive.
  • The comments consist of followers requesting for recipes and also sharing their appreciation for the contents and expressing their desires to purchase something similar.
  • He has 15,300 followers on Instagram.


  • Mayssamaha is the author of Will Travel For Food blog where she shares her travel and food experiences. Aside from food blogging, she's also a travel blogger. She is a two-time Saveur Magazine's Best Culinary Travel Blog finalist.
  • Mayssamaha does not have a regular posting pattern. Her posts consist of content related to both, her travels and food. She mostly shares her content through photos.

Jen Udashkin

Montreal Maven

  • The Montreal Maven blog is authored by Cally, who is based in Montreal. Montreal Maven also posts about culture, fashion, lifestyle, travel, and health. Aside from food blogging, she actively engages in marketing.
  • Cally uses photography as a primary means to engage her followers in posts about food, drink, and lifestyle.
  • Cally generally receives positive comments on her food posts. In most comments, it has been noticed that her followers inquire about the location/addresses of the various restaurants she reviews.

All relevant information has been documented in rows 23-32 of the attached spreadsheet.


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