Mobile Stage Truck: Renters/Suppliers

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Mobile Stage Truck: Renters/Suppliers

Mobile stage truck renters and supplier in the United states include Stageline Mobile Stage, Inc., Mobile Stage Network, Mobile Stage Manufacturing, Custom Trailers USA, Apex Stages, All Stages and Sound, Inc. The price and quote for rentals depends on the size of mobile stage truck and the duration of the rental.

Stageline Mobile Stage, Inc.

  • Stageline Mobile Stage has designed and built hundreds of hydraulic trailer stages since the early eighties. In addition, it runs a fleet of more than 85 mobile stages located across North America through MSR Mobile Stage Rentals.
  • Stageline pre-assembled staging structures unfold hydraulically and sequentially into a self standing covered stage. All setup and take down operations, including the installation of banners, screen, scenery and sound and lighting equipment, are done at ground or stage floor level
  • Stageline products include Sl75, SL100, SL100 MIX, SL260, SL320, SAM555, SAM750, delay towers, promobile, custom projects and mobile space.
  • Services include online store/merchandise, sales and rentals of mobile trucks, training, inspection and maintenance program, financing, and after sales services.
  • A link to video footage can be found here.

Mobile Stage Network

  • Mobile Stage Network has designed and rented stage trailers for more than 15 years. They offer small stage trailer with dimensions 14' x 12', Large mobile trailers with dimensions 22' x 20', extra large mobile trailers with dimesions 26' x 20', and "super extra" with dimensions 30' x 20'.
  • Other services include event marketing, lightening & audio, led video, live broadcast, design & print, trussing & rigging
  • A link to video footage can be found here.

Custom Trailers USA

  • Custom Trailers USA designs mobile stage trailers on demand. Trailers can have creative graphics and be a mobile bill board. In addition to stages, the company can build fold out walls for more visuals, add sound systems and flat screen TV’s, create a reception area, and install bathrooms or kitchens. They custom design mobile stage trailers for exhibits, bands, shows and events, marketing and advertising, theater use and for assemblies.
  • There are many options and solutions varying from 10′ to 53′ long, custom graphics, roof top signage, display cases, art galleries, fold-out stage platforms, custom stage lighting, mixers, amps, equipment racks, speaker systems, and multi-media centers.
  • An image of a portable stage trailer built for an auction company out of Florida. 8.5′ x 24′ long with a 14′ stage can be found here.
  • An image of a trailer fully equipped with cabinets, electrical service, finished interior walls and floor, stage and 12V awning for out-door promotions can be found here.

Apex Stages

  • Apex Stages is one of the leading manufacturer and designer of stage trucks in North America. After building the world's tallest mobile hydraulic stage, Apex designed the affordable and versatile mid-sized APEX 3224 in 2008.
  • With very little training, 2 to 4 people can set up any one of their APEX stages in an hour and they can be taken down in less than 45 minutes, including their largest stage, the 5040. The Tower Shuttles, the APEX 3224 and APEX 2420, are simple enough to be set up by one person.
  • A link to video footage can be found here.

All Stage and Sound

  • All Stage & Sound, Inc. is a staging and sound rental company. It was established in 1995 and has the largest fleet of privately owned mobile stages in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • The company's Stageline SL series of mobile stages include the SL 75, SL 100, SL 250, SL 320. These stages range in size from 16' x 20' to 40' x 40'. They are available with or without wind wall, flown line array, PA, lighting, and banner packages.
  • Other rental services include ADA ramps, crowd control items, dance floors, flags, flooring, pipe & drape, podiums, and red carpets.
  • A link to some event pictures of the Stageline SL 320 can be found here.
  • Some additional relevant images can be found here.
  • An image of a Stageline set up in the national mall can be found here.

MO Great Dane

  • MO Great Dane offers a range of custom designed and in-stock trailers.
  • Service include rentals and leasing, service with 10 shop bays, consignments, financing, trailer repair, and warranties.
  • Their mobile marketing trailer sale prices include: $47,500 for a 24' trailer, $49,900 for a 32' trailer, and $244,900 for a 48' trailer.
  • An image of the ATC marketing stage trailer can be found here.
  • An image of mobile stage merchandising with a flat wall can be found here.
  • An image of a soccer vending trailer can be found here.


According to Roadway Events, a stage rental can range anywhere from $2,100 to $4,500. A portable stage with roof and lights costs $2,100, while a mobile stage rental (with 34.5 x 27.5 roof) costs $4,500. Purchasing a stage sized 32' x 34' runs around $125,000, while a custom folding stage around 14' runs $19,500. A custom-built 32' x 34' mobile stage costs around $107,000.

Research Strategy:

The bulk of research relied on leading publications and databases focused on the events management industry. We were able to identify leading manufacturers and rental agencies in the field from these sources and then gather appropriate pictures and video from the companies' own websites and marketing media.

Unfortunately, our research team faced some challenges as we attempted to garner sale and rental price information on the various stage trailers available. This was in part because there was an enormous variety of possible specifications (size, features, rental duration, etc.) and because the majority of manufacturers and rental companies preferred to offer pricing information only to prospective customers after making contact or through sales personnel.

We gathered the information we could, including general price information available through a general media source, as provided above.

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