Montreal Culture

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Montreal Culture

Montreal's residents use public transport a lot, earn less than the city average in Canada, and are happy to rent their homes. Moreover, people in Montreal love reading magazines and watching TV, even though they also spend a lot of time using their computers and phones. When it comes to food, residents of Montreal love food markets and finding new dessert places, and are very happy to splurge on eating out several times a month.


  • Economic base of Montreal is founded on the five industries: technical, cultural, transportation, real-estate, and aerospace.
  • Montreal is the city in North America which has the lowest proportion of people living in single-detached houses, only 32%.
  • 45% of people living in Montreal rent their homes.
  • People in Montreal use public transport often and the city is known as the 2nd most friendly city for bikes in North America.
  • Montreal is big on sustainability with 60% of all recyclable materials recovered.
  • People are overall fairly fashion conscious both in work and in public life.
  • When it comes to the individual level for workers in the city, people in Montreal are not considered to be the hardest workers. While they do have access to the most state benefits in Canada, the average salary in Montreal is below the national average for major cities.
  • According to recent reports, Montreal has been faced with many people working overtime but not getting paid appropriately for their work.
  • Almost 70% of Montreal residents participated in at least one wilderness activity in the last year, with 41% regularly enjoying three or more outdoor activities.
  • The most popular outdoor activities are hiking and backpacking (44%), wildlife viewing or photography (32%), and tent camping (24%).


  • In Montreal, women are more likely to "read magazines (43.3% of women versus 40.5% of men), use a tablet (54.8% versus 49.1%) or a smartphone (88.5% versus 86.9%), listen to the radio (83.3% versus 76.1%) or watch TV (87.6% versus 83%)."
  • On the other hand, men are more likely to "read newspapers (53.4% versus 47.7%), use Smart TVs (35%) and are a tad more likely log onto desktop and laptop computers (85.8% versus 85.7%)."
  • Desktops, laptops and tablets are the most popular source of digital media consumption for people in Montreal, with the average daily use of 3 hours and 43 minutes. The second most popular source is phones with the average use of two hours and seven minutes per day.
  • 34% of people in Montreal share news via social or email while 20% comment on news via social or website.
  • Top social media channels are Facebook (38%), YouTube (22%), Twitter (12%), Facebook Messenger (10%), Instagram (6%), and Whatsapp (5%).

Food habits

  • Montreal is famed for its food and rich culinary scene that is considered to be endlessly innovative and wildly creative but also boasts local cuisine traditions.
  • Some go-to food choices for people in Montreal are bagels, juicy smoked meat sandwiches, maple products, and poutine.
  • The most popular choices for casual food are local breweries and public markets, as well as delicatessen.
  • 72% of Montreal people dine out and 71% order takeout more than a few times a month, which amounts to a total spend of nearly $200.
  • 50% of Montreal residents buy coffee on a daily basis, which ranked right after restaurant spending and takeout orders.
  • There are no specific statistics regarding dining at home and cooking but it is reported that Montreal residents do not have a habit of preparing their own meals, mostly as they either don't have the time or don't know how. One of the foods that Montreal residents do not know how to prepare specifically is fish.
  • Montreal is rich with pastry shops and the residents are always looking for a new dessert obsession. Desserts are considered to be food experiences with residents feeling happy to visit dessert places and experience new foods.
  • The top ten food influencers in Montreal according to both the number of followers and engagement rates are @rosalielessard_, @sophie__nelisse, @nickandy1, @parezou, @carlarsenault, @natalielovesbeauty, @frederiqueleneveu, @david.mcdiarmid, @mezoktan, and @amal.amamou.
  • Montreal is known to celebrate food all year round. The biggest food events in Montreal are Mac n Cheese Week, Invasion Cocktail — Montréal Cocktail Week, Festival Mondial de la bière (Montreal Beer Fest), La Fête du Croissant, Lobster Clam Jam, First Fridays, A Taste of the Caribbean Festival, International Kombucha Festival, Asian Night Market, Montréal Oysterfest, Festival Martinique Gourmande, Festival YUL EAT, and La Pizza Week.